Sep 11, 2020

In Haiti, Justice=Education + Access 2 Services!

Training Community Health Workers
Training Community Health Workers

The Power of Together- on May 14, we took a leap of faith & decided that, together, we would raise the $5,000 we need to support our Covid-19 Haiti Campaign by May 29! By May 17, we’d raised $2,000 thanks to the support of #Haitians & friends of #Haiti.  We have raised most of our funds for our community outreach and education campaign THANKS TO YOU!!!  Mèsi anpil, anpil!  Thank you very very much!  The donations that you made helped us to complement the grant that we had received from the Global Fund for Community Foundations to address our communities’ needs.  We couldn’t have made it without you!

We had 62 #community organizers deployed in places that are truly left behind. People were incredulous and thankful that someone actually cares. However, some photos we can’t post. Too much misery! We took note and promised ourselves that we’ll be back to help,

Before sending out our community organizers on the field, we trained them in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health.  Members of our network also provided additional training in data collection and community outreach.  Because of social distancing requirements, we ended up having several training sessions- a subtantial commitment of time from our network.

Dozens of volunteers put together health kits to distribute to what ended up tens of thousands of community residents. There are days when volunteers worked overnight.  What was in the kits? Supplies like masks, soap, disinfectant that are often inaccessible to residents of remote communities.  We also made sure to tell them that they should make their own masks as our message is consistent about our people's ability to "help themselves"...Perhaps the most precious resource that we offered was information about the virus and simple ways of preventing them.

“Bon Dye a beni w” community residents said to our community health outreach members... “God will bless you” As more Haitians died from Covid-19, our Campaign 4 Community Justice was more critical to prevention than ever! #HaitiansHelpingHaitians.  When we asked community residents if they had heard from government or other organizations about the Coronavirus, they said no.

We worked with a network of community representatives on our outreach.  One representative/a member of the Council of Administration of the Communal Section (CASEC) gave our Health Outreach Leader 32 masks to distribute to community residents. For us, it wasn’t just an act of support, it was a symbol of the trust that we had managed to build with local government representatives.  A badge of honor!

We set up a WhatsApp chat for our community organizers that many members of our network supported.  The kind of questions we received daily differed. Examples of questions to Dr.Lafortune, Regional VP one morning : “Was a lactating mother who had ben sick with Covid but had recovered supposed to continue breastfeeding her child? Should she get tested?”  No easy questions... doing thngs well is never easy. No quick fix! And commitment is required.

What’s next?  Addressing the harmful economic crisis that Covid-19 has created ias well as solidifying public health practices that will help prevent other health crises.  Our next campaign is coming soon!  We hope that you will continue to join us in supporting Haiti and Haitian communities!

Thank you again on behalf of the Haitian communities that we serve!

ESPWA and The Haiti Community Foundation/Fondatin Communautaire Haitienne-Espwa

Volunteers Putting Hygiene Kits Together
Volunteers Putting Hygiene Kits Together
Outreach to Communities
Outreach to Communities
More Outreach To Communities
More Outreach To Communities
Field Tracking
Field Tracking
Reaching Out To Families
Reaching Out To Families


May 28, 2020

Moving Forward 4 Haiti Community Justice!

Dear Friends,

Before we do anything, we would like to thank you once again for your support, your donations, your comments on our reports... your solidarity.

What are we doing now in the age of Covid-19?  First, we have launched a Fighting Covid-19 in Haiti 4 Community Justice Campaign which aims at community outreach, support and prevention in rural Haiti. We're targeting 19 sections communales/19 villages in 5 communes/counties that have the least institutional support in the Grand'Anse, our Pilot Region which is critical for Haiti's agriculture, food security and environment.  Here's the link if you haven't seen it and if you'd like to support us.

Please check it out and spread the word!

Also, as you may know, the political crisis in Haiti had already negatively impacted the country.  Humanitarian agencies had estimated that one is three Haitians were suffering from food insecurity.  The Covid-19 pandemic is just adding to the misery of our communities.  For us, it is very much an ECONOMIC CRISIS as much as a public health one.  We are exploring projects to help community residents generate revenues, ward off food insecurity and malnutrition, and move forward with their lives.  Please keep an eye for our next campaign which will be focusing on mitigating the staggering the economic impact of Covid-19 on our communities and families.

Thank you, thank you again and again for having helped us to work with our communities to get 1000s of community residents and families back on their feet after Hurricane Matthew.  We are so grateful for your support!!!

Warmest regards,

Marie-Rose Romain Murphy (on behalf of the Haiti Community Foundation and the communities that we serve!)

Servant Leader

Feb 26, 2020

Haiti:Invest In L-Term Community-Led Solutions!

Dear Friends of Haiti and Haiti Supporters:

We are never tired of thanking you on behalf of our communities.  Your support matters!  Our work grows even more critical and essential as Haiti's political situation continues to be volatile.  We CANNOT afford to regress.  Even as we struggle with the negative impact of the country's politics on Haiti's economic situation and on the day to day lives of our brothers and sisters, we refuse to give up!

Leve Kanpe is continuing to have an impact as it has created a "sharing" economy where community residents who benefited from our programs (from farm animals to replanting and house repairs) are helping others per program requirement.  This feature of our program reflects Haitian traditions of "entre aide" and "Konbit" or community support and coming together to solve community issues.

Please watch for our upcoming Community Dreams Fund campaign focused on supporting the economic empowerment of the Haitian communities that we served.  We have also been working on securing long-term funding from our long-term funders and donors.  Please, do consider becoming one of our monthly donors.  Every monthly donation contributes to the reinforcement of our capacity to serve Haitian communities better.

In solidarity!

ESPWA and the Haiti Community Foundation Network on behalf of the Haitian Communities that we serve

P.S. We are attaching three links to articles for your review. One is from Devex describing some of the challenges international organizations are facing in Haiti.  We are an organization of Haitians with local roots and identity, but the article does describe some of the contextual challenges.

Another article is from the Global Fund for Community Foundations. We made a presentation at their Global Forum in London that resonated with many participants.  We were touched that our story is inspiring global and local leaders!

The third article is one from Candid (a merged entity combining the Council on Foundations and Guidestar).  In this article, we question the nature of philanthropy and address the need to acknowledge the giving that each and every one of us "common" people do.  


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