Sep 16, 2020

HIV/AIDS Field Reports


Although we are still operating our organization from a remote site in Cameroon, our JRCCA NGO continues to struggle to maintain and create sustainable awareness and education sensitization classes  on HIV/AIDs  despite our current situation of being displaced  due to the Civil War by offering weekly training classes and looking for local resources.  To the best of our knowledge HIV  started to spread along the historic trade of the Congo Basin in the 1920s. As we continue to Educate our communities on the negative impact of HIV/AIDS while in our new environment we have been able to stay in touch with many of our families and friends by use of technology such as phones and the internet and our old traditional word of mouth and offer them hope for a better day in the future. 

The good news is that our NGO has been donated a building in which we will be able to provide our HIV/AIDS services to the people who are still left in the area.  We are currently in the process of making repairs and cleaning the building.  Our greatest need remains to provide medical and personal supplies including food such as rice, beans and salt.

This deadly disease has been a subject of scientific research and debate since the virus was identified in the 1920s. Up till today there has been  no cure discovered and is coupling with Coronavirus has made our mission more complicated and more challenges especially with us in Cameroon where we are been attacked by many other diseases like Malaria and typhoid etc..

Also keep in mind that the English speaking people in the NW/SW Regions have been dealing with the horrific affects of the Civil War that has caused disruptions to our life styles and has caused many families to leave the area for survival reasons.  Those who have remained in the area are in desperate need of medical and personal supplies including food.

It is noted that we have the first cases of this deathly disease (HIV/AIDs in Cameroon in 1985 and ten years later, in 1995 an official total number of 2766 have been notified with a cumulative number of 8.14.In Cameroon in 2018 it was reported that they are 540,000 cases of infected persons. The number of new HIV infection among uninfected population over one year among the people of all ages was 1.02%.The percentage of people living with HIV among adults ( 15-49years) was 3.6%. We continue to Educate those in our Meta communities’ what HIV is all about; has no cure but can be prevented through sustainable education, sensitization and awareness in our villages and cities.

Main reason why our NGO is committed to the mission and vision of prevention of this killer diseases as we have loss love ones because of this disease. HIV is Human immune Deficiency Virus attacks only human persons, and can be acquired by blood transfusion, Semen, Vagina and recta, breast milk.

Here we are struggling to Educate and inform our local communities on Symptoms of HIV/AIDs which include; despite been displaced.. in our training and seminars we teach the youths , adults ,parents and communities on how to prevent and identify symptoms when occur. examples

< Fever< Chills < Swollen Lymph node< General Aches and pains< Skin Rash < Head Ache< Sore Throat<

Nausea < Upset Stomach< Diarrhoea < Fatigue < Vomiting. We make our communities to known that

there is not yet a cure for HIV/AIDs however people can prevent them selfs by choice of less risky

sexual behavior, use condom every time they have sex. Avoiding of many partners. Always good to

conduct tests and if found positive, they should follow Medical advice .They are also Educated on how tointeract with people who are HIV/AIDs positive and give them Maximum support.

As stated above the good news is that JRCCA NGO has received  a building from the Lord Mayor of Mbengwi City Council that we are working on renovating and equipping  with offices that will enable our NGO  to continue its mission and vision , operate our projects, to provide humanitarian services to more  than 28 villages in META and neigboring; who are displaced due to the prolong civil war were women, men, youths ,families have loss Jobs, businesses, lack basic education,  lack small entrepreneurial skills as theywill be returning into their lands after the Civil war and required basic human  urgent  needs such as Capital to start new business, buy food , water,pay rents,  shelter and medical needs. Our Team will need Mobile Van to execute its strategic Sustainable Education Awareness Sensitization on how to prevent HIV/AIDS plan in the next 120 days to enable them go out in villages and cities and continue to organize a mobile health team who will be trained.  We have to always be thinking about our safety as the Civil War is still ongoing in some areas.  Hopefully,


  • The mobile health team will move from community to community , village to village, tribe to tribe, city to city to give educative talk on HIV/AIDS to the population through in social groups like njangi in Tuseh, Zang Tabi, Toneku,  Meta,  Mbengwi, Yaounde, etc
  • They will give food, water, other basic needs 
  • They will organize voluntary free testing for HIV in the community
  • They will give wellness Prenal Products,  
  • Educate pregnant woman who are positive immediate on treatment to prevent the transmission to the child 
  • Give good care and treatment to people living with HIV/AIDS
  • They  will need contraceptives to distribute to the population to help in the prevention
  • Helping people living with HIV/AIDS financially to meet up with their annual medical test of viral load and CD4.

Items Needed for Sustainable Education and sensitization Awareness

Items cost per person per day in  $ and CFA

cost per person for 60days

1. Perdiam. For Supervisors (2)

($60 each) 30000x2 = $180

2.perdiam for interviewers( 25)

($20 each)10000 x25 = $120

3.perdiam for data collector


perdiam for data analytic manager (2)

($40) 20000x2 =$80

perdiam for the driver

($24)1200x2 =$48

Transportation. Fuel for supervisors

($40) 20000

Equipment. Vehicle


Ralms of papers


food and water(30)

($6) 3000

Lodging for the supervisors and data manager(3)


Jul 23, 2020

Displaced Families In NW Region of Cameroon, Africa.


Despite efforts by the government to resolve the conflicts by the use of mediation and other non-violent strategies, the NW/SW regions are still unsafe for our families to return to their homes at this time.  The need for food, shelter, medical supplies and personal items still exist especially since we are having to deal with Convid-19. 

In the meantime since May 3rd 2020 through July 12th our JRCCA team and volunteers have been doing bi-weekly training online  in a virtual classroom on Zoom called NGO management and Governance course. From this course we learned more about  the background and historical concept and origin of NGOs in comparison with other forms of organizations like for-profit businesses. We now know that NGOs in Cameroon as a result of  the United Nation's Charter as defined under ARTICLE 71 of the UN charter and Cameroon law  adopted its national law  that incoporated as per  freedom of organsations and association to benefit the people and is responsible to the people they serve.

During the online course we learned rules and standard ways that will help us to fortify our ability to manage and enforce the governing rules and policies of our JRCCA NGO that will benefit the displaced families we serve;  responsibilities and responsiveness as well as implimentation of our organizatio flow chart to better manage our resources.  How to focus on our NGO vision, mission, goals and objective, strategic planning etc.. We  also received training on how to set up S.M. A. R. T GOALs that are; S- SPECIFIC. M-MEASURABLE A-ACTIONABLE R-REWARDING and T-TARGET DATE. 

We learned how to structure our groups of five(5) to ten(10)members headed by a chairperson; reinforce our committees, to ensure that the organsation be able to help raise money to make our dreams and goals reality in helping our displaced families from the NW /SW Regions in Cameroon and to overcome the hardship and poverty and provide some comfort for the Displaced families.

We appointed an online Director of JRCCA Education programs and Director of Small Biz Programs. Our team members collaborated and negotiated MOU with other organizations to provide help and services for displaced families in the NW/SW regions. For example, we have contacted an NGO based in the South West Region of Cameroon that has similar goals and objective as our NGO. Our Exeutive Board negotiated MOU with the Rotary Club in  Bastos Yaounde. Our Director  of our JRCCA small business Development programs introduced a company that will help JRCCA organsation and volunteers to develop small business entrepreneurial skills. Our NGO has successfully found an Architect who is in the process of drawing building plans for our NGO to build a low cost income housing project in Bingeula Mbankomo Yaounde.

The president of JRCCA MPC American corner in Tonekoh Meta Momo Division is solicitating a JRCCA office space from the Mbengwi city council in Momo Division NWR, with whom JRCCA have a MOU to enable our NGO to provide services to many families on the run from the META area in the jungles. The Zonal director of zone Four in Meta Mr .Charles brought to JRCCA president the Email address and the telephone number of the current Lord Mayor of Mbengwi City Council .

We have successfully and constantly been receiving our JRCCA Virtual training  using our Zoom Classrom from the chairman of JRFIUSA and the JRFIUSA Team.  With this ongoing training we are reminding every volunteers that if we stay together and work together to complete all JRCCA basic requirements we will be in a better position to help our displaced families who are victim of a conflict against their personal and private rights.  Onward and Upwards!

Jul 23, 2020

Women's Rights In 28 Villages-META-Africa

Workshop Center
Workshop Center

Greetings To All Supporters And Sponsors;

During the Covid19 outbrek, the unsettled and unresolved military crisis in the NW/SW Region in Cameroon, we are pleased to announce that since our last report we have been blessed to have the former Mayor of Mbengwi to now join our team at JRCCA to serve as President of JRCCA MPC American Corner Tonekoh in META, Cameroon which is located in the NW/SW Region of Camerooon.  The former Mayor has hit the ground running by providing the anti-covid response challenge plan that enabled individuals to obtain covid19 kits and bringing with her years of administrative experience in the area of health care and government management as the Former Mayor of Mbengwi.

Our JRCCA NGO leadership team continues to collaborate with the newly elected Mayor and the City Council of Mbengwi through our now President of “JRCCA MPC American Corner and former Mayor in Tonekoh Meta to set up a branch office in Mbengwi and provide training programs for our women in 28 villages that will encourage women and girls to develop business skills and encourage females to develop small businesses as compared to the old traditional role and way of life for women in the 28 villages and neighboring communities.

Per the written draft brief proposal submitted to JRCCA's Board  of Directors by the President of the MPC is negotiating for JRCCA Branch office to be opened in Mbengwi Central Business Subdivision to train and equip women and youths in more than 28 villages and neighboring communities.

This location of the new branch office will also facilitate education ,train, and create sustainable awareness of other rights that will enable the marginalized and those discriminated against to learn new trades and provide economic activities that will allow these women to become self-sufficient and alleviate chronic poverty and disease given sufficient resources. 

This program and project when funded will include representing victims of torture and human rights abuse; Providie capital for limited start up economic enterprises; sensitizing the population about their basic freedoms and fundamental rights, including low income housing and basic health services at the JRCCA HQ in KWOJEOH  for the internally displaced, due to the Anglophone crises in the English speaking NW Region in Cameroon.

Utilizing technology and modern media to reach a wide target audience  we believe that  the development will undoubtedly improve if people are liberated from poverty, provided with basic education, health, safety, a clean and protected environment, and empowered to represent and speak for themselves alienable human rights. 

The number of women and other vulnerable groups participating in training programs on empowerment of rights, gender equality, and economic development will undoubtedly increase to a level that the "inalienable rights" of women, girls, the young and elderly will definitely be more respected and affordable.

Client developing and setting goal, to become successful in the pursue of individual small entrepreneur businesses skill, vocational training skills and experiences will be the center for New African Innovation in Sub-Sahara Africa. 

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