Jan 18, 2019

Updates Reports from the Field in Cameroon

December 15, 2018   Report by Ma Comfort, Loveline, Will , Gideon, Pa John and Team

The purpose of this update report to our donors is to sadly with heart felt sorrow report that our families are still on the run in hiding without access to the necessities of life free from dealing with lack of proper sanitation, food and clean water.  About six months ago, we had to evacuate from our homes and way of life in Zang Tabi Taah, Meta Mbengwi North West Region in Cameroon, Africa and our family members, teenagers and children are suffering from the horrific effects of the military unrest in our 28 villages.  We are stuck in our small unit sleeping on the floor and waiting for the all clear alarm so that we can return to our homes and farming way of life. 


Killing, burning of houses and looting is still happening in the villages and on the roads in between which makes it unsafe to travel in the regions of NW/SW Cameroon.  It has been reported that more than 400 civilians and security forces have been killed in Cameroon's English-speaking regions since the beginning of the conflict in 2016. Crops destroyed, house, animals destroyed, farm destroyed, food crops destroyed and stolen.


Despite the danger of traveling in the region, several displaced families were able to celebrate Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays as a result of support from donors and our sister organization in the USA, the JRFIUSA.  We were uplifted and grateful for the support received through the global giving program and outreach. 


We are thankful that the Project has provided some emergency support for displaced families to obtain water, food, medical supplies , personal items, household needs , mosquito nets, insect repellent, and shelter for several  Families who had been hiding in the bushes and have escaped to a safe area from the crisis which has been ongoing in the NW/SW Regions of Cameroon. We have transported several men, women and children out of the country to a safe place until the civil war is over.


These displaced families remain at risk and are currently experiencing starvation, diseases and political persecution, as they are not guaranteed basic rights in their own country. This project continues to affect more than 200 families, children, women, men, youths from more than 28 villages in Meta and neighboring English-speaking people who are still hiding in the bushes and who have escaped to other areas in Cameroon.


The displaced families are desperately in need of nutrition, medicine, shelter and health care for starving children and families who are on the run and have been displaced from their English-speaking homes in the NW/SW areas of Cameroon.

Long-Term Impact

 In the process of developing our children, rural families, and community leaders into self-sufficient members of society, we must adhere to the sanctity of life and instill in our children the Word of God and the reverence for life because we were made in the image of God. This crisis too shall pass!

Also See attachment.

Jan 15, 2019

Updated Reports From our JRCCA Team in Cameroon

Please see detail  updates report attached.

 Report by Ma Loveline Mufu and MA Comfort

 Mufu Loveline General Counsel member of JRCCA , Ambassador to all churches and culture , Madam Comfort Ticha President of JRCCA and Amundam Ruth Youth Ambassador visited (ZATACUDA) Zang Tabi Cultural development association meeting  in Yaounde Cameroon with a crate of drinks, to continue explaining to them more about our NGO.

We have to report at this time that the military conflict in the NW and SW Regions in Cameroon continues to make it unsafe for the displaced families to return to home and continue their way of life.  Despite the danger of traveling in the area, we continue to be aware of our fellow family members and friends who had to leave their homes and are still hiding in the bushes.  We are on the run and have been on the run from our homes and we are in an undisclosed place for our safety.  About six months ago, we were able to escape in the middle of the night to safety from the threat of being killed by gun fires or burned in our homes. 

We arrived there and went first to Pa Mbarica and the wife to have a brief discussion with them. We were very welcome; we informed them briefly of our intention of visiting the meeting and also about our fundraising programe. There after he gave us some guideline on the fundraising programe. He recommended that we need to have funding to secure a safe place as we ‘are going to invite dignitaries. He also advised us to understand that organizing fundraising is something that one may gain or loose so to plan well It will depend on the type of people we invite.  We are raising funds to support a trip to the USA to attend a leadership and training summit during the month of April 2019.  The purpose of this trip for members of our delegation is to obtain skills, training and make contact with USA investors who can help the people who are on the run and in the jungle to restart their lives.

After the brief discussion, we now proceeded to the ZATACUDA meeting hall. While in the meeting house, we were given very little time to talk and do our presentation Since the time was limited, I briefly introduced my team. A song was given by the president of JRCCA and the entire house sang! Then I went straight and explained to them the word “SWOT” and it meaning and how it will help in assisting with the implementation of our JRCCA Goals and objectives and our vision to helping in the rebuilding of our 29 villages and neighbors in the jungles of Meta where I was brought out from based on the presentation material that I had handed out to the meeting members and their leaders before I started my presentation to the more than 50 members and women, youths, boys,  girls, children and parents that were present .

I went on to explain the letters of “SWOT” for our JRCCA NGO as follows’ explained that Letter “S” Stands for Strength.  Letter “W” stands for Weaknesses. Letter “O” stands for Opportunities that our organization provides to all our people in the remote jungles deep forest of Meta with more than 29 villages and neighbors that we strive provide our humanitarian Relief services, like health, education, job training, etc.….Letter “T” Stands for threats affecting, challenges we face, and the people faces on daily lives in the functioning of our NGO in the jungles of Meta and Neighbors. 

I continued to explain the strength of our 29 villages and neighbors, Eg we have  encouraged farmers to plant American Palm trees that will grow at  very reasonable heights 16 feet, easy for the local farmers and the youths to be able  to conduct harvest without climbing very long Palm Trees which so many of them have now and when they fall many die and we currently have youths who we witness are suffering from injuries they sustained from falling from the long Palm trees that our great grandparents and founders planted in the jungles so that our families are able to  produces like Red Palm oil for survival. We also have cassava

Our farmers grow maize, coffee in Toneku villages, plantains, cocoyams, yams but using crude , old methods , hoes, (Cutlass) matchedes, and lack modern equipment causing hard labors on our families and farmers due to low productivity with no research to match the ever increasing population and poverty in Cameroon.

We also went further to explain weaknesses such as, lack of farm to market roads, crops destruction by some kind of diseases that no one has done research study, no opportunities to store and preserve our crops , no social services, no hospitals, no clinics, no medical doctors, no roads, no electricity, no internet, no library, no villages enterprise stores, no entrepreneurs businesses , there is extreme poverty in the jungles etc..

We went straight to explaining the vision, purpose of our fundraising to include support for our JRCCA Displaced Families on the run, providing education opportunities to train members of the JRCCA General Counsel, opportunity to invite others to join our organization and acquired the education and knowledge and many opportunities that our NGO provides and plan to provide to help left up our women, men, youths, families , villages and communities in the Meta and Neighbors in Cameroon like travelling to attend the JRFIUSA Global leadership Economic summit jointly organized by our JRFI sister organization in Tyrone, GA, USA. Great opportunity that will enable members of our NGO to acquire business, economic and social skills and knowledge that will equip them and support in the rebuilding process and rehabilitation of their loses, families, villages, communities, youths and neighbors when the returned home after the hostilities is over. I also informed them that this will also help the NGO support the Mayor of Mbengwi with city Council and the JRCCA delegation to attend the summit in Tyrone, GA, USA in April 2019 as well.

Again, we gave them copies of the SWOT share and see the things we explained which the Mayor and the delegation will bring to our sister organization in USA as our Wishlist for them to continue negotiations with our sister organization to invite investors to Meta rural villages, communities and neighbors in the future that will help create jobs for youths, families, villages, communities and neighbors in Cameroon

We explained opportunities that will results in opening more markets for exports as well, conferences, and workshops education training and awareness when our Multipurpose American Center is built in Tonekoh Taah Meta that will result in many job and employment creation for the youths, families, villages and communities.

Our JRCCA NGO greatly appreciated the vibrant leadership of this group lead by Mr. Christopher and his team for their support to our NGO. They have living testimonies  of the work that we do and participated in development  endeavors we conduct at the jungles in Meta  in and around our JRCCA HQ  “our American Corner in Tuseh Zang Tabi Taah Meta “Villages Cameroon prior to the crisis believe in the plan and vision that our founders have for the wellbeing of our rural communities, families that we support there.

Thank you ZATACUDA Yaounde. Mr. Christopher was able to answer questions and educated people about the vision, mission, policies and procedures of our Organization which he stated that is a legal entity in Cameroon that is also collaborating with our sister organization, JRFIUSA (501(c)3 an American based NGO with HQ in Tyrone, Georgia, in the United States of America. They are our Light of Cameroon, Africa and the World.

We know our father PA John Ticha and MA Salome co-founders of our great organization for their commitment to solving poverty and bring economic growth to our communities and have been providing these services from time immemorial to our Meta land and neighbors. Wishing him Happy 92nd birthday long life and prosperity.  He always collaborates with his fellow brothers PA Otengong, others and sisters in our land and make things happened for the good of the youths, families, villages and communities. A Good man. He’s our PA and MA.

MA Loveline  Mufu and Ma Comfort Ticha

General Counsel Member and President of JRCCA.

Nov 14, 2018

Updates from the field

HIV/AIDS Project
Good day and I hope that this report will meet everyone in good health and spirit.   The purpose of this report is to update donors on our efforts to implement our HIV/AIDS mobile project in the Zang Tabi Taah, Meta Mbengwi North West Region in Cameroon, Africa for the people within 28 villages in the remote jungle area in Meta Cameroon in which family members, teenagers and children are suffering from the horrific effects of HIV/AIDS.
Based on the current military conflict in the NW and SW Regions in Cameroon, our team had to abandon our work in the area and evacuate to an undisclosed safe area outside of the Meta area.  Although the JRCCA Team is on the run and in hiding, the health team has continued to be inspired and determined to provide basic health care and training while on the run and in hiding in order to be able to assist the families to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS. Health Team is requesting basic support for resources that will enable them to survive during this time of crisis because they had to leave their homes with only clothing on their back during the night.
Moki Edwin Kindzeka reported that since August 2018, Medical staff are fleeing hospitals in Cameroon's troubled English-speaking regions after attacks this month left several nurses dead and many others wounded. Medics say they are stuck between a military that accuses them of aiding armed separatists and rebel fighters who say hospitals betray them to the army.  Elvis Ndansi, of the Cameroon trade union of nurses, says the killings and abuse provoked outrage in the medical corps. Working in the area with the on-going military crisis is unsafe for our health team at this time.  While in hiding we are maintaining basic health care for our displaced families.
"The military comes, chase them out of the hospital, brutalize them, beat them. As medical personnel, we all stand to condemn these acts and say they are very wrong. Medical personnel are supposed to be protected in times of war. They are there to take care of all casualties, be they from the military, be they from the Ambazonians or secessionists. Their role is to save lives," Ndansi said.
Despite the danger of traveling in the region, hundreds of medics showed up Wednesday for a funeral to honor Nancy Azah and her husband Njong Padisco. The couple, both nurses, were shot dead last week, reportedly by Cameroonian troops.The couple were on their way to present updated plans for the hospital and urgent care center where our program will be housed at our board meeting on August 11, 2018.  Nurse Arrey Rose says the association of nurses called on the medical community to show solidarity by attending the funeral service.  "We have mobilized to let the world know that doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and pharmacists are tortured and killed just for saving lives," Rose said. "God spared mine when I was pulled out of hospital and beaten just because I was accused of hiding terrorists. Many are dead, many are wounded."
The violence has led patients and medical staff to desert hospitals in both the northwest and southwest.
Eighteen-year-old Mundi Ernestine says that when she took her younger brother to Bamenda regional hospital, there was no one to treat him.
"God has been sustaining him," Ernestine said. "We were not attended to in the hospital for a week because the staff was absent. We had to carry him on our back through the bush to Bamenda, which is a bit calm. He is recovering, but my fear is that many are dying in the bushes just because there is no nurse to help."
The Cameroon Medical Council says, due to the ongoing conflict, the exact number of medical staff who have fled the two volatile regions is unknown.  More than 300 civilians and security forces have been killed in Cameroon's English-speaking regions since 2016, when separatists launched their drive for an independent state they call Ambazonia.  The United Nations says at least 200,000 people have been internally displaced in the conflict and tens of thousands have fled to neighboring Nigeria as medical staff abandon hospitals in Cameroon's troubled region in a report by Moki Edwin Kindzeka.
On August 28, 2018 we succeeded in moving families and health team out of the deep forest in Zang Tabi Meta NWR to an undisclosed site where they are safe from the gun shots but are facing other adversities living in a foreign area in their native, Africa.
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