Aug 30, 2021

Seeds of Change & Hope 4 Haiti's Communities

Dear Friend,

I want to thank you for always investing in us and for helping #HaitiansHelpingHaitians!  Your support helps us make a difference for Haitian communities as we work WITH them and FOR them.

I want to tell you about the "good news' first and the seeds of change and hope that you have helped us spread.  We are sharing a lot of photos, because photos sometimes speak louder than words.  

We've worked over the past few months with 13 community organizations on various initiatives see list below and a map in the photos showing where they are.  Our goal (as always) is to implement community chosen projects that help them achieve self-sufficiency.  Call us a catalyst.  Call us a true partner as we work with groups, learn from them, with them and support their goals in various ways from money, linkages, training and validation.We're building community and building nation.

Groups have leveraged the increased demand in ginger and honey (items in demand because of COVID-19 as they are immunity boosters)  to plant ginger and set up beehives.  Goats are always on demand. We make sure that groups get them vaccinated and tagged as they are not tied down in our communities but rather wander around.  Agriculture is always a major piece because, after all, although grossly under financed, it is Haiti's most prominent sector.  We are finally working both on the support of the development of Mutuelles Solidarites (a collective community financing platform that gives access to financing to those who usually don't have it), and on the development of a network of these Mutuelles also called MUSOs.

 Now friend, there are also plenty of bad news.  I am sure that you know about the murder of the President that threw Haiti in a tailspin.  On top of it, we also experienced the 2021 Earthquake which greatly impacted the Grand'Anse.  There are thousands dead, thousands of homes destroyed and altogether, overwhelming needs.  We've mobilized and have been meeting these needs.  This and also the recovery and reconstruction are and will be our focus.  We've set up a campaign on GlobalGiving to address the earthquake that we sincerely hope that you will consider supporting.  We are closing this one.  Yes, we continue to fight for community and there will be another campaign soon enough to focus on the reconstruction of our communities.



Yours, in solidarity,


P.S. Before the Earthquake and after President Moise's murder, we started a series of webinars featuring Haitian Leaders talking about their vision, perspectives and initatives for transforming Haiti.  It's been well received, and we're continuing it even as we are stretched by our disaster response efforts.  Now, more than ever, it's critical that the world hears from Haitian leaders and that we have our say and lead the way. 



Liste des OCB partenaires de la FCH-Espwa




Type Initiative


Mothers Club-Espwa Fanmi Dayiti



Mutuelle Solidarité


l’Organisation Corvée Planteurs Grand’Anse



Mutuelle Solidarité


Asosyasyon Fanm pou Avansman Dèchan



Mutuelle Solidarité


Rassemblement des Patriotes Abricots-Bonbon





Aksyon Fanm Bonbon



Elevage caprins


l’Organisation pour le Développement et d’Intégration

Pour une Nouvelle Vie de la Grand’Anse



Agriculture / Environnement


Konbit Peyizan Gran-Vensan



Elevage caprins


l’Òganizasyon Fanm Devwe Gòlbotin





Organisation des Citoyens pour le Développement de Beaumont



Route agricole (secondaire)


Femmes Coopératives Commerciales Agricoles Coordonnées de Bellance



Elevage caprins


Gwoupman Fanm Pa Chita





Asosyasyon Travayè Peyizan Fondikak



Processus en cours


Groupement des Femmes Progressistes Pour l’Avancement de Corail



Processus en cours


Mouvement des Jeunes Pour Le Développement de Champy



Processus en cours


Rassemblement des Valeurs Pour l’Avancement Communautaire



Processus en cours


Coopérative de Production, Commercialisation de Denrées



Processus en cours


Rassemblement des Citoyens Organisés de la Grand ’Anse



Processus en cours


Rezo Òganizasyon Pwodiktè Pwodiktris Agrikòl Grandans




Apr 30, 2021

Why We Fight for Haiti & What We do

Dear Friends,

First and foremost, we want to THANK YOU for your support.  Be assured that it makes all the difference in the world.  First we want to tell you WHY WE FIGHT FOR HAITI.  Then, we will tell you what we are working on with our community partners.  Our work is directly benefiting over 2,000 community residents in rural Haiti.


The constant socio-political crises in Haiti and the turmoil they cause have caused the international community and many of our country’s loyal Diaspora to give up on Haiti.  Too many including those living in the country have expressed a sense of hopelessness about the situation of Haiti. 

 We, at ESPWA and the Haiti Community Foundation refuse to give up and we continue to fight. The million-dollar question is why?

 We fight for the local leaders, the “poto mitan”/supporting beams that keep our communities alive at the cost of their own health.  You will find them in every community.  They are the go to people who will seek solutions and provide advice and support for everyone (for the collective, not just themselves!)

 We fight for communities that are left behind in terms of health care, access to basic services and capital. We fight for our communities that still believe in “peyi”/country even though too much of the country’s resources are concentrated on Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital and too few people benefit from these scarce resources that need to be spread around to benefit “our people and communities”

We fight finally for our children who deserve a better country and a better future that we should all be building for them.  We don’t’ want ‘charity’ for them that leads to dependency. We want fair access to opportunities to not just meet their needs but also to realize their dreams. 

Haiti is our country and our motherland.  One doesn’t give up on one’s homeland.  One fights for it.


We are working with 11 local organizations and associations.  They determine what their communities need and we work with them on giving them the financial and technical support that they need. 

Some of them are working agriculture with a focus on climate change.  Coffee for example has been very affected by climate change.  Some of them are working on Mutuelle Solidarités which are community collective financing programs.  These programs are essential and critical for community development as many don't have access to capital. and if they do, it's at an exorbitant cost (36% interest rate or more).  One community group is working on improving on community access as their community is located in an area which is cut off from the rest of the region.  They are working on a road together.  The impact of this road is tantamount as it means access to markets, access to health care, water etc.  A couple of groups are working on goat farming.

In brief: WITH YOUR SUPPORT, we are meeting self-identified community needs: the formula to effective and sustainable development.

Below, please find the list of our community partners for now (yes, we have a waiting list!):

Mothers Club-Espwa Fanmi Dayiti, MC-EFADA in Jérémie, L’Organisation Corvée Planteurs Grand’Anse OCPGA ; Asosiyasyon Fanm pou Avansman Dèchan ASOFAD in Jérémie (working on Mutuelle Solidarité).

Rassemblement des Patriotes Abricots-Bonbon RAPAB Bonbon Agriculture Aksyon Fanm Bonbon AFAB in Bonbon  working on Elevage caprins/goat farming

LOrganisation pour le Développement et d’Intégration Pour une Nouvelle Vie de la Grand’Anse ODINOVGA in Roseaux working on Agriculture / Environment

Konbit Peyizan Gran-Vensan KPGV in Roseaux Elevage caprins/goat farming

l’Òganizasyon Fanm Devwe Gòlbotin OFDG in Roseaux working in Agriculture/Stockage

Organisation des Citoyens pour le Développement de Beaumont OCIDEB in Beaumont  working on Route agricole (secondaire)- road.

Femmes Coopératives Commerciales Agricoles Coordonnées de Bellance FCOCACB Beaumont and Gwoupman Fanm Pa Chita GFPC in Beaumont working in Agriculture.

None of this would be possible without your support.

Thank you! Mési anpil!

The Haiti Community Foundation Network on behalf of the communities that we serve

P.S Last but not least, we are working a group of young artists in the Grand’Anse to raise community residents’ awareness about the need to be vigilant about COVID-19!  They worked on the formulation of the project with each of the communes.


Jan 4, 2021

Beyond Covid-19- Fight 4 Haiti's Communities

Dear Friend,

On behalf of Haiti's communities that we serve, THANK YOU for your support.   We are not kidding when we say that we could NOT have done it without your support.  We also want to let you know what's next for us as (unfortunately!) our work with Haiti's communities is not done.

In March 2020, Covid-19 brought the world to its knees.  In Haiti, where public health systems are grossly inadequate and water is only accessible to a minority, fear spread like a wildfire. Soon thereafter, ESPWA and the Haiti Community Foundation led a community mobilization and health education campaign that reached over 60,000 community residents in rural communities in the Grand’Anse in Haiti (key for food security and the environment) by providing critical information, masks, soap, disinfectants and helping to control fear and mitigating the impact on people suspected to carry the virus.

Fortunately, the coronavirus was not as devastating as most had feared. Unfortunately, its impact on the economy of the country and its local communities was staggering, as a vast majority of workers depending on daily wages had to curtail their activities. In a country whose economy was already weakened by political instability and the resulting divestment, Covid’s economic impact outweighed its infection rate’s impact. Extreme hunger, adult and children’s malnutrition were the debilitating results.


Fight for community WITH community to support farmers and community residents regain their footing and continue to reach self-sufficiency.


  • Invest in agricultureby providing seeds, training related to climate change and land/crop management to small farmers
  • Invest in economic growthby supporting Local Mutuelles Solidaritésthat are community cooperative financing platforms providing both participants ownership and affordable interest rates (with interest rates of 36% a year or thereabout, most microloan programs are prohibitive to farmers and micro-business owners).
  • Develop with women’s organizations a soap making small business initiative and a community storethat can support income generation, promote good hygiene practices and create long-term sustainable revenues for community members and their families.
  • Work with local universities such as L’Université de Jérémie to involve college students in our community work and develop their leadership potential.

As is our practice, we will put a special emphasis on the most vulnerable members of our communities (single mothers, pregnant women, the disabled and the elderly).  We will also favor collaborations with women groups that are well anchored in their “sections communales”/villages and communities.   

Our goal for 2020-2021 is to raise $50,000 from local and international friends and supporters.  Every dollar we raise will provide a match to a grant from the Inter-American Foundation to the Haiti Community Foundation.  What is at stake? A fight to go beyond hunger, beyond survival, beyond resilience. Our commitment: to support community families’ modest dreams of food security and hopes for self-sufficiency and a better future to their children.



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