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Feb 11, 2019

Focusing 2019 to expand local food production

Tonight like the last three nights, I am waiting for our field staff that have reported:  The country has shot down. Thousands are walking, singing their complaints with drums and foot steps drumming their pain.  Nothing unexpected:  Not enough employments, kids who did not get to school this September, not knowing when is the next meal coming from and the increasing cost of livng that renders the acqisition of  basic necessities impossible.

Amid these challenges there is a group of people in communities much like yours who tneders to their work early before sunrise and often amid the hot sun, cultivating, caring for the soil and praying for better conditions and improved production.

They are the many farmer organizations and their members with whom we partner.  As we close 2018, we open 2019 with a a number of project that will boost food production and we hope that you will keep the rural farmers on your priority list. The project portfolio is set in the mist of our sustainable development goals and priorities. It comprises the following;   Sustainable Agriculture (SD), Alternative Economy (AE), Environment (E)

Organization/Sig                                       Department                        Project Type

Oganizasyon pou deve-   OPDERGM      Gwomon                       Community Credit       lopman Ravin gwomon

Tet Kole Ti Peyizan TiRivye
Latibonit                                  TKTPLA            Latibonit                      Mill for rice             Association Fanm Vanyan
Fyevil                                         AFVF                   Fyevil                  Goat Breeding         Oganizasyon Peyizan Garyen
Pou Devlopman Savan Karre                    OPJDSC                       Production of Mango              

Center for Plantain                 CPP              Gwomon                       Food production (beans,       
Propagation                                                                                        Tomato, peanuts)

Koperativ Agrikol Kafe                                                                                        Plazans                                  KOKAP          South                           Cafe and Cacao

                                                                                                                 Asosyasyon Fanm Pou
Transfomasyon Agrikol      AFTA                 South                              Women Credit       

Kombit peyizan pou
devlopman Tobek           KOPADET             South                               Farmers’ Credit                    

Reforestation is a required component for all projects.  Each organization will plant 20,000 trees except for OPJDSC that will add 60,000 new mango trees to complete the goal of 120,000. T he replacement of coffee and cacao  will improve the quality and quantity of coffee produced plant 120,000 and the mango production of 60,000; and KOKAP that will also renew its coffee field planting 60,000 new coffee trees, to reach a total of  300,000 new seedlings for 2019.    

Thank you for supporting food production in all its aspects.          


Feb 7, 2019

Restoring Lost Gardens/Food Production in 2018

Since the disaster of Hurricane Mathew, one can assert that the restoration of gardens continues since the depth of destruction of soil level, the lost of land encroacment in coastal regions and the salt water deposits were difficult to restore.  Although we have seen great progress, the greening of the area is evident and there is work to be done.

The lambi Fund truly conscious of the revival of the south has invested in 21 additional project of rehabilitation in that department.  In addition, there were among them,  the gardens for food production:

  •   OBDERGM produced 16,020 new plants (grapefruit, papaya, lemon and moringa)
  •   KOKAP renewed 60,000 coffee trees to improve production of coffee for local    consumer
  •   OPGDSC grafted 28,010 Mango trees added to their current gardens
  •   COPADET planted 11,321 new fruit and forest trees toward their 20,000 goal
  •   SADN production of fruit trees 26,000 diverse fruit trees in its nursery
  •   APTK and KPM are now actively producing 60,000 trees to establish greater density in reforestation goals in their respective regions in the south.

The gardens are evolving as our partners continue to produce, beans, rice, corn, millet that are milled in their neighborhood mills to produce cereal for daily food intake in these communities.Not only are we involved in restoring but also expanding food gardens and replacing old colonial coffee and cacao fields to improve each harvest.

Thank you for your support and your help in making these productions a reality.


Feb 4, 2019

BUNCH OF THANKS: setting the tone for next steps

Together we made a commitment
Together we made a commitment

On this 2019 that begins the 25th year of a long term committment, a true engagement between rural farmers and the Lambi Fund of Haiti and the silent partners that you have been.  You have supported this committment for 9 years since we set this goal to help us produce sustainable infrasructures like mills, revenue producing individual enterprises and agro related activities that take people step by step further from poverty, closer to food security for their communities, animal husbandry that help with saving for future endeavors and meeting basic family needs..

379 of you  gave 591 donations has taken us close to meeting our goals.  We are $285.00 away thanks to all of you 379 persons who made this choice among so many people striving to change our world. You are indeed a change agent.

Your generosity has marked lives that you have never seen but have surely touched.

We joined together to thank you and to let you know that our mission is vibrant and relevant.  The Lambi Fund will continue to move forward in its partnership with rural Haitian farmers.  We look toward to building a home office and training space that will help us lower cost of operations over time as we build the capacity of the Lambi Fund. 

We will uphold the principles of bottom up projects, build the voice of the partners through training and education; do economic development with full involvement of the beneficiaries  in the decision making through grass root organizations.

Thanks a Bunch and hope you continue to travel with us on a most exciting and complicated journey to greater dimensions of freedom. 

M E S I       AN P I L



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