Dec 27, 2016

Good News - the community raised 5000.00 Birr for repairs...

Dear supporters,

Happy holidays. First of all thank you for your continued support of the project.

I recieved good news from the project recently and wante to share it with you. The project inrastrcuture had been in need of repairs. The community members (peasant farmers) got together and agreed to raise 5000.00 birr to repair the surface and roof water harvesting systems. They initiated the idea and it shows how precious the infrastrucure is to them and their children. I was really excited to hear that and wanted to share that good news with you who made the intial investment possible.

 I really want their initiative to succeed and would love to finish the project. Can we chip in and match the locally raised funds so that they continue to feel that we are still with them until the porject is finished. 

Again, please accept our best wishs for peace and prosperity during this holidays season? Merry X-Mass and Happy Hanuka and Happy New Year to you, your loved ones and the world!


Oct 11, 2016

Optimism and the Harvest season in Atebes village

Project Garden - By Amanuel Gebru
Project Garden - By Amanuel Gebru

Dear Partners and supporters,

The rainy season is over. Communities are back to their seasonal activities. Students are back to school as of September and farmers are getting ready to harvest their crops. The summer rainfall season in 2016 was much better than that of 2015. Even though there was early cessation of rainfall in August.

We also have some updates about the apple trees. Almost all the apples have provided fruits this fall. In early September Berihu Gebremeskel, Medhin naizgy, Kidanu Kassahun and Gebrezgher G/yohannes are among the individuals who shined with good harvest of apples. At this stage the apples are eaten and shared with relatives. Outreach to grocery stores in the nearby town of Adigrat has started by our volunteers in the hope of buying the fruits and sell them.   Many of the households who did not have apple trees are demanding that they be supported with the supply of seedlings in the summer of 2017.

As noted in previous reports there is an acute shortage of water in the village. It is reported that the improved rains as wells as the water recharge ponds have improved the capacity of springs to provide water. Even though there is fear that water supply might be reduced at the height of the dry season the springs have recovered and are providing a good amount of water to the community.

All the above positive improvements is due to your continued support. Thank you.

Hailu W Nerea building water pond - by A. Gebru
Hailu W Nerea building water pond - by A. Gebru
Jul 11, 2016

The rainy season has began, apples are flowering

Apple flowering after the spring rains
Apple flowering after the spring rains

Dear friends and supporters,

Greetings! The dry season in northern Ethiopia (October-January) is over. As mentioned in our previous report, the El Nino affected the village of Atebes. The El Nino caused drought had negative socioeconomic repercussions. The people had been combating the impacts of drought according to their ability and susing the project techniques. The streams had dried due to the drought. There was shortage of drinking water for households and animals. There are no access to tap water in the village. We have learned that there were some useful rainy days in April and May. The springs are coming back and pastures have begun to grow. The prickly pear plant, which has become widespread in Atebes village in recent years due to its resistance to drought, has also began to provide fruit for the people and fodder for animals. The rains have also been helpful to the apples you helped grow. The apples have flowered and we are hoping that there will be better yields in the fall. People are also hoping that the main rainy season (July-September), which is now late, will be normal so that they can have a better harvest than last year.

Like the community members we are also hoping that you will continue your support so that the subsurface irrigation system using buried clay pots will continue for a larger climate change adaptation.

Thank you from Ethiopia for your support,

another apple flowering after the rains
another apple flowering after the rains
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