Nov 12, 2018

Maya Childcare, Inc. Fall Update

Dear Friend:

On behalf of all of the children, staff and parents of the Maya Childcare Project, we want to thank you for your generosity in supporting Maya Childcare, Inc. We hope that you enjoy seeing the impact you are having and reading the stories of the children you are helping!

The children have been busy over the last several months. They celebrated Guatemalan Independence Day with a presentation and party with their families. The children prepared a dance, sang songs and dressed in traditional clothing.  Parents and children also shared with each other thoughts about how they can make their community better.

One of the children that we met when we visited earlier this year was Antoni Alexander.  Antoni is a 2-year-old boy who lives with his mom and maternal grandmother. His mom works in a Tortilla Shop and earns her living by whatever she makes day to day.  Before coming to the Center, Antoni tried to keep out of the way at work with his mom. The caring attention of adults, the friendship of other children, nutritious meals, and inspiring opportunities to learn through play have allowed him to grow and develop beautifully.

Antoni shares with others, eats well, and enjoys learning with the other children.  He is friendly and loves everything about being at the Center.  His mom tells us that she now has a much more friendly child, who is able to adapt to many situations.

Thank you again for your support that provides these children with a safe environment in which to learn, grow, share nutritious food and play together.

With all of love and continued thanks,

Barrie, Rachael, Zoe

Antoni Alexander Celebrating his 2nd Birthday
Antoni Alexander Celebrating his 2nd Birthday
Aug 27, 2018

Maya Childcare, Inc. Summer Update

Dear Friends:

Thank you, again, for your generosity in supporting Maya Childcare, Inc.  We hope that you enjoy reading about how your contribution helps these amazing children!

The children and families have been busy in the past few months.  Please see all of the beautiful pictures from a recent family celebration!

One of the children that we met when Rachael, Zoe and I visited this past year was Erika, a two year old girl. She's daughter of Antonia, a single mother with 3 children, who works selling second-hand clothes.  She lives with her two older brothers in a rented house in the outskirts of the city. When Erika entered this year to the Acorn Childcare, in the first days she stayed at the nursery and had a difficult time adjusting - as most children do when they enter a new environemnt.  Within a few days, she was playing with new friends, getting involved in activities with other children and with the teachers.  Erika loves to learn and enjoys water color painting using a brush, drawing and cutting paper.  Erika's mother is grateful because now she can go out and devote herself to her business without being worried about the Erika's health and nutrition.  At first Erika did not eat what was served in the dining room, but now she is enjoying every meal time. Erika, during her time attending Acorn Childcare Center, has gained weight and height and her mother is happy that she is growing stronger.  She has become an integral part of the group and loves participating with her friends and teachers.

Check out the beautiful pictures below.  Thank you, again, for your continued support.

With gratitude, Barrie, Rachael and Zoe

Jun 8, 2018

Life Changing Pre-school Update

Centro Infantil Bellota (The Acorn Childcare Center), in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala has served 20 children this spring.  We have continued to provide our children with a rich early learning experience, breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks daily and provide a supportive and loving environment for children and their families.   Every month, we also hold a conference for parents so that families can incorporate what their children are learning at school in their home lives.

Monthly/Weekly Learning Theme

Every week, we have a different learning theme to deepen and enrich the children's learning about the world around them.  This past week, the children were able to get to know and taste a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. They each asked when learning about a new fruit – “Are we going to try it today?” They were excited to taste and share them, and to tell their friends about the fruit or vegetables that they have at home.  They had a lot of fun preparing a fruit salad. Each child contributed by bringing a particular fruit with them that day. They each told their friends what fruit they had brought, and they all tasted it. Then they worked together to prepare the fruit and combine it into a fruit salad that they all shared, enjoying the results of their combined efforts.

They each gave a short presentation about a fruit and vegetable using some materials that they prepared at home with their parents. This activity really helps to develop the children’s confidence speaking in front of the group, and helps them to express themselves well.  

Wednesday 25 March, we had our Summer Celebration.  It was a wonderful activity with warm water in the sunshine. The children were able to play with balls and splash in the water, which they really love.  As an additional celebration, we set up a projector inside the Centre showed the movie, "Penguins of Madagascar" on a big screen. Going to a cinema is too expensive for their families and they really enjoyed having a movie shown in the Center as a special treat.

Profile of a New Student

Eliza started with us on 17 March. She was abandoned by her mother, who struggles with drug addiction and works as a prostitute. Her mother is thought to be in Mexico now. The woman who cared for her for 9 months after her mother left her then brought her to the government’s court system because she could no longer provide for her. The Court placed her with a foster family - the Mérida González family – who have welcomed her into their family so that she does not have to go to an orphanage in Peten.  She is loved and cared for in her new home. She took a little while to adjust to coming to the Centre, but soon began to play with the toys. She still always seeks the help and support of the teachers or other adults in whatever activity she is doing and likes a lot of comfort and affection. She likes adults to help feed her at meal times. During the two months that she has been at the Centre so far, she has begun to play with friends though she still struggles to share toys. Her favorite time is snack time because she loves the fruit that she is given. She also enjoys art activities – painting, coloring, cutting and sticking, and using play dough.

We are very grateful for all of the support of our donors.  You have made it possible for our children to learn and grow in a loving and nurturing environment.  Thank you so much!

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