Jul 6, 2020

We're overcoming COVID-19 together

1) The before and after situation of beneficiary

Disaster response of local communities

- 03-01-2020 ~ 03-22-2020 / Understanding the local condition, building the local network and self-fundraising

- 03-23-2020 ~ 04-30-2020 / Providing meal boxes to Daegu children’s center and financial support to local restaurants

Fund-raising for the project

- 03-10-2020 ~ 07-06-2020 : Fundraising through the GlobalGiving

- 03-30-2020 ~ 06-15-2020 : Improving the local economy for providing financial support to 67 local restaurants by helping them to make meal boxes. Providing these meal boxes to 2846 children for a week.


2) Improved problems

- Providing meal boxes to 2846 children in local children’s center who were unable to eat properly because of COVID-19

- Improving the local economy for asking local restaurants which closed the door because of COVID-19 to make meal boxes


3) Activities

COVID-19 struck Korea. The 5,677 confirmed patients out of 6,088 total patients were in Daegu and the North Gyeongsang

district, as of 06 Mar. This situation made this local economy stop totally, so that many children in Daegu children’s center could

be only given a meal in a day. This also caused a huge economic loss to the people who ran the restaurants. A-PAD Korea

improved the local economy by asking local restaurants to make meal boxes, through self-fundraising, and progressed the

immediate support project to provide warm meals to the children who were unable to eat properly in local chinldren’s center.

It was not so easy to handle all this situations only through the self-fundraising. However, many people got to know about the

difficulties that the people in Daegu area should get through, by using the platform 'GlobalGiving’, so that we could meet

our target amount within a week. With this, A-PAD Korea could ask local restaurants to make meal boxes to improve the local

economy and provide these meal boxes to Daegu Children’s center quickly. Without considering the amount of the money, We

could help the people who had not given the proper support in Daegu area. For COVID-19, ‘GlobalGiving’, Please support

for Daegu! We want to appreciatiate to GlobalGiving donaters. Because of your donation and support, we could help children’s

center and the local restaurants. Thank you very much :)


Jul 1, 2020

"Building together"

“Building together”

Since the establishment of HUG GREEN, many villagers have been helping us. Elder villagers help put pillars for a shade and share us knowledge, women help us expand the meeting and café zone, and kids also help clear. During working in rain, we still do not forget to dance and smile with kids!


Plant gymnema and build nurseries

We visited Ajarn Aey in Rajamangala University and were given another kind of gymnema. We cut them into small branches, put them in a pot, and wait until glowing bigger. We built nurseries that helps visitors understand how it glows. You are invited to come and see!


Products development of Hug Nam Jang

With a support from Ajarn Aey, refreshing spray by Hug Nam Jang has become nano, which soak into our skin better. We developed the package design as well. Try the new nano spray to spend your days refreshing and relaxing. Lots of mangos from P Pare were made into tasty dessert!


Reflecting our 2 years and a half…

There was nothing or just greens. Now you see the differences. It is still in greens, but we have come “here”, thanks to supports by many people. HUG GREEN keep on the same track. Come and join us to work together for the community in happiness.


Joining YMCA activity in Chiang Rai

Thanks to invitation from P Pare in YMCA Chiangmai, HUG GREEN had an opportunity to work to build a check dam with locals, students from Laos who has studied agriculture, and govt. officers. We learnt together our responsibilities for environment.

Jun 29, 2020

Thank you for your great Support to Rohingya

1. Brief description of the camp

  The   Rohingya people in Cox’s Bazar heavily rely on humanitarian assistance for all their basic needs including food,shelter,water,health and other life-saving needs. Most oft he women had gone through severe trauma, lack of safe delivery, ANC and PNC support and now living in extremely difficult conditions. In this situation Community Initiative Society (CIS) with the support of A-PAD Korea provided emergency health service in Jamtoli Rohingya Camp – 15 of Ukhiya of Cox’s Bazar District. 

2. Emergency Medical Service to te Rohingya women and children

  CIS with the suppor of A-PAD Korea provided the emergency health service to the Rohingya women and children in Jamtoli Rohingya camp of Ukhiya through established Comprehensive Primary Health Care Center(CPHCC). During the service period more than 2,000 patients were treated. 

 The Rohingya people do not have any money to buy medicine and get pathological service. CIS with the supprot of A-PAD Korea and GlobalGiving provided all kind of necessasry medicine according to docotr prescriptions and oral saline to all patients, who came to the health get the health service.

3. Project progress status

 Totally 2120 Rohingya patient took the health care services from the emergency health service by getting medical comsultation and medicine to the Rohingya people of Cox's Bazar of Bangladesh. It was very much helpful for Diarrheoa, Dysentery, ANC, PNC, infectious Disease and respiratory, BR. Astma, Diabetic, Hypertention, Heart Disease and malnutrition. The Rohingya people also practicing their health and hygiene system by getting the health and hygiene education and have the safe driking water from different water sources provided by various national, international and government agencies. On the other hand 39 Rohingya women and children have nourishing meal by getting nutrition package.


4. Thank you for your support

  By providing the emergency health service to the Rohingya women and children with the partnership can establish a field to work for local community in Bangladesh. In this regards CIS with the help of DCH Trust organized several meeting with local communities and private organizations and also visited local health post and local community. On the other hand, by the GlobalGiving funding, monitorion from CIS and A-PAD Korea could provide emergency health service to the Rohingya women and chlidren in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. 

 We deeply appriciate for your support. We are going to keep helping Rohingya women and childeren. Thank you.



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