Mar 31, 2015

Spring is here!

Greetings all,

Since we last checked-in with you, a lot has happened. We'll try and give you the short and sweet version:

  • Our team is looking good! We current have wo US Vets (Brenda & Mary) and Two Peruvian Vets committed. Waiting on potentially 1-2 more US Vets. In additon, we have our two Vet Techs: Natalie and Katy. The Support Team this trip will be: Courtney and myself, star volunteer Kim, on her 4th trip to Peru,and newbies Phoebe and Max. Also joining us will be our three Candian vet-studens: Roxanne, Geraldine and Alexander.

  • We're hopeful that Paige, a representative from GlobalGiving, may be able to visit us while at the clinic as she will be in the region visiting a variety of GlobalGiving projects. 

  • Clinic Details: June 22-26th. We'll be working in two different areas within the Huanchaco community. Both communities who would not be able to afford such veterinary services. The breakdown of the clinis is as follows:

    Day 1 & 2: Spay & Neuter in one location.
    Day 3, we're offering a wellness clinic.
    Day 4 & 5, we'll be moving to the second location to perform spay and neuter operations. 

  • This year we will also be working with a new group - Huanchaco Al Rescate. In the process we'll be teaming Al Rescate with our friends at Amigo Fiel.
  • As always, we'll be bringing down as many supplies and medications as we can manage to carry.
  • Courtney will be arriving a week early for a Spanish immersion program and to make sure all is in order for the clinic before the team arrives. 
  • Due to a recent friendship in Portland. We're current working on trying to acquire an anesthesia machine. Something that is a first for us! :)
Our next report will be likely coming from the ground while in Peru. We're excited to get underway and will do our best to update you. Please make sure to follow our Facebook page to stay up to date on the clinic's progress. 



Dec 31, 2014

Our tails our wagging for 2015.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well, we’re typing this update less than 15 hours left before 2015. It seems so  long ago that we set the date for our return trip to Peru and now, with the passing of this evening, we’ll be 6 months away. :)

As for updates,,,

  • Courtney continues to communicate with Huanchaco Al Rescate Del Hermano Menor. This group is located in Huanchaco and working specifically with the street dogs of our favorite community. In Courtney’’s weekly contact with Ursula, the leader of the organization, the two have been making progress in our 2015 clinic planning and outreach. Ursula is excited for our visit and she is currently locating a space for the clinic and trying to encourage a partnership with the Huanchacho municipality, something we've been interested in for years. We’re keeping our fingers crossed as this relationship could lead to bigger and better outcomes in the future. 

  • Things are still looking promising for using Zeuterin - an injection which sterilizes male dogs - at this summer’s clinic. We have a new vet, trained and certified in Zeuterin who is excited to join us. This is really a great option for this region as many people hesitate in neutering their male dogs due to a mix of future, religion, and machismo. 

  • In the last month, we've had four veterinarian students (2 from Michigan and 2 from Quebec) contact us about joining the team in some capacity. Brenda, our head vet, is currently in conversation with them to see if it would be a good fit for them and the project. We’re always amazed at how people hear about our project and our eager  to help.

  • Planes, Trains, and Hotel Rooms: As with every trip, there’s a lot to plan to make it all happen. Team members are currently arranging time off from their jobs, hunting down affordable airfare, and we’re negotiating with our favorite Huakarute Hostal on a block of affordable rooms for our stay. Ahhhhh….details. :)

Lastly, the holiday season continues to be a generous time for our project thank to Global Giving and the many contributors that help the Perros Project. We want to especially thank our recurring donors for their continued support and level of giving. Extra big ‘Thank You’s’ to - Leslie, Moira, and Vitra. 

More soon. Again, Happy New Year to you all and best in 2015. 


Sep 30, 2014

Perros Project Fall 2014 Update

Hello from Portland, Oregon!

Looking out the window at the rain coming down, it is easy to dream about our 2015 clinic in Huanchaco, Peru which is now about nine months away. A few weeks ago we set the official dates for the clinic: June 22nd – June 30th. We are thrilled to announce that the majority of our key veterinarians and support staff have indicated a willingness to join us again in 2015! Not only that, but many of them are in the process of recruiting several additional vet techs, which can be key to a well run clinic.  But of course this doesn’t mean we’re not taking new volunteers. There is always space for more, so if you or anyone you know is interested please let us know : ).

At this time in our planning cycle much of our effort is directed at finding an appropriate space for the clinic to be held in Huanchaco. While the Perros Project initially was designed to focus exclusively on this small beach town, the need in the larger city of Trujillo and the more ready availability of clinic space has led us to spay and neuter dogs from both locations. This year, in addition to working with Amigo Fiel, our longtime partner. we are also in the process of trying to partner with a smaller nonprofit organization – Huanchaco Al Rescate Del Hermano Menor. This group is located in Huanchaco and working specifically with the street dogs in that town. It is our hope that they can help us secure an appropriate clinic space in Huanchaco itself. 

Another area of focus is improving the process of client preparation and processing. Our 2013 clinic had such positive results because dogs needing the surgery were identified early on and were given antibiotics, improving their health before they underwent surgery. In addition, creating a list of dog owners who are interested in the surgery allowed for things to be done in a more efficient manner. We hope to follow the same process this year, but with more clarity in terms of the timing of the surgeries so that people have less wait time and we can avoid unnecessary cancellations.

As we develop these plans, and begin to turn our attention to the wide variety of details that go with holding a clinic such as this we are trying to remain in good contact with our partner Amigo Fiel. This is not always easy though as Bertha, Ingrid and others are busy on a daily basis trying to make a difference in the lives of the street dogs (and sometimes cats!)  all around them. Please see some of the photos to get a better sense of what they’ve been up to these last few weeks.

In closing, we remain amazed at the generosity of the Global Giving universe and how it brings all kinds of people to us and our project. For example, just last week we got a $60 donation from a total stranger. Amazing!

Muchas gracias por todo,

Matt & Courtney

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