Mar 26, 2021

I am confident to live without any dependency

Keerthi* was 16 year old who is from Vaddera community living in Ongole. Her father is Narayana and her mother is Raji. Her father is a Lorry driver. Her mother was a domestic servant works at different houses. Keerthi stopped after 9th class and her brother studying in 6th class. Her father used to quarrel with her mother daily. He goes on trips often by his lorry and only stays for a week in a month at home.

Personal background:

Keerthistudied till middle of 7th class in Chimakurthy. Family transferred to Ongole. In the second line of the same area, she again joined in 7th class in local public school and she completed the same. She happened to approach one of the teachers to continue her studies as the school didn’t permit her to study further with them because of her inability in paying school fee. The teacher helped for her books and promised higher education but demanded more money. Her brother was also studying in same school. But her parents never valued her right to get educated due to their continuous engagement in their personal clashes always.

Her father had some issues related to lorry license and often attends police stations. Her mother was in extra marital relation with someone in fact which led to the transfer of the family to Ongole from Chimakurthy. He often beat her and made mess. After reaching Ongole her mother slowly joined in Prostitution per getting more money through her lover. Keerthi loves education and she wanted to study further in fact. She joined 8th class but dropped due to her mother not accepted to pay school fees.

Meanwhile her brother needed Rs.21, 000 to pay towards his school fee. She couldn’t find a way. At that time, she got a friend by name Madhavi. She asked her to visit someone who pays her the amount. The same way, she got five thousand for the first time. She went to them whenever they needed her company till she got that full amount to pay for her brother’s fee. After realizing the issue, even Keerthi’s mother too sends her out to high profile people to earn more money. Keerthi’s father had never bothered the family and his children. In his absence, mother used to do prostitution business directly at home involving her daughter. The days were going on and once the police have rescued the girl in a guest house at her 16 years age. She was produced before court and was referred to Asha Sadan home. Her mother got arrested.

Current Status:

She get basic needs, trauma counseling and to learn skill training as part of rehabilitation services. Now she completed + 2 class through distention open school and is now appearing intermediate exams (+2 final year) in this May 2021. She got trained in dress designing, jute bag making, tailoring and preparing bakery items. Now she could enjoy the joyful days she is being spent in shelter home and accelerating a step forward towards a bright light of her life because of your immense support. She is confident with enough courage to live on her own without any dependency with a great support by the ‘GlobalGiving’ with its donor who supported her for a great positive change in her life.

We will let you know the further progress. Thanks a lot for your Support in Changing lives of victims of human trafficking.  

* Keerthi’s identity has been changed to protect her and to keep her safe

Feb 1, 2021

Addressing Malnutrition and food during COVID

Ration Distribution
Ration Distribution

The bitter impact of COVID 19 pandemic outbreak was indeed verse to severe on the lives of Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs) while having distressed the lives of all categories of the marginalized people among many other vulnerable families and communities.

Loss of work during the pandemic saw rampant mass migrations from Red Light Areas(RLAs). In Delhi’s GB road where there were many a number of sex workers from Andhra Pradesh, at one point, over 60% of the sex workers had to resort to returning home.But it was completely against to their will and wish due to the deep-rooted stigma and discrimination in and around their families and communities. In this context, HELP undertook a needs assessment study with sex workers in the state of Andhra Pradesh to understand the below issues:

  • Disruptions caused by COVID in their lives
  • Awareness, willingness, and past experience with alternative livelihood opportunities
  • Current levels of access to and agency towards key services to gauge their readiness to initiate a transition

The findingsfrom the study reveals that, there was worsened financial difficulties identified by the sex workers as the foremost challenge posed by COVID as 100% respondents reported a reduction in their monthly earnings, ranging from 33% - 100% fall in income, 62% reported borrowing from informal sources, 88% reported having no alternative source of income and 61% never heard of alternate livelihood opportunities. The novel coronavirus has exacerbated the challenges of sex workers making them even more marginalized and vulnerable today. The sex workers compelled to live on debts with extreme high interest rates which in fact very far beyond their capacities.

  • Hike in average interest rate from 7% to 12% for recurring debt in red light areas before and after lockdown
  • Larger loans were given to older and more trusted CSWs which constitute about 45% of the CSWs living in RLAs
  • While for majors, average earnings are around between INR 7,000/- to 10,000/- p.m., for minors, average earnings were around INR 15,000/-p.m.

In this context of extreme pathetic circumstances of sex workers and their children, HELP has supported them among the 10 red-lights areas (prostitution localities) covering 3 districts (Prakasam, Guntur & Krishna dist.) of AndhraPradesh – India through GlobalGiving support to protect themselves and their children from contracting COVID 19 through creating enough awareness on COVID 19 preventive measures and protocols as well as distributing the hygiene kit including masks,sanitizers, sanitary napkins and soaps and so on.

HELP also involved the community based organisation called VIMUKTHI – collectivization of sex workers and victims of human trafficking for identification of real beneficiaries and distribution of food material in their prostitution localities.

In addition, the project has extended its services to enable the beneciaries to cope-up with the challenges being faced from the trauma and distress conditions. Because, they were unable to access with work and wages tosurvive their families at least with food and basic amenities. Besides, providing thesupport to lead a normal life with food and basic amenities for the women inprostitution, the project has provided psycho-social support services that enabledthem to have mental strength and courage with condence on their further life. Overall, there is a good behavioral change observed among the beneciaries insafeguarding themselves and their children from COVID 19 as a result of thisproject.

The concrete results from the project are as follows:

-          The project accomplished that, 125 families of the women in prostitution and their children have been able to face the challenges that they experienced during pre- and post-lock down circumstances.

-          Distribution of food materials (Edibles) to 125 families on the occasions of   among the women in sex work at 10 Prostitution localities of Prakasam, Guntur and Krishna districts while extending knowledge and guidance to cope up with the challenges of malnutrition for their children.

-          We have provide 15 android mobile phones to 15 children of sex workers who are studying 10th and + 2 through online classes for continuing their education purpose.

-          The target beneficiaries have been accessed with safety hygiene kit including the masks and sanitizers that helps the women in prostitution and their children to be protected from contracting the virus.

-          We have distributed 500 sanitary pads to 125 families.

-          We have conducted one to one and one to two counseling sessions to the community people through mental health experts.

-          The target beneficiaries of women in prostitution and their children got awareness on preventive measures and protocols of COVID 19 enforced by the Government like hand washing, maintaining physical distance, wearing masks and so on.

-          The target beneficiaries who have been participated in awareness programmes in turn shared the learning with many other people among communities who have not been directly participated.

For instance, *Sarada is suffering anemic and vitamin deficiency where she is not in a position to feed her 3 months old baby at least with her motherly milk. She has been provided with good knowledge through this project on effectiveness of possible low-cost nutritious food like green leaf vegetables, jaggery and groundnut, egg and milk and so on. She has built with enough courage and confidence that she could feed her baby better than earlier with improved nutritional values through changed dietary practices.

These services we provided to this sex workers community, and so many children of sex workers, were only possible because of your support. Thank you for giving support to the sex workers and their children and helping them get through this difficult year.

*An alias name and stock photo are being used to protect the security.

Mental Health services
Mental Health services
Sanitizors and Masks Distribution
Sanitizors and Masks Distribution
Sanitary Napkins distribution
Sanitary Napkins distribution
Dry ration distribution
Dry ration distribution
Nov 24, 2020

I wish to become a soft ware engineer


Name: *Mitta Chandini, 12 years

Education: 7th standard

Address:  Sivaprasad Colony, Narasarao pet, Guntur Dist

Chandini is the daughter of Mrs. Begum belongs to Muslim religion got inter cast love marriage 14 years ago to a person from Hindu community named as Mahesh. He is a Auto driver. Since they got love marriage, there acquired no support from their parents background in terms socio-economic as well as moral support. They started living on their own and surviving on little earning of Mahesh and are meeting family expenses suppressing their dreams and desires.

They have given birth to girl and boy children who are Chandini and her younger brother Sagar. After few years of their life journey, Chandni’s father is started perverting and gradually became a drunkard leaving aside his ethical responsibilities being a bread winner of family. Further, he started harassing his wife Begum both physical and psychologically. After having disgusted with his intolerable behaviour, she started as domestic worker to meet family expenses while holding the responsibility of her children. She was lured by different brothel agents whom she believed innocently. She was cheated everywhere. Having no alternative, she involved in sex work as she is unable justify her family with meagre income as a domestic labour. Begum says that “though I am suffering mentally and physically to fulfil my motherhood, my dream is to see my girl in a good position with enough dignity and respect”. As she lost her business and her income due to the bitter effect of COVID 19 lockdown, she requested HELP to extend a helping hand to fulfil her desire towards development of her daughter Chandini as she is facing difficulty in bearing with two children.

The Girl *Chandini also such a girl who is active and interested over education she wants to achieve good position in life and expressed her desire as “I want to do my Bachelor’s degree in computer science and hold a decent job as a soft ware engineer with enough salary and career development”. They have paid my private tution fees and purchage a mobile phone for the online classes in the COVID time for prepare 7th class final examinations with the helping hand of GlobalGiving for which I would like to express my cordial gratitude”


*The names of all the girls/women have been changed to protect their identity.

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