Feb 26, 2021

Our Women Partners = Perseverance!

The months of December 2020 and January 2021 were quite busy for the members of Asosyasyon Fanm Vanyan Fyevil (Fyevil Association of Courageous Women).  Our Regional Monitor worked closely with the management committee of AFVF along with 2 two of their previously contractaed Veterinarians to evaluate the progress of this project and their goats.  Approximately 21 members participated in these meeting where they discussed the following: 

  • Difficulties they faced in acquiring essential medications needed to care for the ill goats.
  • Revamping the process of distributing the baby goats.
  • Monitoring the evolution of the troop and how the goats are interacting with each other.
  • Necessity of reform in an effort to minimize miscarriages among the goats.

Based on those points, here are the solutions that the women were able to come up with:

  • The veterinarians will assist the organization in getting the medications needed that are most prevalent throughout the troop. 
  • Closer monitoring of the female goats that suffer more than one miscarriage to move them elsewhere when necessary.
  • More frequent meetings to be held throughout the organization to discuss, in detail, the distribution method so no one is skipped accidentally or feels they were skipped. 

Although the itnernal work was a lot, the goats continued to produce.  There were 16 goats that were born between last month and this month.  The original troop now has 216 kids born from the inception of the project.  So far, 172 have been distributed to 120 of AFVF's members.  Even the kids have given birth!  48 of the once baby goats already gave birth to 73 kids of their own, bringing the total throughout the organization to 350 goats!

In addition to their flourishing goat project, these women have also begun filling bags to prepare their seedlings for the reforestation aspect of their project. 

It's working!  Let's keep going!


Feb 17, 2021

Moving forward... one planter at a time!

OPK (Oganizasyon Peyizan Kalabat) located in the Latibonit Region was founded in 1995.  With 384 members (261 Women and 123 Men), the organization spans across15 areas in the region.  In recent years, the members have faced very difficult economic situations.  Agriculture and trade have been halted due to the lack of funds needed to help them make small investments.  The agricuture in the region continues to worsen daily due to climate change as well - the lack of rainfall has been detrimental to production.  

Lambi partnered with OPK to help reinforce their community credit fund which, in turn, gave the members the means to buy the materials needed to jumpstart their planting activities.  The fund provided the organization with 750,000 haitian gourdes (approximately $8,300.00).  The funds were broken down with 500,000 htg allocated for merchants' credit and 200,000 htg for agricutural credit.  As of today, 201 loans have been disbursed (43 agricutlural/158 merchant).  That's 201 families that have received support that they would not have been able to gain without your support.  

Since the time the funds have been disbursed, the repayment rate has been applaudable with all of the members remaining on top of their due dates.  This allows for quicker distribution to the next in line.  These activities have not only helped the individual members and their families, but it has also reinforced the organizational strength of OPK.  These funds have allowed the members to provide for their families, take care of their communities and continue to rebuild the agricultural activities that will boost their economies. 


Feb 10, 2021

So Many Trees On The Horizon!

Depsite the noise and turmoil, we are keeping our focus steady on the issue of deforestation in Haiti.  Together with 14 of our partner organizations working in sustainable agriculture, nursery techiques, climate change and agroforestry gardens,  we were ablet to assist in planting throughout 10 different communes across the l'Artibonite and Southern Departments.   

More than 1,500 organization members who are planters participated and made these projects a reality.  There have been an amazing 512,184 seedlings already produced and 120,000 that are still actively growing.

A few of the awesome organizations that have been a part of this reality are KOKAP with 60.000 coffee seedlings that are ready for distribution, KOPADET that has successfully produced 11,321 seedlings and OPGDSC that has successfully grafted 2,940 mango tree seedlings.  

So much success to be grateful for, but so much more to do!  We're in this together with our rural partners!


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