Dec 2, 2019

In Haiti: The Giving That Keeps On Giving!

Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends and supporters.  To all others, today is an opportunity to count our blessings and you are certainly among them!  Thank you for supporting us and making our work possible.


Today's report is simple as we are wrapping up Leve Kanpe and about to launch our Community Dreams Building Campaign.  Your support, your donation keeps on giving!  We've set up the program in such a way that community residents who had received our help, turn around and help others by giving some of their animal offspring or helping others with their seedlings.  Yes, you've helped to create a wonderful circle of giving that continues to make our communities stronger.


Life is complicated these days not just in Haiti but for all of us around the world.  Sometimes, we wonder about our lives.  Today, if you wonder and if for some reason, you question your life, know that somehow, you've helped to support not just hundreds of people, but communities that keep on giving.  We hope that you will continue to support our work through our Community Dreams Building Campaign coming soon on GlobalGiving!

 A heartfelt thank you to you!


Warmest regards,


Marie-Rose on behalf of ESPWA and the Haiti Community Foundation Network and the Haiti Communities that we serve.

Aug 30, 2019

Last Step & Next Steps- Journey of Hope for Haiti

Thank you for being part of our journey... We couldn't have made it without you, our donors, our supporters, our believers!  We hope that you will continue to be part of our journey.

On August 11, 2019, our partner the Haiti Community Foundation wrapped up Leve Kanpe’s participatory self-sufficiency grants projects with ASOFAD (Base-Voldrogue),ACDEG (Fond-Rouge Dayère) & RKJL (Moron)-In case you are wondering, these organizations are three grassroots community partners of ours located in areas that didn’t get any support after Hurricane Matthew.

We helped to distribute roosters to residents (about 100% of farm animals had been killed by the hurricane in these areas!)

With your support--What we did right:

-We asked communities about their priorities (seeds, animals & housing)

-We supported the most vulnerable

-We built the program with them

-We reinforced their capacity as they Identified their challenges (program & financial management) ---

-They contributed


We’re deeply thankful for you, our Circle of  Believers who understand that effective sustainable development can only be achieved when communities lead themselves...

What’s next:

A Community Dreams Building Fund with local & international support.

Community foci:


*Education & Training

*Access to Water

*Collaborative development financing and  community philanthropy




Jun 3, 2019

Community Development #Haiti-"1st, you need love"

We can never thank you enough for your support.  Your support of Leve Kanpe has helped hundreds of families that faced complete devastation and no hope to get back on their feet and "see the light".  THANK YOU!!

The photos we're sharing portray some community residents that have participated in our program.  They are proudly showing the results of their efforts (new chicks, goats with their offspring...)  This is not to be taken for granted.  Too many programs of this kind (worldwide) don't succeed because organizations don't provide the "right support".  What's the point of giving animals to families if they (the animals) end up dying?  Right?

With the support of the Inter-American Foundation, our main International supporter in this initiative, we talked to other programs before developing this one.  Vaccination was one needed element as well as animal care training and follow-up.  Obviously, the quality of the animals given was part of the equation!  It takes attention to detail, it takes follow-up, management and... yes, love.

Antoni Gaudi, a famous Spanish architect stated that: "To do things right, first you need love, then technique."  He's so right!  You need to care; you need to come from a place of "love”!

As we're wrapping up this project, we're looking at continuing to support the communities and groups we've helped through other forms of support that "they have identified".  For example, many have a collective fund that they have built to support their progress.  We're looking at helping to reinforce their capacity by providing forms and training that they need to advance these self-financing structures.  They are called "solidarites mutuelles" "Mutual Solidarities".  These community-driven self-financing mechanisms are a fantastic strategy for sustainable development.  The political situation of the country may be worrisome, but if communities find a way to get stronger and more self-sufficient.  There you go!  There is hope, there's a pathway toward a better future.  

Thank you again for your support.  Please stay interested! Stay involved, as we keep working with communities on building a pathway toward a future for Haiti.  Watch for our next campaign!


In solidarity,

The Haiti Community Foundation Network on behalf of the Haitian communities that we serve

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