Apr 6, 2018

Giving new hope

Children whose parents are living with HIV/AIDS have reduced household income combined with increased expenses , which push the families into poverty consequently having less outcomes for children in terms of nutrition , education and health status.

Given the important relationship between HIV, nutrition, growth and survival of children living with HIV, we have recommended that nutritional assessment and support should be one of our focus towards an HIV-infected infant or child.

To improve the quality of life of children who are living with / affected with HIV-AIDS, Nutritional kit (cereals, milk, egg, dates, and health drink) was provided to children each month through the support of Global Giving.

True Story - I:

Prabhu (name changed) is studying 10th grade. He has been living under the care of his mother since 2003. His father passed away due to the affliction of HIV/AIDS. He was ably supporting the family despite his ailment by working as truck driver prior to the diagnosis of HIV infection and later as a helper in a grocery shop.

Though neither Prabhu nor his mother, Amutha (name changed) is infected with HIV, the family has been struggling hard in poverty since the passing away of father. Amutha is working in the government’s employment guarantee scheme getting hardly 10 days of work a month. Amudha doesnt hold good health. Often she falls ill and is unable to go for any other work.

She has been a member of the Red Ribbon unit functioning at SPPD since the year 2004 and undergoes periodical screening for HIV, once in 6 months.  

Prabhu has been receiving the nutritional supplements for past few years. His mother says without the big help they receive in the form of nutritional kit from SPPD the health and education of Prabhu would have been badly affected. She wants to be grateful to the SPPD and in particular the donors of Global Giving for the invaluable help.

True Story - I:

Ram (name changed) is studying grade II. His father Prashanth (name changed) had died of HIV/AIDS six years back. After his father’s death, when Ram’s mother underwent the medical tests along with Ram and his elder brother, unfortunately she found her elder son and herself both were infected with HIV/AIDS.

This had completely shattered the family, especially Ram mother, as already the family was undergoing terrible mental agony at the loss of the head of the family. More in particular his mother was so anxious about the health status of her children. With the very minimal income she earns as a tailor providing even two square meal a day for the children was very tough. As Ravi was a very young child protecting and keeping him away from major infections was a big concern for his mother, with both she and her other child her elder son being infected.

Under these circumstances, the nutritional supplements that have come in the form of a monthly nutritional kit of SPPD has come as a panacea in keeping Ram a healthy boy. Because of this his mother says she is greatly relieved and is able to focus mainly on the medical regimen of her own self and her elder son. She thanks donor and Global Giving for helping in keeping her son the young Ram hale and healthy.

Jan 29, 2018

Road to success

Food and beverages service
Food and beverages service



The students from our skilled traning programme are in work placements for past 3 months which they were fortunate enough to had experienced firsthand and learned many things from the star category hotels in different places.                                



             Case studies

Name:             Mr Jeevakar

Fathers name:  Kandha samy(late)

Mothers nam:  K.Kamalam (Late)

Brothers name: K.Vinoth.


About Jeevakar -:

Jeevakar was born in sittilarai village near thuraiyur district on 03/06/1999. When he was at the age of 3 he lost his father in a road accident. After that his mother took care of him and his brother, she suffered a lot in surviving. She managed the growth of their children by doing agriculture in a small farm which they own by themselves in a nearby village. At the age of six jeevakar lost his mother too, since she had suffered under severe health issues.

After losing the parents they were taken by their grandmother, his grandmother was a cook who work under daily wages of 150/- per day. By using the daily wages, she helped the growth of the children who doesn’t have any support after losing their parents.

Jeevakar did his schooling upto 5th Std in a good school in sittilarai village. He continued the studies up to 12th std in a government school in thuraiyur his grandmother suffered a lot in spending for his education. But the will power of his grandmother and the full effort made by him helps him to beat the poverty and he completed his 12 std successfully. His grandmother had got a loan from a private sector and she utilized that loan for his brother’s education also.

After completing 12th std Jeeva decided to discontinue his studies due to his poverty, but after getting councelling from a tutor of SPPD (Society of poor people development).

He decided to continue his higher studies. Our team from skilled training programme went to that village to give awareness about the hotel management to the students. By seeing him they told the benefits, facilities and features of the hotel management course to Jeevakar. By hearing all about wisdom academy he decide to start his course at skilled training center.

The benefits made him to become hotelier-:

Nowadays the students from poor family background are dropping the dream of higher studies because of the term fees, afternoon lunch, travelling expenses and uniform fees etc, even though they are struggling for their basic needs. In order to defend those barriers for the students from below poverty line, skilled training programme offer them so much of benefits, in which the part of the amount can be paid as a term fees initially where the rest can be paid at the training period by the stipend amount which he will get it from the hotel. College also provides free meals, travelling expenses, uniforms and books.

By getting these benefits jeevakar started his carrier in skilled training center, he performed well and he went for his industrial exposure training for six months to a leading star hotel in kerala.he earned a stipend of Rs. 6000 per month which he utilized that money for his brother’s education. He completed his first year of education and training successfully and now by earning in his second internship training he is fulfilling his all basic needs by himself.

Jeevakar from his own words-:

After completing my 12th std I don’t think it’s possible to continue my higher studies. In that situation, I found skilled training programme is a boon that was given to me by god. It helps me a lot in different ways to become a successful man in this competitive world. All my dreams came true because of SPPD.

Thanks to SPPD.  





Name     : C. Murugesan

Age : 18

D.O.B : 10/07/1999

Father’s Name : N. Sinnayan

Mother’s Name: S.Shanthi

Younger Sister : S. Vanitha

Address: 4/11, Jammunathapuram (p.o),

                 Musiri Tk, Trichy Dist.

            Self contact number: 906100860.

Case study

            Murugesan was born in Kothurpatti village near thurayur tk, trichy dist. His father is a farmer owned some land in thqat village and running/surviving his life by farming. His mother is a house wife., she support her husband in agricultural activities. He had one younger sister and she had completed has 10th standard after that due to the poor family situation. She discontinued her studies and working as a tailor be4ing at a home itself.

            Murugesan  was advised to continue his studies by his father even he was suffering in a poor survival. They feel very difficult in to facing the three times meal per day. But he put his all effort in making Murugesan good in education. He continued his high school education in a Gove school in Thiruthalayur village.

            He got promo9ted in his tenth std and continued his Higher Secondary education in a Govt school in Kannanur, Thuraiyur tk, Trichy Dt. At last with his father’s effort in his own interest he completed his 12th std successfully.

            But his family situation didn’t allow him to continue forth, But he is very interested in doing his college stuidies. On hearing about Skilled training programme by the courses conducted by SPPD through his friends Murugesan decided to join in skilled training center to do Hotel Management Course. 

He approached the college with his father and he collected the detail about the course of the college. Since the benefit offered by the college to the students those who are suffering  from poverty help- him to start his carrier as a hotelier. The important benefits which helped Murugesan was

1)      The term fees – which can be paid during IET (Industrial Exposure Training)

2)      Free lunch

3)      Free travelling allowance and uniform..

He joined in a SPPD family as B .Sc Hotel Management student he studied well and he went for his first training in Cake Waves bakery (Chennai). He earned well which is used for paying his term fees and also he utilized that money in his daily expenses.

            After completing his IET he came back to the college to write the first year exams.  He performed well and he started his second year in
B.Sc. His confident  of the will power made him to stand the second raining in T.Dew Resort(Kerala) as he completed the training efficiently. He used the money he earned in training for him sister’s higher education.

            Mr. Murugesan in his ward feel proud to say that wisdom Academy Plays a important

 role in my life of it has change any life style.




STUDENT NAME                                                         : C.RAMESH

D.O.B                                                                             : 08/06/1999

FATHER NAME                                                             : P.chandrasekar

Occypastation                                                              : auto driver

Salary                                                                             : Rs.6000

Age                                                                                 : 38

Address                                                                         : 3/193,poongodi

                                                                                        Ramji nagar(via)




Mother name                                                               : C.Pandi selvi

Occupation                                                                   : Are tailor of childrens in orpharage

Salary                                                                              : Rs.3000

Brother (younger)                                                        : Dheenadhayalan

Propertiy                                                                        : The few scheme flam government

                                                                                         : Cycle

                                                                                         : A small house

                                                                                         : TVs champ bike

Student’s Family situation  

                      He used to complete his higher education in a government higher secondary school in his native place .once he was studying he used to reach school with his father in a bicycle .after dropping him in the school while returning back his father met with on small accident which made him to get major fracture in his legs and he got admitted in hospital undergone a major surgery in his right leg .now his father is working as a driver in a load vehicle .the earning as a driver is not sufficient for him to run his family. The whole family suffered for finding three time meals every day. So ramesh completed his higher studies with the help of his grandfather and grandmother.

                        He got a loan from the private sector to join in skilled training programme. He paid a part amount as a few and he paid the balance amount as a stipend in industrial exposure training. After completing his term fees he start to earn  some money to face his own basic needs and family expenses he also paid his housing loan which he got while studying.

Now he is working as a senior captain in leading star category hotel and taking care of his own brother in his studies as he is going help his father in getting treatment for his leg fracture.            


   Thanks to SPPD.

Food production
Food production
Jan 9, 2018

Rich delicacy "Briyani" helped to beat the stigma.

At the outset, we wish to thank GlobalGiving for the invaluable support being extended to our intervention for the children living with HIV/AIDS. We are happy that so far the amount of US$ 515 has been raised through our platform. We take this opportunity to thank the individual donors for their kind assistance towards helping the kids living with HIV here in utmost need. 

We are extremely happy to present the report on our activities. On first October, the introductory cum problem appraisal meeting was held at the SPPD head office at Musiri. A total of 20 children and 50 adults living with HIV participated in the meeting.

Out of these children, 16 of them were there with both their parents, 3of them attended meeting with their single parent mothers. and 1 child who has lost both her parents to HIV came with her grand mother.   Along with  them 30 more men and women living with HIV also took part. All the participants were given a mask on entering the venue.

The participants shared their problems and those who attended without their kids requested the help to be extended to their wards as well. They also said that there are more number of families with members afflicted with HIV living in their respective villages in need of help. The participants were served tea and   lunch.

The participants were in particular  thankful for the sumptuous meal of “Briyani” a non vegetarian delicacy.  They were allowed any number of helpings they wished to have and this was an extreme delight.  The recipe chicken briyani and the side dish called “Talcha” were prepared with the following ingredients.

10 kilos of fine quality rice,10 kilos of chicken meat, 4kilos of tomatoes,3 kilos of onion, green chillies, 500grams of raw mango, ginger 250grams, lime 10 Nos. and mint and coriander leaves. The cooking process undergoes three stages boiling, frying and finally a traditional style of baking. 

   All of them thanked SPPD & GlobalGiving for understanding their needs and this they said helped them to come out of the stigma they live with, in the villages here, where maintaining confidentiality and privacy of individuals are rare.

Similarly, the World AIDS day was celebrated on 3rd December. In this program, 15 children and 40 adults including the parents of the children.  The headmaster of the school of Thinnakonam village Mr. Kumaralingam presided over the meeting. A pledge was taken by all the participants on HIV/AIDS. The sentences of the pledge emphasised on the following points.

  1. Creating a world without HIV
  2.    Non discriminatory practices on HIV victims.
  3.    Unfailing consumption of nutritious food
  4.    No discrimination on the basis of caste, creed language etc.
  5.   Strive to lead a life   with self confidence.

Mr. Kumaralingam’s speech was well received by the participants. He also gave tips on memory retention to the children in the form of small games. And he also gave useful tips on exercises for leading peaceful and happy life for the adult participants. 

It is our pleasure to tell the activities about the project, Thank you.

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