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Oct 16, 2017

The Carpenters Journey

Desk and Chair made and donated by Frank
Desk and Chair made and donated by Frank

This desk represents the journey of a young man whose path crossed ours many years ago and whose journey thus far has caused us great joy.

Frank , now 21,came to us as a young boy who could barely read, write and expressing himself was a challenge. He joined Turning Point in Class 4 and first went through our transition class to prepare him for formal schooling as he had missed a few years of schooling. The transition journey was definitely an uphill task but he finally joined primary school. However, due to the poor foundation he had prior to joining our education program, Frank did not perform so well in his final primary exam.

He was determined to not let what would seemingly appear as a major obstacle stop him. He, with Turning Point’s support, began a course in mechanics that took a year. Life would however reveal that his passion did not lie in mechanics and when he stumbled upon carpentry, his passion was ignited.

Frank recently visited Fountain of Hope primary school and he came bearing gifts, a desk and a chair. A very timely gift as we expand to full capacity next year. Full capacity means that we will finally become a full primary school next year and we will have the first class sitting the National Primary exams.

His visit reminded us that the work we do has the ability to change the lives of the children who come our way and when we do all we can do to inspire these children to never give up on themselves, great things can happen.

Aug 14, 2017

The Little Carpenter

Playtime after Class
Playtime after Class

It's a sunny Friday Morning,mid- morning to be exact. The kids at the Transitional Class are excited, for this morning we host our first creative class of the term and as usual our volunteers from Colour My World Kenya are full of energy and excitement.

The first task is getting to know each other, and the kids are asked to write their names, age, favorite colour and career on a piece of paper. It is exciting to see some of the younger kids in Prep class show off their new acquired skills, writing their names, while others still struggle to remember and turn to the volunteers for help while some remeber that Teacher Lilly had written it on their books and so they run and find their books.

One little boy, George, struggled to catch up with the rest but even this coudn't stop him from shouting out his dream. His deskmate, a little older than him offers some help and his name is finally written. The class is slowly coming to an end so the volunteers ask the children to raise their hands and share their dreams/careers.

"Doctor"! "Pilot"! "Teacher"! Those were the common responses and every child's future dream was celebrated. George kept his hand up and he shouted "Carpenter", a few giggles were heard but he was unmoved as he went on to explain what a carpenter does.

The system of education in our Country has for long encouraged the pursuing of formal jobs and little attention is paid to the children's artistic side or dreams that do not fit the white collar jobs criteria. We at Turning Point acknowledge that the dreams of our children are varied and we strive to go the extra mile to encourage our children to not only dream big dreams but to say it out loud.

As we help children like George return to school, we hope that the care, support and the delivery of our classes will help them not only refine their dreams but also know that despite where they come from, their dreams are valid.

Aug 11, 2017

21,140 Meals

One of our healthy and happy Class 5 students
One of our healthy and happy Class 5 students

21,140 meals, that is the number of meals we served the school term that just ended a two weeks ago.

The success of the feeding programme is as a result of differents people working together. You, the donor who selflessly gives, the mamnagement team that ensures the funds are used in the most  efficient way, the Child Welfare officer who not only ensures the food is bought but monitors the number of meals served, the kitchen staff who are always among the first to arrive in school to prepare breakfast and of course the children who enjoy every meal served. 

This term,however , we saw the power of community in school when the country faced an acute shortage of maize meal, a huge component of our meals. Our supplier couldn't be able to supply the amounts required as his stock was stretched to the limit as everyone sought  his services. Maize meal is a staple in most of Kenyan households and the shortage affected everyone despite their socio economic class.

Despite the shortage, we had to provide meals for the children and so staff members joined together and sought out different suppliers and eventually, a member of the community and a friend of Turning Point became our supplier for the remainder of the term and ensured we had all the supplies we required even as the Nation's supply normalised later.

The power of community, within and without the school, is an important part of the programmes we run and as we grow as an organization we are continually challenged to harness our relationships more.

We hope that with every report, you continue to feel part of this growing community. We appreciate that you made the 21,140 meals possible.

Closing School Assembly
Closing School Assembly
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