Oct 2, 2020

Pre vocational training to orphan special children

Prevocational skills all our children are getting very much tallented and they life so much in their skills..

While we teaches they themselves are learning by seeing and doing practically and getting more exposure and very much interested in their skills and significant changes and they preparing more small flowers with all waste materials and preparing candles and bags also they are stiching in a smaller way.preparing soft toys and when we teaches small skills by doing they themselves learning very fastly...

With all your support and encouragement they are getting v ery good improvement in their prevocational skills and very much significant changes and learning so meaning full way in their prevocational skills...

Jun 7, 2020

Pre vocational training to orphan special children

When we teach prevocational skills the children shows very much interest because they use to start working physically and they can see the improvement in their own skills how to improve and how to become good and perfect in looking that particular skills.

For example preparing flowers(cloth)

When we teach this skills we have to teach many task analysis like..cutting cloth

and pasting and shapes and order and

arranging like that then they can miss the order sometime and again we have to start the skills and we should teach step by step wise and getting perfection..

with this prevocational activity special children are getting lot of skills improvement and using their intelligent and got siginicatant improvement too..

we are very much thankfull to GlobalGiving for encouraging such nice projects

Jun 7, 2020

educating orphan specially challenged children

Educating the orphan specially challenged children with all your support now very significantly got improvement in their skills based on their individual plan and skill development and through professional improvement. when we teach their prescribed sills through qualified teachers all 24x7 definitely they will got some significant change in the skills..

Through GlobalGiving what ever we planned for their skills they got an improvement and showing improved different skills ..for example the mentally challenged boy improved in writing skills they start writing alphabets and then writing small words..then writing big words with small sentences like that…


Each and every child got an improvement in their skills and lot of skills improved through this project.

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