Feb 8, 2021

You are what you eat!

You are what you eat! Have you ever heard that  one before?

Eat your vegetables and you'll grow big and strong! How many times growing up were you told that?

What if school taught us what we actually need to learn in life, instead of memorizing old facts and figures?

At Escuela Adelante. we make healthy eating an every day part of life!  

From delicious lunches with friends, cooking class with Teacher Martha, to learning about different cultures and places through food: those are a few of our favorite things students are now able to do in our new Learning Kitchen and Cafeteria/Dining Area. Thanks to the generous donations we received in 2020 through GlobalGiving, this project is 90% complete. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has given to make this nutritious dream a reality.

The food and gardening components of our school have evolved into what is now known as Growing Adelante. As board president, Growing Adelante is close to Carrie Valladare's heart. According to Carrie:

"The production, preservation and consumption of food is an experience shared by all human beings.  By deeply engaging in every stage of this process, students learn to apply science, math, reading, writing, history and social studies to something they experience every day. They also learn to honor the environment around them, from the smallest micro-organism in the soil, to the giant tree, giving shelter to shade loving plants. At Escuela Adelante, we integrate these concepts into our every day curriculum, at developmentally appropriate levels."

We still have a few finishing touches to add, but our learning kitchen is in use, as is the cafeteria. We are fortunate to be the only local school in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua with such facilities and course offerings for students. In fact, we are not aware of another school in Nicaragua which offers cooking classes which integrate all subjects and discplines in such an innovative way. So, onward and upward, students of Escuela Adelante! We are always moving forward, one veggie at a time! 

Jan 7, 2021

Back to school and marching forward

To all of our friends and supporters: THANK YOU for seeing us through 2020! We are so happy to be in 2021 with our school, our students, and the future ahead of us. We know that many children could not return to the physical classroom, and we know that it affects them academically, socially, and emotionally. Teachers around the world rock for doing incredible everyday work with their students.

Here in Nicaragua, we are starting our 2021 school year on-site again on January 18th. We follow a typical Nicaraguan calendar school year. We are excited about some new teachers, a new grade, and even two new classrooms. 

Families are continuing to register. Though these are still trying and difficult times in Nicaragua, Escuela Adelante remains a beacon of hope and a way out of poverty. We really believe in the power of education and know first-hand how it can uplift families.

Our TOEFL and College prep course will soon start back up. Our teens still dream of attending top universities and are working to one day become professional doctors, teachers, lawyers, and more. Escuela Adelante not only bridges a gap linguistically and culturally between locals and foreigners, but it is a bridge where the public school system leaves off. We provide ESL for local students who are too old to attend Adelante at this time. They depend on our school to provide an alternative, innovative education.

Our classes uplift everyone who participates, students, teachers, and parents alike. Thanks to your support we now have two new classrooms with furniture to start off the year. Did we mention they each have a Smart TV so that teachers can integrate new learning during the Covid-19 pandemic? We wouldn't want all that technical knowledge to go to waste. Every experience builds off of the last and is a learning tool for us as a school.

So thank you to all of you who also powered through 2020. Way to go, and let's keep learning and growing together. Ensure a better future for the world and donate today to Help Build a Bilingual School!

Oct 9, 2020

Building our way to a healthier lifestyle

We are making great progress on our learning kitchen and cafeteria! The kitchen is complete with two bathrooms for boys and girls. The rancho cafeteria is also complete and getting the floor installed as we speak. With a few more finishing touches, we are almost ready to use it for special events. 

In the midst of a pandemic, we have to prioritize infrastructure and were able to purchase the furniture for the rancho, thanks to donor support. One of our biggest concerns, however, remains furnishing the learning kitchen. It is estimated to cost $10,000 in total, since as a learning kitchen we need to purchase two sets of all new appliances plus tables and chairs for students.

As our student body grows, we also need to produce and prepare more food than ever before and we need the space in which to do so. We have outgrown our current kitchen and makeshift eating area. Our students are ready to take part in and learn about the production of their own food in a dynamic learning kitchen!

We are really looking forward to moving to this new space where our cook can stretch out and share wholesome, healthy foods with the children. To do that, we are reaching out to donors who have previously given to this project and are interested in helping us finish it by purchasing the kitchen supplies and furniture that we desperately need.

This project is important because it instills healthy habits from a young age. "Growing Adelante" program teaches math, social studies and sciences through cooking, canning, and cultivating as many of our own organic crops as possible at this time. We hope that over the next 5 years, nearly 100% of our snacks and lunches can be produced on our land.

Give today to join the worldwide revolution in sustainable agriculture. 

The new learning kitchen
The new learning kitchen
The new "rancho" cafeteria
The new "rancho" cafeteria


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