Jul 9, 2021

We're gearing up!

As you know, our Impossible Message campaign launched on March 8th in honor of International Women's Month!

We had a successful run, gathering wisdom and inspiration from women all across Puerto Rico. We even had the honor of participation of amazing and history-making women like Ivone Solla. To this day, we are still receiving messages and feedback from our community.

In the past couple of months, our organizational efforts have been pushed into overdrive to tend to the increasing gender violence emergency in Puerto Rico, as well as key organizing around just recovery efforts. The work to protect our girls and women has not stopped.

Now we are gearing up to transform these messages into printed materials to distribute and achieve our mission of transforming social narratives that normalize violence.

Thank you for your continuous support and commitment to this slightly less traditional approach. At Taller Salud, we believe that any space can be one of transformation and hope. We know this because it is what you do for us every single day.

Watch out for an update soon. You won't want to miss out on your poster!

Mar 11, 2021

Estamos en vivo! / We've launched!

¡Es con mucho amor y orgullo que anunciamos esta campaña como una ACTIVA!

Adaptada para lograr accesibilidad y seguridad en tiempos de COVID19, desde Taller Salud anunciamos El Mensaje ImpoSIble.

Nuestras niñas merecen un universo de posibilidades para conquistar el mundo. 

El derecho y bienestar de las mujeres comienza con las niñas y las jóvenes del mundo. Los deseos y las necesidades de nuestras niñas deben ser escuchados y validados. Nuestras niñas merecen entenderse como seres capaces y merecedoras de ternura.

Al equipar a los padres y las niñas con estas poderosas declaraciones e ideas de realización, podemos combatir la apatía que domina nuestra esfera nacional sobre los derechos de las mujeres. Podemos potenciar desde nuestra experiencia, para inspirar a nuestras jóvenes a pelear sus propias luchas e inspirarse a sí mismas.

Gracias a todo el apoyo que nos has brindado por este pasado año, ahora tenemos una oportunidad para transformar narrativas y pensamientos. ¡Empoderadas a través de una simple pregunta, es hora de construir una nueva ruta para nuestra niñez y juventud! Y tú, ¿qué le dirías a tu 'Yo' de niña?

¡Conoce más del proyecto a través de nuestra página web!





It is with great love and pride that we announce this campaign as LIVE!

Adapted to achieve accessibility and security in times of COVID19, we at Taller Salud are proud to announce The ImposSIble Message.

Our girls deserve a universe of possibilities to conquer the world.

The rights and well-being of women begin with girls and young women. The wishes and needs of our girls must be heard and validated. Our girls deserve to be understood as capable beings and deserving of tenderness.

By equipping parents and girls with these powerful statements and ideas of accomplishment, we can combat the apathy that dominates our national sphere about women's rights. We can empower from our experience, to inspire our young women to fight their own struggles and inspire themselves.

Thanks to all the support you have given us this past year, we now have an opportunity to transform narratives and thoughts. Empowered through a simple question, it is time to build a new path for our childhood and youth! And you, what would you say to your 'I' as a child?

Learn more about the project through our website!



Please note: The campaign is in Spanish to guarantee the accessibility of Puerto Rican audiences. If you'd like to go beyond Google Translation, please be sure to reach out to alexandra.figueroa@tallersaludpr.org or yamilin.rivera@tallersaludpr.org to support you or help you join us on this campaign! 


Jan 29, 2021

January 2021 - Almost there!

Puerto Rico's government finally declared a State of Emergency due to gender violence. This is huge news: And a key step to ensure an end to violence against our girls and women across Puerto Rico.

While we gear to make sure the Executive Order is promptly and effectively executed, we continue head-on with our mission to make every space one where young girls and women can prosper. Although Covid-19 has changed the way we interact with our world and challenges our mobility, we can take advantage of the shift to digital to take up more space and transform narratives.

Almost a year later, our project is ready to launch, with a slight twist! This is no longer about a poster. Our national call for advice and wisdom from women of all ages and backgrounds is being transformed into a testimonial project. We want to hear and see from other women as they share the advice they would have wanted their younger selves to receive and trust at a formative time.

While the policy is being implemented to guarantee the well-being of thousands across Puerto Rico, there are still societal norms that continue cycles of violence. Providing a space for experienced women to tap into their vulnerability to inspire generations of young girls will allow us to heal and transform the narratives to come.

We can't wait to reveal this project on the International Day of Women.

Thank you for your continued support to make this possible.

We are hoping you are as excited as we are! 

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