"Ashraya" meaning 'shelter', was founded and registered in 1982 and has since then brought hope and love into the lives of many children and adults. Ashraya is committed to alleviate the sufferings of women and children in distress through our various programs.
Jul 8, 2013

Model Community and Site Creches

Waiting for lunch
Waiting for lunch

Dear Friends and Supporters of Ashraya,

Ashraya’s Community and Site Crèches have brought about a significant change in the outlook of the families in the slums, and in the labour colonies. It has imbibed in them a sense of responsibility, awareness regarding health, nutrition and also most importantly, driven the importance of educating their children.

They have been running in an efficient manner. This quarter had a lot of physical and emotional activities involved. The older kids were prepared to move on to a regular school. The teachers were acting counsellors, reaching the unreached for the new admissions. By the word of mouth and the work done by these community and site crèches, many needy parents walked in requesting for admissions. These applications were then evaluated to identify the neediest ones and were admitted for the academic year 2013 -2014.

Not just that, unreached, disadvantaged groups and Parents were made aware of RTE provisions and almost 100% of the children at our crèches, when they complete the age of four were moved to regular, formal schools, either English medium or Kannada medium.  While around 104 kids bid farewell, the parents expressed their gratitude to teachers for accomplishing a challenging task of educating their children, teaching them good manners and clean habits etc, which laid a strong foundation for their future.

Most women expressed that “Earlier they had a feeling of insecurity while leaving their children at home. But now at Ashraya crèche, their children are safe and that they are tension-free now and can contribute more to their family. They also expressed that the helpers at crèches take utmost care of their children.”

The early June at Crèches was exciting, yet anxious time for the child, parents and teachers. So number of things was suggested to parents/ carers to facilitate their child's smooth transition from home to Crèches and to reduce absenteeism. Separating from family and saying goodbye was difficult for most children and they sobbed all morning. The staff at crèches assured parents that, if their child cries or is upset when they leave them, to remember, that it is a normal response. Gradually, our skilled, caring crèche teachers helped children and their parents learn to separate for the day.

Crèches on construction sites, continue to provide a safe place for children during the working hours of parents, also prevents exclusion of girls from educational activities, being the girls often kept at domicile to look after home or younger siblings. Through the staff of kindergartens these girls attend the nursery and in fact continue to live as a "child", not as an adult. 

The Social worker made regular visits in this quarter to monitor and evaluate the functioning and maintenance of the crèches. The doctor also paid monthly visits to the crèches to monitor the general health of the children. Progress in health and nutrition is evaluated and he also advises the teachers on nutritional requirements so that they can inform the families.

On behalf of the entire Ashraya staff and Board Members I would like to thank you for your support. Your support and positive comments are the fuel that keeps us moving forward to make Ashraya Neelbagh School a sustainable Project.


Appreciate all your support!

Thanks and Regards,


Evalin Christabel

Project Head – Ashraya 

Apr 9, 2013

Ashraya Neelbagh School 2012 -2013

Children studying at Neelbagh
Children studying at Neelbagh


The school provides a distinctive educational environment that enables young persons to grow not only in intellectual capacities, but also in other dimensions of their being. It also provides a flexible curriculum, which creates an atmosphere conducive to innovative teaching and a rich range of learning. It’s the only rural bilingual school. In the Annual status of Education report 2011, Karnataka has been rated as the State with the lowest number of schools with good infrastructure and basic facilities, in rural areas. In such a state, Ashraya- Neelbagh School has played a major role to change the perception of people about the rural education system in Karnataka.

Today, Ashraya Neelbagh caters to 351 (177 Girls and 174 Boys) deserving students from below poverty line families as against 174 (74 Girls and 100 Boys) students in 2003, showing a 140% increase in the number of girl children, over the past few years, that the school is reaching out to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of achieving universal primary education and promote gender equality.

Our Uniqueness:

  • This is the only school of its kind in the country addressing the long-term educational needs of children of migrant workers.
  • Improved access to education for 46 number of girl children from migrant families while their parents are away for work to other states. This also ensures that children are not exposed to situations of trafficking, sexual abuse or forced into a marriage or child labour.
  • Improved Retention: Ensured that no child drops out of school and they have the support to ensure that they get high quality of education along with opportunities to develop their overall personality and achieve significant learning improvements within a short span of time.
  • Developing entrepreneurial skills:  all children enrolled in school are also introduced to different forms of vocational skills. This has a dual effect; Children become more confident and their parents in turn become more supportive as they notice skills in their children.
  • Partnership and ownership: making parents aware and responsible towards their children’s education has a long- term impact. Monthly meetings, periodic individual interactions with parents and exit interviews for Class 10 children along-with their parents before their final Board exams to determine child’s future plan are some of the key elements to increase participation and ownership of the parent community.
  • Cultivating Marketting skills: Helping students to develop thinking skills early is essential to their academic success and lifelong ability to solve problems. A charity exhibition was organized at Ms. Jyothi Subaroa’s residence. Products made by students were displayed and a team of senior students helped in organizing the exhibition. This initiative helps students to be able to analyze information, make decisions, come up with creative ideas and solve problems - in essence, to think rationally and logically. Thinking skills are becoming essential for survival in our rapidly changing global information age.
  • Community Develpoment: The school is also into community service through creating awareness about variuos diseases , need for cleanliness, conservation of water etc.The school was actively involved in promoting the Pulse Polio, Child education and preserve environment programmes.                                                                                                                                                                                                       The school is dedicated to anti-child-marriage campaign; the practice of child marriage is illegal—yet still thrives. Here, families will arrange forced marriages for their young daughters as a way to make money and alleviate the burden of caring for them. One such incident occurred in our school.Lakshmidevi, aged 12years, studying in 7th Standard was absent from 31st December 2012 to 8th January 2013. When probed, we did realise that the young girl was about to be forced into marriage with a older person. The incident was reported immediately and the child was rescued  and also ensured that the child was not physically , emotionally or mentally abused.  Meanwhile, the neighbours confronted the school staff with screaming threats for interfering. The team braved all odds to ensure that Lakshmidevi was back in school with her friends, attending classes and building a bright future for herself.


  • Science Fair: 

In August our students participated in the Inter School Science fair held in Gownapalli, they competed with 20 schools and won the First place for Reuse model.

In September the GE Science Fair for educational institutions was held in Bangalore. The students fared very well and received second prize for Water sprinkler model.

  • Essay writing:  

Students participated in the annual inter school essay competition held on 14th of December 2012. Around 62 schools competed but Neelbagh transcended others. The topic given was “The importance of Ozone”.  Three of our high school students participated and are the winners of this year’s Kolar district level essay writing contest.The first, second and third place was bagged by Ashraya Neelbagh School. Jayasreeof 10th grade won the first place, followed by her classmate Manikanta, second and their junior Beemanandha of 9th grade won the third place.

Workshops and Enhanced learning opportunities provided by the School :

The school continues to drive the ‘Importance of education’ and strives towards providing a holistic environment for the children by offering opportunities for all rounded development to all the children without any discrimination in the rural areas, thereby contributing to a future with educated and informed youngsters.

ü  Clown therapy  

ü  Yoga workshop  

ü  Teachers’ training

ü  Dance and Theatre workshops :

ü  Self Organized Mediation Environments (SOMEs):

ü  Sex education workshop

ü  Art Workshop :

ü  Career Counseling workshops 


Cultural / Sports activities

The school observed a wide range of events for students to explore their creative and artistic interests, hone their talents, and develop self-management and interpersonal skills.

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. Students of Ashraya Neelbagh School rightlyprove this quote by their magnificent performance and Victory over Teams from other schools in Taluk / District level and in Inter NGO sports. They emerged as champions both in individual and team sports

Taluk / District Level Inter School Sports Meet:

The performance of our students was remarkable and qualified to compete in the District level sports meet. Students participated in various events namely: Long jump, High jump, Shuttlecock, 100mts, 200mts, 400mts race, Javelin, Basketball and won in most of the events.

Inter NGO Sports Meet: 

v  40 students in the age group of 8 -14 years participated.

v  Out of 22 events conducted, they won in 20 events bagging 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.

v  Ashraya Neelbagh school was awarded the Best Team and Overall Championship award.


We Need You

The community is proud to have Neelbagh School in its midst. We've also had important visitors through the year who have been impressed greatly with the school and see it as a 'Rural Model School'.

What we have achieved is very little ….You too can support this wonderful cause and uplift a child in need today. So donate now and help us reach more less fortunate children this Academic Year.

To run this project, the cost of providing education and holistic development and thereby transforming a child’s life, works out to INR.15000 per annum. May we appeal to you to support as many needy children as you desire.

Apr 9, 2013

Ashraya Creches - Quarter Report

New Year Party 2013
New Year Party 2013

Children are the future of a nation. For an emerging and developing country like India, development of underprivileged children holds the key to the progress of the nation itself.

The educational initiatives of Ashraya for underprivileged children include Crèche facilities “A safe haven for children”. This initiative was started with the objectives to provide the children from most vulnerable section of the society with basic care and safety, learning skills and academic progress, awareness about health and hygiene, and social skills.

Ashraya Crèche’s are blessings in disguise for the poor working population in our city. They act as support system for working mothers who are working as domestic helpers to earn daily wages to support their family financially and for better education for their children. Their mothers did not have an education but wish to educate their children to the best of their ability.

The crèche children come from below poverty line / migratory population, daily supplementary nutrition/mid day meal and evening snacks is given. They stay from 9 am to 4 pm, when their mothers are busy working without any worry, knowing that their children are in good and safe hands. The average attendance is 30-35 students per day, per creche. Regular assessment is done to know their learning capacity and further improvement. Regular Doctor visit is scheduled to evaluate children’s health.

The early years of a child's life are normally a period of maximum growth, maximum vulnerability and maximum dependence on adults. So in our crèches interventions like- care by a trained, nurturing, responsible adult, in a clean, secure and stimulating environment is provided for laying the foundations for health, learning capacities and personality.

The Ashraya crèches are functioning well- seven in all -  located at Avalahalli, Siddapura (Whitefield), Shivajinagar, Indiranagar,Banaswadi, Nelamangla and Yelhanka. We have regular staff and volunteers who help with the teaching and the extracurricular activities. The total number of children we reach through crèches is around 220.

This quarter has been a great quarter filled with fun and frolic. All the children were invited to Ashraya’s Head Office for their Annual New Year Celebration Party on 11th January 2013. The kids were excited and participated in most of the cultural activities.

 Ms. Sudha from Jumporee volunteered to set up bouncing castle for the kids. It was truly a memorable experience for most of the kids has they do not have access to such luxuries in their everyday life. A delicious lunch, chocolates and individual gifts for all was organized.  

A sports day was organized to cultivate a healthy spirit of competition among children, followed by which they also had a photo shoot session. Overall it was a memorable experience for all of us.

As the dawn of the new academic year is nearing, the older kids move on to formal schools to continue their education. So a parent-teacher meeting is organized to sensitize parents about the “Right to Education” and emphasis on the importance of continued education for their children.

Some of the feedback received is:

1. “After joining the school my child has learnt discipline, started to eat food by himself, studies by himself and is obedient. Appreciate the teachers for being so supportive. It is dream come true, generally we cannot afford to provide such facilities to our kids, in any other crèche it would cost all our earnings for the month.

2. “The teachers take care of our children like their own children. They provide very good education and healthy food.”

3. “All teachers here provide individual attention to kids to ensure that they learn and also build interest in continuing their studies”

What we have achieved is very little ….with the help of our donors. You too can support this wonderful cause and uplift a child in need today. So donate now and help us reach more less fortunate children this Academic Year.

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