Sep 23, 2013

One generous donation can change a life

Educational Awareness Programme
Educational Awareness Programme

Dear Donors

“Education is the key to open the doors of a better future for thousands of youth worldwide.”

One of our projects of which we are very proud, is the Educational Material support programme. High school students, who do not possess the financial means to pay for their school fees and purchase their educational materials, get a chance to continue their education.

We are pleased to mention that all the students under this support have moved on to Grade X and this year they will be taking their Board Examinations. We hope and pray all of them will excel in their exams.

An awareness programme on vocational skill training was imparted to the students and their parents. The programme focused on Skills development which is an essential element in improving the employability and potential productivity of the working poor and can be an important tool for reducing poverty and in enhancing competitiveness and employability.

A special word of thanks to Ms.Lynette Pittman, Ms.Patricia Garcia, Therese Horsfield, Mr.Scott Williams, Ms.Deepthi Mani and Mr.Prasanth Govindaraj (donors of this quarter) who have contributed generously towards this good cause.

We have been overwhelmed by your support and we love this bond to continue in the years to come.

Thanking you.


Secretary, SPPD

Jul 1, 2013

Your donations has helped us reach our objectives

Dear Friends,

We are glad to mention that all our students have moved on to the next grade and at present are pursuing Grade X. This year extra preparation and concentration will be taken by the students as they have to face their Board Examinations in March 2014.

Your support, love, and care to our children have brought them to this level. We'd like you to know that your thoughtfulness is truly making a difference in the lives of so many.

‘Nature call cannot be foretold or determined’ – unfortunately our SPPD family had faced a desperate situation. Yes. We are sorry to say that one of our student Master P.Elayakumar who was enrolled to this educational material support as well as our Evening Study Center student had passed away due to HIV – AIDS infection. In spite of continuous treatment, his health condition became too critical and on 5th March he breathed his last. We pray the love of God enfolds his family during this hour and helps them heal with the passage of time. 

Your charitable donation has allowed us to purchase the much-needed supplies that will directly benefit our children in this program – Uniforms, Innerwear, Footwear, Note books , Stationeries like pens, pencils, erasers, scale, geometry box , toiletries like bathing and washing soap, coconut oil.

The donations are to be distributed to the students very soon. We will catch you up with our project’s updates in the next report.

We are pleased to share one of the beneficiary’s story benefited by the project 

Name                                    :               P.Balasubramanian

Class                                      :               Std. X

Age                                        :               13 years

Mother’s Name`              :               Mariyayee

Father’s Name                :               Perumal

Address                         :               4/24, Adi Dravidar Street, Sittilarai Post, Musiri Tk., Trichy District

School                           :               Saraswathi Vidhya Sala Mania High School.

Balasubramaniyan is studying Grade X in Saraswathi Vidhya Sala Mania High School, Sittilarai. He belongs to a very poor family. His father is working in the plantain fields. He is a very innocent man but an alcoholic. Sometimes he has been robbed by his own friends.

His mother is working in a garment factory in Thirupur. They have two children to take care of.  Due to the drinking habit, his father used to return at late hours in the night which often ended in frequent misunderstandings in the family and ended in striking his mother. Since his mother was working in Thirupur, she resides there to avoid this problem. Every weekend she visits her children. She is the only earning member of the family. Her income was insufficient to feed and educate the family.

They live in a hut house. There is no electricity in their house. She was unable to get her children the basic materials required for school. Three meals a day was uncertain for them. Though Balasubramanian is interested in studies he had no one to guide him with it. He never used to wear clean clothes. In this situation, he started going for coolie work in the farm during his free time.

Though she is uneducated she is very interested in educating her children.

With regards,


Secretary, SPPD

Apr 10, 2013

Your continued support helped us reach our goal...

Dineshkumar with his material kit
Dineshkumar with his material kit

Dear Donors,

We extend our sincere thanks to all our donors for their recent donations to Society for Poor People Development (SPPD), Trichy. Children who merit special attention under this support are children orphans, semi-orphaned or affected/infected by HIV/AIDS, street children and children who come from a very poor background. Most of the children under this support have not known the usage of slippers, denied of their basic educational materials like school bag, stationery and moreover have developed inferior complexity in their minds.

With this support, they have started to wear slippers, safeguard their educational materials, dress neatly and moreover they tend to orient more towards learning goals and improvise their skills. They are able to go to school without any complexity in their minds and this will empower their self-confidence to improve their lives. The Annual Examination is going on for the students who are enrolled to this support. We hope and believe that all of them will move on to the next grade.

A special mention to Mr.Antony David, Ms.Therese Horsfield, Ms.Mounika Chetla, Ms.Lynette Pittman, Mr.Sai Ananthakumar, Mr.Manikandan Muthusamy & Mr.Ranjith Rangarajan (donors of this quarter) who contributed generously towards this good cause.

You have made all this possible this year and we feel lucky to have your support!

Thanking you.


Name : S.Dineshkumar

Class : Std.IX Age : 14 years

Mother's Name` : S.Vijaya

Father's Name : Senthilkumar

Address : Keelavadugapatti, Vadugapatti Post, Musiri Taluk, Trichy Dt.

School : Govt. Boys Hr. Sec. School, Musiri

Dineshkumar is studying 9th Std. in the Govt. Boys Hr. Sec. School, Keelavadugapatti. He belongs to a very poor family. His father is a drunkard. Though he used to go for regular work he never used to support the family. In this situation, for the past five years he abandoned his family and was staying separately. It was recently learnt that he got himself settled with another family. His mother is working as a coolie. Income is based on daily wages. This work is not on a permanent scale. If there is no work on a particular day, then there is no income. All they own is a cow. The family survives with the little income they draw from it. They are staying with their grandparents. They live in a hut house. There is no electricity in their house. His mother's income was sufficient only to feed the family. He has a brother studying in the same school. Three meals a day was uncertain for them. Even during festive season, they never used to have non-vegetarian food. His mother was not a healthy person. Often she falls sick. Besides the family expenses she had to take care of her medical expenses too. In this situation to meet out the educational expenses of her children was yet another responsibility to her. She was unable to get her children the basic materials required for school. Though they have relations, none of them support their family. Dineshkumar joined the ESC in Keelavadugapatti when he was in grade V. Even in this poor situation, he was very interested in studies. He used to go school with very shabby clothes. Later his mother approached us and requested us to enroll her son in the NRES Scheme. Considering their family situation, and his interest in studies, we enrolled him. After enrollment, he has shown much improvement in his academic records.

Students at the Evening Study Center
Students at the Evening Study Center
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