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Oct 18, 2018

Educate 600 girls in Faisalabad Pakistan

on going work of Sewing Centre
on going work of Sewing Centre

Success of the on going Project of Sewing:


We are very happy to share the success of our Project with our parters, donors and all well wishers of Pakistani girls that this project is really changing the lives of uneducated girls and women. They are happy to come to EACH's Sweing center and taking part in the activities of sewing cenre and learing lots of new experiences.

Metioned below is a letter we got from our community that we want to share with our audiance too:     


Dear Members of EACH Stafff, 

               Greetings from the Community of  Ch. NO. 112/J.B.  Raindawali, Faisalabad!

During the implementation of the “ Sewing Centre Project for 10 areas Faisalabad Diocese” by Education, Awareness and Community Health (EACH). I visited the Sewing Centre in the Ch.No 112/J.B Raindawali Faisalabad and saw the stitched cloths of the girls and their happiness to being part of this sewing centre, I was so pleased to EACH to opening this centre in our deserving area.

I have also observed their economic progress and saw their changes plight in their lives.

I always found that EACH Pakistan Faisalabad worked for the development of Community and especially for the development of poor women/girls.


I hope you will continue your support in the development work of EACH.


Best Regards,


Jahaziab Iqbal

Community Leader (Member Community Development Committee EACH)

Ch. NO. 112/J.B.  Raindawali, Faisalabad!


This letter is our success stroy that we share with you please give us your comments and suggestion about our work.



Girls are happy to come and learn new skills
Girls are happy to come and learn new skills
How they learn cutting of cloth before stitiching
How they learn cutting of cloth before stitiching


Jun 15, 2018

Educate 600 girls in Faisalabad Pakistan

Sewing Training
Sewing Training

Introduction of the project / Brief Outline:

EACH Pakistan with the support of Agape Mission World Wide and GlobalGiving -USA  implemented the project for
the skills building of Women and young girls in Faisalabad district, Pakistan.
The purpose of the project was to provide the women and girls the skills and sewing Machines with which they could generate some income to increase the overall income of the family. There was a strong need to train these target women participants with the latest trends in quality and to provide them with exposure to Sewing Machines and Handicraft making skill. 

EACH Pakistan has 10 such Centers running in 10 different localities / areas.

EACH used these Sewing Training Centers for the development of skills of the targeted population (Women &Girls);
EACH Pakistan not only provided an opportunity for their skills building but also supported these women
with source Sewing Macines and  raw material for Handicraft.  This helped them to take Sewing Trianing and enable girls to make handicrafts which they sold and earned a reasonable profit which they can support thier families.
EACH Pakistan not only supported in developing skills but also provided handicraft making equipment in one of the 10 centres by involving the cooperative societies in every area and theses societies were responsible for
everything as takeing care od the sewing machinces and centers. 

Location of the Project:

The Project was implemented in target area of Faisalabad , this area is  well known to be the
areas where brick kilns are working and thus the families involved are the bonded labors. The
communities here work on brick kilns workers. With an estimated population of approximately 25-30
families engaged at each brick kiln.
The target area

1. Ucha Muraba Nawabawala-Faisalabad


By the end of the project the target women groups have had an improved economic conditions in the Diocese
of Faisalabad

Objective 1:

By June, 2018 girls and women would be able to sew and can make handicarft in Existing Sewing center of EACH in the target areas of the Diocese of Faisalabad  and  will be contributing in the family income through the selling of their sitched cloths and handicrafts. 

Brief Report of Object :

EACH Pakistan arranged Sewing Training and handicraft Trainings
for  women in the Ucha Muraba Sewing centers for 60 girls and Women through the trained
teacher. Sewing Training will continue for six months in the centre and for this purpose EACH bought 7 Machines for girls due to lack fund. But now we bought seven Machinces for one centre. 

Material for making handicraft and the required tools was purchased by EACH Pakistan and distributed
to Sewing Centre too for gilrs to  use during the training sessions.

After completion of one week training in making handicraft items the rural and urban poor women/girls
were awarded certificates by EACH Pakistan. During training sessions material for making handicraft along
with training material was provided to participants. (Charts, Audio, visual aids).

Start-Up material was provided to 10 centers as loan which was under the supervision of Cooperative
Societies. EACH provided saving and Cooperative Trainings to the participants in Ucha Muraba center Faisaabad .

Girls will make the cloths and handicraft which they sell  to shops, international hotels and open market  and met with NGOs who organize the Workshops and display handicrafts there.

EACH Pakistan linked the woemn and girls with the market and helping them to selling their products. In this way, these women cooperative members can earn money easily with the invloment of middle man.

These women / girls groups, from the training they received, kept the profit and the rest of the amount again they
used for purchasing of raw material and for overhead expenditures. This was done through each cooperative.
And each cooperative’s President and Treasurer kept the record / bookkeeping and it was maintained by the secretary.

Boarding Lodging

The trainees that required accommodation were provided hostel facilities, the expenses were borne from the Registration fee of Rs.100/- charged from each of the participating Trainees. Refreshments, lunch and tea were provided and hostel facility was given to the participants. One side traveling expenses was given to the teachers.
The training material like charts, audio & video was used during the training session. Material and tools for handicraft were purchased.

The Community Participation was there throughout the Project. The community offered their provided places to run the centers free of cost where the training was organized, more importantly it saved the amount that would have been used as rent for the centers, resulting in cooperatives savings.

The. LDCs (local development committees) were very much concerned about helping the women and supported linking the women to the market for the sale of their products. The Community especially the women wanted to uplift the poor women of the areas showing their concern towards the young girls trainees who would learn the Sewing skills and then would be able to sell their products in the open market enabling them to earn money through their skills in their future life.

Lessons learned

Everything done in one’s life is a lesson learned; good or bad. Thus this project gave a lot to learn and a lot to be aware of in future. The project was well designed and well implemented, but it was observed and noted that there was a lot more to be done but there was a time constrain, the project would have been run for a much longer period but there always was a concern that the project had its limitation and it could not be prolonged for more than its duration. We learnt that we should ask for more time for this like one year.

Local Development Committees (LDCs) in all the areas where we implemented that project activities were positive about the activity introduced by EACH Pakistan especially the handicraft skills building activities as it was something new for them, they had not aware of such trainings/skill building and they appreciated the idea EACH introduced; the system we developed for marketing of their products and establishing the cooperatives societies through which they can receive loans. One of LDC member said, “Our homes are
open for EACH because you always think about our progress and for the empowerment of our women /girls.
“You helped us to increased our income that is wonderful”.
They also requested for the continuation of such Income generation schemes in their areas for women and

All the activities were being closely monitored by the Program Coordinator while the Executive
Secretary was having a close look on the activities with regular monitoring visits to the
area / centres, discussing matters of mutual interest regarding the project.

Success Story of Bibi from Uchah Muraba, District Faisalabad

Bibi is the local resident of Ucha Muraba one of Project location areas in District Faisalabad. She is a poor widow and has six children, 4 girls and 2 boys; both married. She along with her four daughters lives with her elder son. She has a huge responsibility of a big family specially getting the daughters married.

She is the member of a Local Development Committee. She has put her daughters in Sewing Centre where they learned the art of Stitching/Sewing  (Training). Now these girls are got the skills of making cloths and Handicraft. All the four girls are young and they got the certificate from EACH for successfully getting the Handicraft training.
Bibi Allah Wasai is very happy and said that “I am so happy because my daughters now have the skills and they can earn money in their future by selling their products and they will not be dependent on husband and on their in-laws; they have secured their future”. She further said, “they will stay at home and will earn money from home in a respectable way”. She was so thankful to EACH and CSTWF for providing the opportunity to local women and girls and gave them chance to save money in cooperatives and get trainings from sewing centers.

distribution of Machine to Sewing Centre
distribution of Machine to Sewing Centre
Sewing Training
Sewing Training
distribution of Machine to Sewing Centre
distribution of Machine to Sewing Centre
Handicraft Training
Handicraft Training
Handicraft Training
Handicraft Training


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