May 22, 2020

Update to End HIV/AIDS in 28 Villages in NW Region

Breaking New

Subject Security Alert: U S Embassy Yaounde Cameroon, Africa (May 19, 2020)

US Embassy Yaounde, Cameroon reminds U. S. Citizens that terrorist groups have previously increased the number of attacks towards the end of the Ramadan period.  Possible targets include government facilities, places frequented by foreigners, and other locations such as places of worship, schools or healthcare facilities which attract large numbers of people.

Actions to Take:

Review your personal security plans.

Stay alert in public places, including schools, hospitals, government facilities, places of worship, tourist attractions, and transportation hubs.

Avoid crowded locations and monitor local media for updates.

Remain aware of your surroundings and keep a low profile.

Always carry proof of your legal presence in Cameroon such as a US passport with a valid Cameroonian visa or a residency card.   Since Cameroon does not recognize dual citizenship, US Citizens of Cameroonian descent should never attempt to use a Cameroonian passport or identifiation card.

It is with deep regret that we have to report to our supporters that we have not been able to develop, educate and train our volunteers to implement our mobile unit to sensitize our population  in the 28 villages that we serve due to the ongoing military conflict with terrorist groups. 

We were not able to send medical supplies, personal care wellness items and food to our displaced families who have scattered to other parts of Cameroon or crossed the borders to other countries on the run from the impact of the war.  For us the Security Alert has been in place for serval months and has forced us to stay in place.  We have been required to follow government guidelines and shelter in place.

However, we can report that we have purchased 100 mask with a goal of purchasing and distributing 1000 mask to displaced family members who are in the cities and to front line health care workers.  As the Embassy in Yaounde reported concern for US Citizens, we as Cameroonians have to be aware of the same threats by terrorist groups and the Covid-19 attack which has invaded our country of Cameroon, Africa.

Despite the obvious threats and challenges from terrorist groups and Covid-19, we are committed to continue our efforts and goals to provide sustainable health an wellness education to our villages in the NW/SW Region in Cameroon, Africa.

Mar 30, 2020

Update For Women's Rights In 28 Villages


The purpose of this report is to update our sponsors, supporters and women in 28 villages about the continuous progress that our organization is making in order to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms for the women in our villages.  It is certain that following the expected impact of this project, the number of women participating in training programs on empowerment of rights, gender equality, and economic development will increase to a level that the inalienable rights of women and girls will be more respected and affordable.  We are assisting our clients to develop and set goals to become successful in the pursue of individual small entrepreneur, businesses and skill, vocational training skills and experiences.

Currently, we are collaborating with other NGOs and international groups using access to technology to continue our work with developing classes and projects to bring awareness of the needs of women and youth, especially those from the Meta Villages , Momo Division, NW/SW Regions in Cameroon, Africa.  

With the outbreak of the Corornavirus world-wide, we believe that our women will take the lead and play a positive role in leading our people during this crisis as they have led our people doing the ongoing war against the people from the NW/SW Regions in Cameroon, Africa.  Health and Sanitation is the key to reducing the spread of this virus.

Cameroon has about 200 tribes in 10 regions.  Each tribe has distinct cultural norms that discriminate and abuse women and girls.  Moreover there is a critical absence of "rule of law" leading to rampart abuse of basic freedoms and rights of  minorities like Anglophones who are marginalized and discriminated against by the majority government in education, legal, social, economic, political, and cultural rights. Our project is necessary to correct the injustice meted out on Anglophone women and girls.

Our goal and objective is to support the protection, mitigation, and responses to human rights violations and abuse of the most vulnerable, by strengthening human rights frameworks, institutions and oversight by providing support to local, and key international, human rights organizations and institutions with particular focus on women and youth.  Strengthen the capacity of community based organizations, including faith-based associations through civic education and citizen participation to advocate for education, legal, social, economic, political, and cultural rights for women and youth.

Outcome of our efforts will be to continue to facilitate sustainable education and awareness of rights that can enable marginalized and those discriminated against to learn new trades and economic activities to become self-sufficient and alleviate chronic poverty and diseases within a year given sufficient resources as requested.  Development will improve if people are liberated and provided with basic education, health, safety, a clean and protected environment, and empowered to represent and speak for themselves which are all alienable human rights.


Mar 30, 2020

Progress Report on Displaced Families in Cameroon!

Displaced families on the run
Displaced families on the run

Greetings To Supporters and Donors;

Despite many challenges world-wide which are impacting our projects in the forest of Meta with more than 29 villages in NW/SW Regions of Cameroon, Africa, we have continued to move forward to secure and distribute needed food, medical supplies and other personal items including shelter for families who have been displaced by the on-going war and conflict in the NW/SW Regions of Cameroon.  We are humble and grateful for the supplies that have been coming in to support our humanitarian projects. 

Without jobs and economic development in this area, the need is great.  We continue to pray for light at the end of the tunnel.  Our greatest need at this time is to provide support for young mothers, babies without parents and mothers who are expecting children and living under desperate and unhealthy situations in our region. They do not have wellness products available to support prenatal care, new born babies or after care at this time.

Our goal has been to continue our programs using the latest technological skills to stay in constant contact and communication with our supporters, sponsors and displaced families as well as continue our weekly training of staff to include health and wellness classes. 

For example, we are working on completing a Memorandum of Understanding between Rotary Club, Yaounde, Cameroon, John Retreat Center Cameroon Association and John Retreat Foundation International, USA. We have plans for a major summit on April 11, 2020 to launch our agreement and projects.

The Memorandum of Understanding is made and entered into by and between the above captioned parties for the purpose of defining and determining its scope as well as establishing the terms and conditions on how the above groups will work in partnership with one another.  

As defined, the parties shall work collaboratively to promote and support mutually agreed projects and activities that will cover more than 29 villages and supporting neighborhoods within a mutually agreed upon scope of cooperation despite the ongoing war, coronavirus and other challenges that may arise as we move forward to provide clean water, food, medical supplies and other basic needs for survival in our society.

As a result of the MOU, an advisory board will consider many matters such as overall strategies, marketing, conventions, tours, etc.  Requirements and Responsibilities of the advisory board members include but not limited to participating in virtual meetings, advise on project development, finances, marketing and project recognition, give advice, reach out for financial support, giving presentations, making phone calls or emails to prospects or previously giving supporters and encourgaing participation.

The Rotary Club as the partner organization is responsible for the implementation of programs designated by the supporters and sponsors.  Club members will serve on the advisory board under the MOU.

Breaking News:  Our Main Fund Raiser and Educational Workshop scheduled for April 11,2020 had to be cancelled because our government has ruled that the Coronavirus has impacted our area and we have to reduce activities which has/will create additional hardship for our displaced families who are already suffering from lack of basic humanitarian needs.  We are hoping and praying for a solution and support for our displaced families to overcome this additional hardship!


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