Mar 8, 2019

Visit to Guatemala and the Acorn Childcare Center

This past month, my family and I travelled to Guatemala to visit the Acorn Childcare Center with two other families. It was a profoundly moving experience for all of us.  As always, we were touched by the warmth, openess and friendship of the children and families at the Center. 

One of the children, Millie, aged 9, who went on the trip with her family gave this beautiful report on her return.  I thought our community of supporters would like to hear about her experience.

From Millie:

"We did so many amazing things in Guatemala. We saw tall volcanoes and steep cliffs and deep lakes. We saw how to turn little red berries into hot cups of coffee, how to turn bitter cocoa beans into rich, sweet chocolate, and how to turn cotton on a tree into a colorful scarf. But the most amazing thing we saw were the children at the child care center, and the people who take care of them. 

I made friends at the center, especially two little girls named Valeska and Monce. They are so cute and so happy, which is kind of amazing because they are also very poor. Often the children’s whole families live in a home that is half the size of my room. Some of the children, like Valeska, have no one to care for them. All of the families live on less than three dollars per day.

But the teachers at the child care center play with the children and feed the children and teach the children and love the children and support their parents and families too. It really changes their lives.

And it changed our lives too. Because now we want to do everything we can to help Valeska and Monce and all the children at that center......and I hope you will too."

Thank-you for all the love and support you give! 

With love and thanks,

Rachael Rhude, Founder

Jan 15, 2019

2018 HIghlights from Maya Childcare, Inc.

Dear Friends:

Through 2018, with your help, we were able to make a life-changing difference to children and families in Guatemala. This support included:

  • Offering healthy, homemade meals that provided both good nutrition and nurturing care for children.
  • Ensuring children received the medical attention they need
  • Giving children a safe, caring, inspiring environment in which to play and learn together.
  • Using the High/Scope early years program to ensure a very high standard of preschool learning and social development.
  • Informing parents about the needs of their children and the value of regular meals, a healthy diet, sufficient sleep, opportunities for play, and plenty of positive attention.
  • Giving parents encouragement, confidence, and personal resources so they can enjoy more fulfilling relationships with their children.
  • Providing additional professional psychological support for families dealing with particular trauma.
  • Maintaining a strong, supportive and effective staff team and a positive work environment.
  • Setting children up for success in their ongoing education by ensuring that they graduated in good physical health, with confidence in themselves andempathy for others, and with excellent learning skills.

We are so grateful for your part in this and look forward to continuing to work together to achieve similar success in 2019!

With love and gratitude, 

Rachael, Barrie, Zoe and Omar

Dec 4, 2018

Helping One Mother At a Time

Brenda and her son, Daniel
Brenda and her son, Daniel

Dear Friends:

We are so grateful for your support for Maya Childcare. This support strengthens children and families as they take on the challenges of extreme poverty and violence in Guatemala. 
We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about one mother who has benefitted from your support.  Brenda first came to the Center when she was 19 years old with her baby, Bryan and two year old daughter, Nayeli.    She had been in an abusive relationship which she was able to leave with the help of staff at the Center and enter a new relationship, only to have her husband killed by the violence that plague's Guatemala.
Brenda’s family was left in a state of crisis, both emotionally and financially. The Acorn Childcare Center was again there to support them.  Her third child, Daniel, aged two, came to the Center very malnourished.  He was given the medical attention he needed and regular nourishing food. He also received the care and attention of loving adults, the friendship of other children, and a safe place to play. He was helped to work through some of his fear and loss. Brenda found work selling books to support her family, and she felt encouraged and supported in her parenting.
Brenda found at the Center the kind of safe and caring environment she wanted for her children and she has worked very hard to create that in her own home. Nayeli and Brayan are doing well in school. Daniel is affectionate and fun-loving. He is learning and growing. The family is not just surviving, but thriving.  Brenda is enormously relieved and extremely grateful for having a safe and supportive community to help her raise her children.
Your support can be a lifeline for families facing poverty and violence. Thank-you. 
We continue to be grateful for your on-going contributions!
With all of our love and appreciation,

Rachael, Barrie, Zoe

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