Dec 10, 2018

Keeping Hypertension and Diabetes in good control

In the last quarter since our project update in September, we have continued to provide monthly follow ups for blood pressure and diabetes. I am very delighted to report that the average blood pressure and blood sugar reading have continued to improve across the board! We have continued to average about 85 visits per month, much less than our identified patient population. 

To improve response rate, we plan to purchase a cell phone to be used for contacting participants. We will update our phone list to ensure we can reach participants. We will call people three times within two weeks leading up to the clinic date. We will also follow up with those who are not responding to see how we can assist to encourage their participation. 

We hope to add blood test to monitor renal function 1-2 times a year, starting December 2018. 

We have a screening event clinic on December 31st, 2018. We are expecting upto 500 people at this event. We are doing very wide outreach through announcements at churches and local groups, distribution of leaflets, which will be in two cycles; posting of banners in strategic locations throughout the communities; radio slots, and travelling Public Address through the communities. There will be blood pressure and blood sugar screening, health education, medications, and food. The screening event is followed by 5 days of follow up care for those identified with high blood pressure and blood sugars to confirm diagnoses. Those confirmed as having high blood pressure and high blood sugars are enrolled in the monthly clinics. 

For 2019, we are aiming for 150 visits or more per month with the implementation of our outreach plan. 

We thank all our donors for your support. Your support saves lives in different ways. By saving the life of the man of the house through your support, you save his family, and you also release extra money for him to feed and take care of some basic necessities. We look forward to your continued partnership in 2019. 

Sep 12, 2018

Blood Pressures and Blood Sugars improved!

Over a three month period, the number of participants with systolic blood pressures above 170, decreased by 160%, and participants with systolic blood pressures less than 140, increased by 36%. The numbers in between also showed similar trend of more people with decreasing blood pressures.

In August I gave a tailored dietary education to all participants with blood sugars greater than 200. This is something I've been doing all along, but this time I told them a concrete action they can take, specifically to decrease their individual intake of Carbs by 1/3. The result was that the following month, blood sugars decreased across the board, even in those that have been difficult to manage.


This report is on our activities over the past three months. We had three monthly clinic days and 235 visits. Each clinic provides blood pressure and blood sugar screening, health education, and enough medications to last until the next clinic. At each clinic, we distributed thirty day supplies of medications as follows:

Glucophage 2000 mg per day to 35 people, which is 1050 doses per month!

Amlodipine 10 mg per day to 47 people, which is 1410 doses per month!

Zestril 10 mg per day to 16 people, total 480 doses!

Glanil 5-10 mg per day to 10 people, total 300 doses!

Furosemide 20 mg per day to 10 people, total 300 doses!

Atenolol 50-100 mg per day to 4 people, total 120 doses!

Zestril, Glanil, and Furosemide, are given in combination with either Glucophage or Amlodipine.Over 40% of participants receive two or more different medications.


Blood sugar is directly linked with the amount of Carbohydrate in the diet. A major challenge in the community we serve is that the diet is Carbohydrate dependent. Dietary counselling is a must, in combination with medication, in good Diabetes care. In my conversations with participants, it is clear that they are trying to change their diet. However, I also noted that they understand that Carbohydrates affect their blood sugars negatively, but their approach to decreasing Carbs was not completely correct. For example, they eat unripe plantain, ‘wheat’ flour, and other foods which they believe doesn't increase blood sugar, but they fail to decrease the amount of Carbohydrates. The good news is that participants are very receptive to the information they receive. 

We are able to provide this service with the support of our donors. Thanks for your donations! Your support is saving lives in rural communities in Eastern Nigeria. We are in the process of organizing a screening event in December. We appreciate your support to improve the success of this event. Thanks for partnering with us!


Jun 20, 2018

535 visits to HFA monthly clinics year to date!! Keeping Hypertension and Diabetes in good control

As of our most recent monthly clinic on June 2nd, we have screened and provided medications to our participants 535 times. Most of our participants receive two different medications. Only a few receive one type of medication, and another few receive three or four different medications, two for Hypertension and two for Diabetes. 

Other supplies we use at our clinics are battery operated BP machines, Glucometers, blood glucose test strips, lancets, and alcohol wipes.

Stipend to the local volunteers who assist in the clinics.

On January 4th, 2018 we had a screening event. We screened, provided health education, food, and medications to 180 people. It is through our screening clinics that we identify people with Hypertension and or Diabetes. Once identified, they are followed, meaning they receive routine care for their condition through our monthly clinics. Having the monthly clinics is essential because Hypertension and Diabetes are only successfully controlled with ongoing maintenance treatment with medications and lifestyle(dietary and activity) change. 

We really appreciate your support and partnership. 

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