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Jul 5, 2018

Nutrition through food

Delightful Path for the longing soul and mind...

HIV/AIDS affected parents and the begotten children, were at the edge of the life cycle not only through illness, physical desolation but also paucity of nutritional food. Physical weaknesses protest the process of income generation.

For recovering the quality life of children who are living with HIV-AIDS, Nutritional kit (cereals, milk, egg, dates, and health drink) were provided to the children through the support of Global Giving.


M.Muthukumar (name changed) is 17 years old he is undergoing a diploma course in technical studies. He lives with his family of parents and brother in a very small tiled house at Pudupatti village. His father a truck driver had got infected with HIV. He has met with the fate as the infection of HIV/AIDS is mainly a kind of occupational hazard among truck drivers in the region as more often than not happen to come into contact with sex workers during their very long drives. His mother too has been found to be infected with HIV/AIDS and hence both of them are undergoing ART.

He has been receiving the nutritional supplement kit from SPPD since his early childhood. Both his parents say that though he and his brother are not infected with the HIV/AIDS. And there was extreme difficulty of managing the children for them as parents being infected and with much reduced productivity.

But without the timely support from SPPD in the form of nutritional kit it would have taken a heavy toll of the health of M.Muthukumar (name changed). And he would not have come this far in his education. Therefore M.Muthukumar (name changed) father and mother express their gratitude to the donors.


T.Naviya (name changed) is 19 year and is pursuing undergraduate degree course in a college at Namakkal. She lives with the other family members, her mother, father and her brother Prashanth in a very small one room tiled house. His father became infected in the year 2006 and has been under ART regimen for the last 11years.

Though T.Naviya (name changed) is not infected, she has to live in extremely pathetic conditions with all the family members having been infected. With the much reduced earning ability the early childhood of T.Naviya (name changed) was miserable, especially the food and was physically very weak.

But since the year 2012 she started receiving the nutritional supplement kit from SPPD, she began developing physically in to a healthy individual. While through the nutritional supplements her brother has been able to keep the major opportunistic infections at bay, all these years, Her mental well being also has been getting boosted up and has ensured her to reach the stage of pursuing a college degree.

Yes, the college studies have been made possible only through borrowings. But the family is pinning its hopes on her, to become financially better, once she finishes her graduation and takes up a job.

Apr 27, 2018

The Way leads ahead for bright future....

The students have returned back from their training, the wonderful exposure makes them to feel very useful and important and through these experiences they could get placements in their star hotels. Enthusiastically prepared and seated for examinations and is going on......

The students, who are getting education through us, are the youth stopped their education due to the poverty stricken condition of their family and unawareness of uneducated, alcoholic addicted parents. Vision of SPPD is to help those poor students by giving training in skill oriented work and educated by breaking all the obstacles such as mid day Meal, Travelling expenses, Uniforms, inner wears, Note books, Books and other study materials.

SPPD made it happen by the generous support of GlobalGiving. Many thanks for the generous donors.

Beneficiary name: Vinoth

Resurrected Path full of joy

Mr.Vinoth family includes himself, his parents, and a brother Jeyaraman. His father is a mason and his mother is a milk vendor to various houses in that village. His brother, who was average in studies, under took a part time job in road side hotel due to his poverty, though not professionally trained, at quite an early age and now owns a small road side hotel.

Testimony from Vinoth

“After my schooling, I was totally confused that what course I shall pursue. On that period, SPPD team has given knowledge for the rural youth who doesn’t have much exposure about the education, to select which course will be suitable to get rid of poverty and it helps me to choose the Hospitality Course. My aim in life is to work on luxury cruise. Being formally trained at a Caterer I believe it will help me achieve my goal. I am thankful to all those who are supporting this programme, and the opportunity they have given me for pursuing a skill.” 

As a part of their regular curriculum, he was also sent for his internship programme at Hotel Thaai Residency Coimbatore, which had served as a learning platform to help him improve his cooking skills.


From our side we are continuing to support poor, less educated and out of school youth who are victims of many unfortunate circumstances by offering them an opportunity in skill training in the field of hospitality to enable them become self-reliant.

The passport to success is vocational skill and technical training capability. Vocational training programs in rural areas appear most successful in terms of enhancing employability and contributing to the human development.

Apr 6, 2018

Giving new hope

Children whose parents are living with HIV/AIDS have reduced household income combined with increased expenses , which push the families into poverty consequently having less outcomes for children in terms of nutrition , education and health status.

Given the important relationship between HIV, nutrition, growth and survival of children living with HIV, we have recommended that nutritional assessment and support should be one of our focus towards an HIV-infected infant or child.

To improve the quality of life of children who are living with / affected with HIV-AIDS, Nutritional kit (cereals, milk, egg, dates, and health drink) was provided to children each month through the support of Global Giving.

True Story - I:

Prabhu (name changed) is studying 10th grade. He has been living under the care of his mother since 2003. His father passed away due to the affliction of HIV/AIDS. He was ably supporting the family despite his ailment by working as truck driver prior to the diagnosis of HIV infection and later as a helper in a grocery shop.

Though neither Prabhu nor his mother, Amutha (name changed) is infected with HIV, the family has been struggling hard in poverty since the passing away of father. Amutha is working in the government’s employment guarantee scheme getting hardly 10 days of work a month. Amudha doesnt hold good health. Often she falls ill and is unable to go for any other work.

She has been a member of the Red Ribbon unit functioning at SPPD since the year 2004 and undergoes periodical screening for HIV, once in 6 months.  

Prabhu has been receiving the nutritional supplements for past few years. His mother says without the big help they receive in the form of nutritional kit from SPPD the health and education of Prabhu would have been badly affected. She wants to be grateful to the SPPD and in particular the donors of Global Giving for the invaluable help.

True Story - I:

Ram (name changed) is studying grade II. His father Prashanth (name changed) had died of HIV/AIDS six years back. After his father’s death, when Ram’s mother underwent the medical tests along with Ram and his elder brother, unfortunately she found her elder son and herself both were infected with HIV/AIDS.

This had completely shattered the family, especially Ram mother, as already the family was undergoing terrible mental agony at the loss of the head of the family. More in particular his mother was so anxious about the health status of her children. With the very minimal income she earns as a tailor providing even two square meal a day for the children was very tough. As Ravi was a very young child protecting and keeping him away from major infections was a big concern for his mother, with both she and her other child her elder son being infected.

Under these circumstances, the nutritional supplements that have come in the form of a monthly nutritional kit of SPPD has come as a panacea in keeping Ram a healthy boy. Because of this his mother says she is greatly relieved and is able to focus mainly on the medical regimen of her own self and her elder son. She thanks donor and Global Giving for helping in keeping her son the young Ram hale and healthy.

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