Jan 29, 2020

Empowering Women to Make Loiza Thrive

After two major hurricanes hit Puerto Rico in 2017, Taller Salud is focused in long-term recovery efforts, investing on 10 women leaders of the communities of Loiza. This project provided what was needed to ensure a safe home for our women and their families, guiding them through a feminist, culturally specific and trauma-informed process of establishing a successful woman-owned small-business. We invested in 10+ women with a track record of investing their time, ideas and willpower for the common good of their community.

The project helped repair the homes of 10+ local women leaders that have dedicated themselves to help others during the aftermath of the two hurricanes. The project also helped us train these women and invest the seed money to establish 10 women-owned small businesses allowing them not only to rise out of poverty and provide for their families, but also to boost the local economy of their communities.


Dec 26, 2019

40 reasons to celebrate

Keep moving!
Keep moving!

Hello friend!

We made it! Taller Salud turned 40 this past December, and its all thanks to your contributions. With your help, the Taller Salud family was able to celebrate a beautiful legacy built upon 40 years of dedicated work empowering women to transform their communities and their realities. Our participants and donors alike accompanied us at our Anniversary Gala in a celebration of hope, triumph, and life. 

We celebrated the participants that we have been fortunate enough to cross paths with. We celebrated the transformation in their lives as individuals and the impact that has had in their communities. We celebrated the homes we have been able to rebuild and those we will soon rebuild. We celebrate our history as well as the bright future that lies ahead. We celebrate the scars we have acquired throughout the years because they are a testament to our battles in favor of equality and dignity. We celebrated our recently published book "Un cuerpo propio" and the treasures that lie within.

We celebrate the initiatives and projects that we lovingly work on day in and day out. We celebrate a staff that is deeply committed to promoting equality and to rebuilding communities that hold human dignity in the highest priority level. 

As you can appreciate, we have many reasons to celebrate, but above all other reasons we might have, we celebrate you. You are the reason that we are able to help people be the best version of themselves. You are the reason we can carry out this important labor of love. You are the reason our participants have a safe home. You are the reason Taller Salud exists. So from the bottom of our collective hearts, we want to thank you for your alliance in this ongoing effort to transform the lives of women in our small coastal town of Loiza.

Thank you again and we wish you happy holidays!

Kind regards,


Dec 26, 2019

40 years and counting!

Dancing the night away at Taller Salud's Gala.
Dancing the night away at Taller Salud's Gala.

Hello friends!

Many things can happen in a span of 40 years. In a global sense, economies have changed, new countries have emerged and the internet was born. In the small coastal town of Loiza, Puerto Rico, time has left its undeniable mark as well. Taller Salud has been very busy impacting the lives of over 40,000 women by empowering them to transform their communities. This past December we celebrated the ongoing progression towards an inclusive, equality driven society and we recognized the major milestones Taller Salud has reached during that time.

Those who attended our Anniversary Gala can attest, we had a great time sharing stories of hope and triumph, tasting amazing food, laughing and overall enjoying a beautiful Caribbean night.

We were treated to spectacular musical interventions by local music icons "Giselle" and "La Tribu de Abrante". DJ Manosanta provided an amazing musical repertoire that created a festive ambiance throughout the night. The dance floor was the place to be as we saw women from all walks of life having the time of their lives, no matter what their past or present looks like. The spirit of a neverending battle against oppression and all of its manifestations unified all that were there.

One major achievement that we celebrated there was the launch of our published book, "Un Cuerpo Propio" in which we compile the history of the feminist movement from Taller Salud's perspective. The book is available to order online on Taller Salud's website, it's a must-have!

We celebrated 40 years past, we continue celebrating where those 40 years have taken us, but we recognize that there is still much more to do. The ongoing efforts require us to do more and more every day, so we cannot let our guards down. Our collective battle against the evils of oppression, injustice, and prejudice must continue, that's why your help is so important to us. We are eternally grateful for your donations and support because, without you, these victories would not be possible. Thank you!

Here's to many more years of empowering women!

Kind regards;


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