Oct 18, 2016

People are wonderful! That includes you. :)

Greetings amazing Global Giving community!

Typically when we submit our quarterly reports we focus on our own efforts and the efforts of our partners on the ground to make sure that the Perros Project continues to thrive. This time we would like to highlight the efforts of one stranger to support our work. Earlier this month when we went to send our monthly thank yous to donors an unusual transaction caught Matt’s eye. Someone who had been traveling in South America had witnessed a number of sick and vulnerable dogs during their trip. Instead of feeling sorry for the dogs but doing nothing, this person sought out a way to help – and Global Giving provided that way. Using a fund-raising tool on the Global Giving website, this stranger reached out to their community in an effort to raise $300. Last we checked, they were only $40 from their goal! When we stopped to think about it, this moment reflected the amazing power of strangers, a long line of strangers each helping one another to do more good in the world. The money raised by this fundraiser will be used to support the growing shelter Huanchaco. Specifically, funds will go to food, shelter improvements and a part-time staff member (see photos below). In so doing, their funds not only help the street dogs of Huanchaco, but also provide support to a young Peruvian who cares about these animals and will be a future voice of compassion in the community. We cannot thank Global Giving enough for making these connections possible.

Oh yeah, one short note about the website - we're slowly in the process of updating/redoing it. 

With gratitude,

Courtney & Matt

Jul 22, 2016

The Dog Days of Summer

When summer comes around, especially the month of July, it is hard not to think about Huanchaco and our biennial spay & neuter clinic. With one year to go until we return to that wonderful community we are both planning for the upcoming visit and working with our partners on the ground to take care of the current needs of the community’s street dogs.

Last month we supported Amigo Fiel by sending funds to vaccinate all of the dogs they currently have in shelter. This year the cost of vaccinations went rose dramatically, so their organization relied on us to help them buy the necessary injections. Dogs in the Huanchaco area are frequently exposed to distemper and parvo which are generally rare in North America. As a result, these vaccines are literally life-saving.

In May we supported Huanchaco Al Rescate by sending funds to cover the cost of having a local woman visit, feed and exercise the dogs at that organization’s shelter. Doing this allowed Ursula, the organization’s director to broaden her activities in the community, including advocacy and education efforts. There can be no doubt that Ursula has used this time very well. Last week we received an email from her letting us know that the municipality, which is not always supported our efforts on behalf of the dogs, voted unanimously to work with her organization (and thereby ours). In the next few weeks we hope to be in communication with Ursula as she negotiates with the municipality to discern specific objectives.

Finally as we think ahead to next year, it is interesting to note how many people contact the Perros Project to inquire about the clinic or to ask us to put them in touch with our partners so that they might assist their efforts. During this past year we have had over a dozen inquiries. In our next report we hope to feature the work of at least one American student who will be working with the street dogs of Huanchaco in August.

Until then, we wish you well and cannot thank you enough for your support and donations.

Matt and Courtney

Apr 21, 2016

Building Relationships

Ursula, from Huanchaco Al Rescate.
Ursula, from Huanchaco Al Rescate.

Spring is in the air and everything seems to be coming up roses for the Perros Project. We wanted to craft this quarter’s update in terms of the fabulous relationships we have created over the years and the many ways in which these relationships continue to bear fruit.

Amigo Fiel & Huanchaco Al Rescate (our partner organizations on the ground in Peru):

The amazing people who run these organizations on less than a shoestring continue to offer hope to the street dogs of Huanchaco on a daily basis. They regularly feed dogs who have been abandoned, provide temporary shelter to those who are adoptable and work with local veterinarians to provide basic medical care such as rabies vaccines and anti-mange treatments. Below is an image of Ursula (Huanchaco Al Rescate) being interviewed by the local media regarding her efforts to improve the shelter. We at the Perros Project depend on relationships with community leaders like Ursula to keep our efforts going when we are not on the ground.

Senor Paul, owner of Hostal Huankarute

Ever since our first spay and neuter clinic in 2009 our team has stayed at Hostal Huankarute which offers an oasis of tranquility amidst a very hectic community and a grueling schedule. From the beginning Senor Paul went out of his way to help us and the dogs in our clinic. On more than one occasion, a dog who was still waking up from surgery found themselves in the courtyard area of Huankarute. In 2015, for most recent clinic, Paul generously offered the hotel’s meeting spaces for the clinic. This was an incredible gift which not only allowed the clinic to be offered within Huanchaco town limits for the first time, but also reduced our travel expenses to and from a space in Trujillo. Last month, Senor Paul assured us that we could offer the 2017 clinic at Hostal Huankarute once again. Our relationship with Senor Paul is a priceless one.

Our team, present & future 

As many of you know, while we always have new members of our team for each clinic, over the years three extraordinary women have returned to the project time and time again. Brenda, a veterinarian from the San Francisco area, has lead the clinical team since 2009 with a commitment to involving local veterinarians and improving the process every visit. Natalie, a veterinarian technician, has shared her skills and her Spanish proficiency to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. Kim, a Portland pet sitter and lawyer, has organized the recovery area since our first clinic, making sure that every animal is not only taking care of while recovering from surgery, but also given flea medicine and sometimes even a haircut! Our project would not have lasted this long without our relationships with these three amazing women.

With that said, we are always looking to make new relationships. If you know of anyone who would be interested in joining us for our 2017 trip, especially veterinarians and veterinarian technicians, please encourage them to drop us a line. We also take nonmedical folks, so if you think you might be interested in being a part of our team in 2017 let us know. We look forward to returning to Huanchaco, Peru and spending time with all of the wonderful folks who have made our project possible.

Us with our wonderful friend at Huankarute.
Us with our wonderful friend at Huankarute.
Our core volunteer team.
Our core volunteer team.
Will you be our next volunteer?
Will you be our next volunteer?
Our amazing partners.
Our amazing partners.
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