Aug 6, 2021

Need to Increase the Number of Rooftops

Ghada from Shatila Camp proud to share her harvest
Ghada from Shatila Camp proud to share her harvest

Since our last report, Lebanon is doing nothing else than falling into a hole that seems having no bottom. Population is exhausted by the continuous high inflation, the consequences of the Beirut blasts that are still after 1year left without answers, the pandemic that doesn’t seem to end and, more recently, with new consequences of a complete fall down of the state; lack of medicine, lack of basic food, lack of electricity and fuel having consequences on many level of life. The refugee populations are part of the millions suffering from extreme poverty today, and even more than 3 months ago.

Lebanon’s recovery is not anymore something people expect. They are now fighting daily to keep a semblance of “normal” life. Awaiting hours to refill their car tank, awaiting electricity to come to perform basic household activities, praying family members living out of Lebanon to send them medicines, paying unaffordable amount to be able cooking basic vegetarian meals as meat is not anymore an option for the majority.

The Urban Rooftop Farming Project launched by Jafra is still on and growing monthly, thanks to the participation of donors. This will allow now to increase our rooftop number to 20 more. It makes a total of around 70 owners to have access to various crops and some to protein via the poultry raising. All participants of the project are receiving training then continuous follow-up from an agronomist to help with improving organically the cultivations and keep the plants sane.

The rooftop owners are beginning to share their harvest with their neighbors which also creates a sense of cooperation and mutual aid which strengthens the bonds in the community.

Your contributions are still very important. We need to keep increasing the number of rooftops farms and your help is also much appreciated to maintain the existing ones by sometimes providing water, soil, seeds, natural solution to fight diseases, pots and tools. We are working to provide the camp population their food autonomy, the only solution to mitigate undernutrition. 

Continuous Follow-up Offered to the Beneficiaries
Continuous Follow-up Offered to the Beneficiaries


May 14, 2021

Final Report

To respond to the massive blasts that occurred on the 4th of August 2020 in Beirut, Jafra Foundation, with the help of its volunteers, acted in 2 stages. At first, volunteers and staff provided an emergency response through Jafra’s Waste Management experience gained in the camps; for weeks, volunteers worked tirelessly to remove rubble and glass from streets and from the homes in the affected neighborhoods.

GlobalGiving fundings gave Jafra the opportunity to work more extensively by renting transportations for the teams to reach the affected places, trucks for debris removal and transportation to landfills away from the inhabited areas. Safety equipment toolkits were provided to the volunteers and professional toolkits were provided to professionals who worked on fixing doors and windows for the most vulnerable inhabitants living in the zone of the explosion.

In total, approximately 2000 inhabitants benefited from the debris and dust removal while 15 households benefited from windows and doors fixing. Recently, Jafra selected 2 vulnerable households who benefited from a more extensive fixing work as their apartment needed a complete repair. The 2 apartments received windows, doors, along with all the necessary elements like the door-frames, in addition to wall fixing and repainting.

Jafra is closing the appeal to turn to different programming but with a continuous dedication to meet the needs of the vulnerable populations affected by the multiple challenges Lebanon is facing. Jafra Foundation is investing efforts on Rooftop Planting and will soon propose new fundraisings through GlobalGiving.

Jafra thanks you for the generous contributions made in Beirut is our Star project and will keep you informed of its next projects very soon.

May 13, 2021

Final Report

Rebuilding Palestinian Livelihoods in Yarmouk Camp

Jafra Foundation for Relief and Youth Development has launched a GlobalGiving project "Rebuilding Palestinian Livelihoods in Yarmouk" in July 2018. Donations have helped to pave the way for returnees by conducting rubble and debris removal, as well as solid waste management activity.

Outcome: Around 35 workers and volunteers worked tirelessly to clean the camp and clear its roads. With rental of trucks and bulldozers, an average of 12 tons of rubble was removed daily. Several main roads and sideways were cleared, after which workers and volunteers conducting thorough cleaning. The collected rubble and waste were transferred to dumpsites located on the outskirts of the camp, remotely from any residential buildings and facilities. 

This project came to a close. We continue to thank our donors for their generous contributions and support, and we reassure that their donations made a significant impact to the lives of those affected on the ground. The project came to an end given the insufficient funds to make it sustainable, however, we resume supporting the families within Yarmouk in various ways through our international partners. We look forward to introducing to the GlobalGiving community new projects that positively impact the lives of thousands of Palestinian refugees. 
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