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Aug 14, 2008

Help Haitians Grow Crops Affordably

AJPB members have been very active and productive this summer. They have convened multiple planning meetings to map out the project’s implementation. They have created work committees, scheduled training sessions and have planned the project’s launch for mid-September 2008.

Aug 10, 2007

Plant a tree and help 155 families eat

Activities If we provide 120,000 saplings, supplies and training for the 155 members of the peasant organization AKFB in Haiti, they will reforest the land and once again provide a sustainable income for their families through farming.

The project’s specific objectives are:

• Produce 120,000 seedlings including fruit trees and native species • Increase members' knowledge of seedling production and reforestation • Sensitize the AKFB members on the causes and consequences of environmental degradation • Promote the practice of sustainable agriculture and engage AKFB members, residents of Bayone and surrounding area in the practice sustainable farming. Accomplishments:

AKFB in partnership with the Lambi Fund has accomplished the following:

• Workshops: Lambi Fund conducted a 5 day seminar for 30 AKFB members. The workshop included subjects such as: Greenhouse construction and maintenance, seedling selection, preparation, distribution and replanting, soil conservation, sustainable agriculture tree planting, reforestation, agro forestry.

• Consultant: A local agronomist was retained to consult with the organization

• Greenhouses: Two greenhouses have been constructed

• Seedling Production: 60,000 seedlings have been produced and planted

• Monitoring: A committee was created to oversee the planting and the maintenance of young trees

What remains to be done:

• Assessment of first tree planting effort successes, failures and lessons learned • Production and planting of 60,000 seedlings • Monitoring and assessment of the project

Aug 1, 2007

Goats: Help Families Become Self-Sufficient

In February 2007, the Lambi Fund supplied 55 goats to the Peasant Movement of Chabe( MPC). There are 50 females and 5 males.

Prior to supplying the goats, MPC members had to build shelters for the goats and erect enclosures around the areas where goats would be allowed to graze. The Lambi Fund has been extremely concerned with the practice of open grazing, which has impeded reforestation efforts particularly with regards to goats’ unfortunate propensity to feast on young trees.

Female goats are expected to have two litters a year with a gestation period of 5 months and a litter size averaging 1-2 kids. So far 5 females goats have given birth to 7 kids including 4 females and 3 males (Lambi Fund staff assumes that goats had been pregnant when purchased). MPC members are currently breeding goats and are hoping for a substantial yield by January 2008.


A month prior to the acquisition of the goats, members of MPC participated in a 3-day workshop facilitated by a veterinarian who specializes in goat breeding.

Veterinary Supplies:

In consultation with the veterinarian MPC members compiled a list of medication needed to keep goats and kids healthy. Once the list was compiled and approved by the veterinarian Lambi Fund provided the funding needed for the acquisition of the veterinary supplies. The pharmacy is also a modest source of revenue for the organization, since the medication will be sold at very reasonable rate to members caring for the goats.

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