Oct 16, 2018

JRFIUSA Reports Ocober 13, 2018

JRFIUSA presentation at Tyrone Founders Day
JRFIUSA presentation at Tyrone Founders Day

Since January 2018, growing violence between government and non-state armed groups has forced families of the North West and South-West Region (English Minority Speaking) Cameroon to leave their villages and towns.  Most have lost everything to indiscriminate fire. The conflict between the Cameroonian government and separatist forces is growing in intensity. Military raids and armed combat have made more than 300,000 people abandon their villages and towns since December 2017. They flee to the forest and urban centers. Very large groups of families (20-30 people) are staying together in tiny spaces, with limited or no access to water, food, and healthcare. Entire families have been divided, and great businessmen and women have turned into beggars. 

Gideon and Celine Ticha, who founded the JRFI USA non-profit, have lived in Tyrone, GA for several years.  Both are US Citizens and Gideon has over 20 years with the US Army.  Both Gideon and Celine have brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews currently on the run and living in Cameroon’s forest.  They have not had contact with some friends and family for moneys, and pray they are still alive. Through collective efforts, a group made up of mainly women and children were rescued about a month ago and currently are living in a safe house, which is basically a 1 room apartment, and JRFI USA is trying to pay for their expenses. Unfortunately, these people are no longer safe due to the violent outburst after last Sunday’s Presidential election.   They need your support!  All proceeds from today will go directly to those in Africa who are in desperate need of food, shelter, medical attention, and so much more.                                           

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We accept cash, debit and credit cards.  All proceeds will go directly to Emergency Funds for Displaced Families in Cameroon, which is part of the JRFI-USA nonprofit organization based out of Tyrone, GA, USA.


To show our appreciation for your kindness, you may choose a gift from the selection of items grouped together based on the amount given.

Link to our project:

Emergency Funds For Displaced Families In Cameroon by John Retreat Foundation International USA Inc (JRFIUSA-INC)


Oct 2, 2018

Meeting Reports Highlighting discussions of Sept


Title : International Humanitarian Relief efforts for Displaced Families in Cameroon, Africa. 

Date : September 29th, 2018

Venue : Conference Call

____________________________________________________________ _____

First of all, I would like to extend my gratitude to all JRCCA and JRFIUSA  members who made it a priority on attending the meeting addressing the Humanitarian Relief efforts for displaced families in Cameroon. The meeting paved the way to address possible strategies on fundraising to support the population needing basic resources and evacuation from areas plagued with civil unrest. It provided the opportunity to address the recent developments within JRFIUSA and its applicability within the JRCCA framework to foster a positive and continuous rapport towards a better future.

Described briefly below are some elements in the meeting

  • The Conference call was designed to: 1) discussed the ongoing unrest in the Southern

Cameroons and fundraising to support those currently fleeing their homes including JRCCA members. 2) Introduce the Charity Net 10 X 10 model where Members are to sponsor 10 new members who will commit to a monthly pledge of $10, $25, $50 or $100. 3) Promote our current fundraising campaign on  GlobalGiving via various social media platforms. 4) Promote the JRFIUSA Melaleuca fundraiser from which products could be donated to the displacement project and sent to Cameroon.

  • The slot of time was a one hour conference call on September, 29th. It included members from JRFIUSA and JRCCA.
  • The meeting featured discussions led by Mr Bernis Tibeme, Mr. Gideon Ticha and Dr.

Samuel Taylor, on deriving strategies to help the displaced families in the

NorthWest(NW) and SouthWest(SW) regions of Cameroon, Africa. Emphasis were placed on fundraising and marketing platforms to get information out to the public.

  • Information was obtained from JRCCA members based in Cameroon who affirmed their plight of the conditions they are currently facing, As per the President and other members, we were informed that they are in need of basic resources which they are currently lacking. Also, they proposed we seek evacuation means to safe havens due to the uncertainty of the status quo which is not getting any better. 
  • We agreed setting up a committee of 3 to 5 persons (Cameroon and the USA) that will research on Budget for the JRCCA Displaced Families Team obtaining Visas and attending the JRFIUSA Summit in Georgia USA in November. The committee will also research on monthly expenses, how much it will cost to support the JRCCA displaced families in the shelter from NW/ SW Cameroon, Africa. The Committee will be set to present their findings by the next meeting on October 13th, 2018.

Throughout the meeting, participants stressed the importance of keeping pace with events, Email social media list asking friends and families to donate via GlobalGiving (Our Project Information Project Name: Emergency Funds For Displaced Families In

Cameroon              Project              ID:              35655              Link              to              project:

https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/emergency-funds-for-displaced-families-in-cam eroon/ 

Great news! our project is eligible to receive donations not only on GlobalGiving, but also on corporate portals such as: Brevity).

  • Another important result from the meeting was the promotion of the Melaleuca fund raising. The Melaleuca organization will donate 7% of the volume raised by the JRFIUSA Team to the JRFIUSA Melaleuca Foundation Fund. JRFIUSA members are encouraged to sign up and each monthly purchase could be for personal use or donated to the displacement project. Interested members are to contact JRFIUSA Chairperson and President Gideon and Celine Ticha for details on how to sign up and join the JRFIUSA Melaleuca Fundraiser.  After signing up, members are required to have 10 members in their downline: an example of the Charity Net’s 10X10X10 Concept, that also guarantees at least a $1,000 personal income each month. The plan will guarantee financial and product support for the displaced family members while they are in shelters in Cameroon as well as provide funds for the growth and development of the Multi-purpose center that they will return to after the crisis. 
  • The minutes from the day of meeting (September 29th, 2018) are as follows: NB: Eastern Standard Time


12:00 p.m.- 12:15 p.m. Opening Session by Mr. Gideon Ticha, who introduced the

JRCCA group from Cameroon. There were also opening remarks from Mr Bernis Tibeme, Co-Chair of the project, who spoke briefly about the project on Displaced families. 

12:15 p.m. – 12:50 p.m. Member discussion on strategies to fund the project and have the required resources get to the JRCCA team. Dr Samuel Taylor discussed the promotion of the JRFIUSA Melaleuca Fundraiser and the opportunities available for those willing to join and its positive impact on the JRCCA vision. First hand information was conveyed by the JRCCA team about the political status quo hindering their work and the help that they really need. Emphasis on starting a blog or newsletter to keep members who sign up with the latest information about the aid for displaced families in Cameroon. Establishing a committee to research on budget plans for visa applications and monthly expenses to support displaced families. Members were also urged to share links with friends and families to donate to the Globalgiving project tackling Emergency funds for displaced families.

12:50 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. Closing session led by Mr. Bernis Tibeme

Aug 7, 2018

Provided Sustainable Training education, and awareness to local women leaders that we serve

Training local women leaders on proper hygiene
Training local women leaders on proper hygiene


  • identified many challenges that women are facing especially during this time of crisis in Cameroon where most of the women are been driven into the bushes and some killed
  • Action Taken:
  • Conducted 4 workshops , conferences and seminars
  • Provided basic health and sanitation training to local women leaders who go out to the forest and help trained other women and girls on basic  hygiene methods, body wash, simple ways  brush teeth.
  • broght the women and young girls from the forest to the center and feed them, tought them and pray with them
  • Planned and tained  health and sensitization education awareness educators at the center. 
  • Fed and Teach the kids at the center as well as provide adult literacy classes to local women at center. 
  • Made arrangements to bring health care experts to focus on education and sensitization on HIV/AIDS  killer disease amongst community members and youths in villages and forest during this time of crisis in Cameroon. Identified other diseases plaquing the community and plan on strategy to come up with preventative ways.
  • Identified major concerns , issues and challenges amongst women , lack of basic neccessity for women and you girls, water and energy, lack of road infrastructure, lack of Wells to fetch water and supply to the center, lack of energy, lack of internet, computer, generator
  • Plan, conferenced workshops seminars to train on job creation, training opportunities for local small entrepeneurial spirit, 
  • JRCCA team Met with mayor of Meta and planned visit to bring local women from the villages to attend JRFIUSA Leadership economic summit in Tyrone, GA, USA, Purpose is to teach them how to fish, 
  • Provided education assistance  to 10 volunters who attended and participated at the JRCCA Workshop at the JRCCA HQ.
  •  Our plan is to reach out to more than 28 villages  to help provide  access to basic sanitation and safe water  with improved hygiene  in disadvantaged households, schools and churches, markets places and JRCCA center.
  • Met with local Mayor of Meta and invited her to chair our major project that will resulte in  municipalities.
  • Invited expert to come and conduct HIV/AIDS education and training.  The first phase of the  of thiis programme started of the launching of the basic health and sanitation training program on July 11, 2018 by Will, Comfort, Richard , Tito, and Ruth that demonstrates increased household demand for  basic health and sanitation services, increasing access to these services will  improving hygiene practices. The second phase focuses on advocacy, support, and sharing of resources to sustainably scale up successful approaches,event plan for August 11, 2018. Work is going on great.
Women's Rights begins with education and awareness
Women's Rights begins with education and awareness
JRCCA Executive Director teaching kids at center
JRCCA Executive Director teaching kids at center
JRCCA Construction and renovation committee plans
JRCCA Construction and renovation committee plans
JulyHealth and Sanitation Training conducted at HQ
JulyHealth and Sanitation Training conducted at HQ
identified source of drinking water
identified source of drinking water


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