Jun 14, 2017

Together we can provide them hope!

We would like to convey  our heartfelt and sincere thanks to you for your thoughtfulness, to support our project Vardha and the continued activities that was associated with it.  We are truly touched by your generosity, your spirit, and willingness to get out of your way to help us.Thank you again for being so thoughtful.

Though the project was generously supported at its initial stage, the past year has not guaranteed much help towards the sustaining of this project. However we are still reliant on your generosity.  Thank you! You have made a real difference in the lives of the people  we serve.  

We are also continuing to seek funds from various sources (viz) CSR and other sources,  as there is desperate demand for disaster preparedness training among school children and communities.    

We are continuing our work with schools, and communities by visiting them and how the training has improved the way of life of the school children and the communities.  One comment we hear these days is that “Please continue the good work that you had done for us”, there are more waiting for such preparedness training programs.

Thank you for being a part of our efforts, thank you once again for your continued support to these people . It means the world to us!   We look forward to a continued relationship,  Thank you once again.

Apr 4, 2017

Thank you again to all our donors!

Youth are unaware of the opportunities in the field of vocational skill and fail to realize that without a proper educational grade they'll be more likely to head down a path that leads to lower-paying jobs, poorer health, and the possible continuation of a cycle of poverty that creates immense challenges for their families and communities.

The passport to success is vocational skill and technical training expertise. Vocational training programs in rural areas appear most successful in terms of enhancing employability and contributing to the human development.

SPPD has helped poor and less educated youth to become skilled in the field of hospitality, of which 92% of this number are placed in a job with a decent livelihood. A highly effective means of motivating young students into the field of skill development is offering free meals, travelling allowance and the required educational materials. This has resulted in the following changes.

Increase in enrolment from 14% students in the year 2012-13 to 85% in 2016-17 in the field of skill training.  Free lunch for five days a week keeps the students more energetic and balances their nutritional diet. Educational material and travelling cost is kept light for the   students, which as a net result marks the attendance level on a high scale.  92% of students are successfully placed resulting in reduction of poverty, enhanced productivity and promoted environmentally sustainable development.

On-the-job trainings helps the students to gain practical knowledge and the stipend received helps the student to meet a part of his educational needs as well as financially supplement his family.

K.Ramamoorthy from a small hamlet in Musiri, Tamil Nadu – pursuing culinary skill,  has an elder brother and sister.  Father and mother has been working as daily wage construction labours.  The elder brother is employed as a police and sister is married and has moved away to her husband’s native town. 

Ramamoorthy was longing for higher education, but discontinued his schooling in 9th standard as the condition of the family was such, and was forced to take up a job as a painter for financial support of the family.  He was paid Rs.150/- per day and he will be having work for 15 days a month. Days passed by as he was in his painting job, he happened to meet one of his sister’s class mate and heard about the skill training provided for less educated and dropout students by offering free meals, travelling allowance and the required educational materials made him to think of skill training , made him to join the course. He also hoped that this will not be a burden to the family.

During his initial period of the training he had difficulties in writing and reading. With continuous training and of more practical learning he gained confidence. During the training course period he was placed in Hotel Nalla , Namakkal with stipend of Rs.4,000/- per month. Where he gained handful experience in the real industry. The stipend earned in his training period has supported his family economically. 

He appeared for his final exams in June 2016 and successfully passed out. He is now working at the same hotel handling south Indian cuisine and earning Rs.7,500/- per month.

Mar 24, 2017

Children Disaster Response Club - CDRC

Thank you for your generous support!

In continuation of our awareness and preparedness programs in 11 schools as a sustainability act of the relief services to disaster the children were formed as, Children Disaster Response Club (CDRC) in each school. 1100 children and teachers of 11 schools were involved and were benefitted by this program. Through demonstrations and detailed presentations children were taught (eg) how to handle victims in case of broken limbs,  how to run for safety during times of earth quakes,  protection during fire, what types of remedial measures to be taken etc.

Children Disaster Response Clubs (CDRC) were formed with stake holders such as  school teachers, students, NGO Staff, parent/teacher association, local government bodies as members of each club in 11 schools. A basic kit comprising of first-aid kit ,a flood preparedness manual, all the necessary medicines and little tools needed for (emergency) immediate relief were provided to each club as well a  printed T-shirts were provided to each member of the club.

A grand get-together was organized to honour the students and the teachers who had enrolled themselves as volunteers for these clubs,  CDRC – Children Disaster Response Club.  The key dignitaries who had participated in this program were Dr.Sathyanarayan – Secratary of Red Cross Society Chennai, the Headmaster of the local school welcomed the gathering, team of coordinators from Red Cross, Kollywood director Mr.Mohan had offered their felicitations, the program came to a close with a formal vote of thanks to all.   The children were given certificates and trophies for participating and willing to carry on this message of preparedness to others also. 

Disaster mitigation was initiated by reaching out to school children, young, adults , old adults and disabled persons. As a follow up of this mitigation effort, we had initiated a program to keep the children to be equipped personally and also to be bold enough to handle all kinds of disasters.  The members from each of the 11 schools were grouped for a training program on preparedness, “Children Disaster Response Club” (CDRC) and were trained in this concept and also awarded certificates and mementos to the members of this club.  We believe it is a humble beginning and it has to go a long mile before the dawn”. 

Children were specially taught as to how to handle people during critical times, handling people if they have fainted or breathless, handling of people who were rescued  from the process of committing suicide, the do’s and the dont’s  of it etc, enabling them to be truly  prepared for the inevitability.  This was done as a part of sustainability, so that these children who are trained in these tasks, would go on to propagate this life saving mesage to many other children in their own school and neighbourhood, this would give them a psychological edge over others in preparedness. 

Feedback from members of Children Disaster Response Club (CDRC) ,Chennai.

Mr.Sarathy , Headmaster of Mandeveli Girls Higher Secondary School, says that he was so happy to a part of  this program, a unique type.  Out of 700 children in  his school, about 120 had participated in this Children Disaster Response Club and had learnt many components of planning and preparing for disaster preparedness.   The only thought of concern was that it was a short program.  He also recommended that this program can be a regular one with additional days of training.

Mrs.Rachael – Headmistress of Garodia Girls Higher Secondary School, Kodambakkam, Chennai

Mrs.Rachael thanked GlobalGiving for this thoughtful training, inspite it was  a follow up of last years program. These kind of programs are very useful to the children, and makes them to be confident in all kinds of situations.  She also said that those who have been trained in this program shall also disseminate it to other students.  We are happy that like National Cadet Corps (NCC) Junior Red Cross (JRC) National Social Sevice Scheme(NSS) we also have Children Disaster Response Club (CDRC) in our school.  She also spoke about drills, Good drills are a learning process. They begin with advance preparation by staff, providing an opportunity to train students in classroom groups, remember procedures, and check on provisions. The simulation itself is an experiential learning opportunity.

Nandhini – Student of Seva Sangam School.

Nandhini comes from a very ordinary family does not have much exposure about global changes , disaster preparedness etc.  She thought that first aid is only to treat who are hurt by accidents or falling down etc.  But after this training program she is aware that there is something called preparedness for disaster, which had personally built her confidence to boldly approach situations.  She felt that it was an honour to be member of CDRC, for Children Disaster preparedness Club has opened her eyes about preparedness.  She also believes that this should be regular program for school children and atleast for some more  days.    

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