Jul 13, 2020

Preventing stroke, End Stage Renal Disease, and more

Health For All Naija (HFA Naija) is keeping its promise to prevent, and or forestall disease complications of Diabetes and Hypertension through our Monthly clinics. We have averaged 85 participants visit in the interval since our last report. Thankfully the communities we serve have not recorded any Covid-19 cases. During the two months of April and May, we observed Social Distancing as we continued to provide medicatiins for disease maintenance. 

Uncontrolled Hypertension and Diabetes, either alone or together are major risk factors for Stroke and Renal failure. Other cardiovascular and peripheral vascular diseases are also attributable to Hypertension and Diabetes. Unlike most other countries, Nigeria has no evident resources or facilities to manage such complications. In part, due to the absence of Care, the community often defaults to associating such complications to the supernatural, and finger pointing about who might be responsible. 

HFA continues to provide essential care aimed at controlling and preventing complications of Hypertension and Diabetes. Our monthly clinic provides blood pressure and blood sugar screening, and monthly supplies of medications for maintenance treatment of Hypertension and Diabetes. Maintenance is key in Chronic disease care, and our participants are proof that maintenance saves lives. 

Even as the world is focused on the Covid-19 pandemic, Chronic diseases continue to affect people just the same. Please support our efforts to continue the service we provide. Please donate. Any amount helps us in some way to continue our work. Please consider becoming a monthly donor. 

We are now in the second half of the year, please keep us in mind and add us to your list for Giving this year. Please share our cause and help us continue this lifesaving work. 




Nkeiruka Ugo, Project Leader. 

Mar 13, 2020

Chronic Disease Care

Health For All Naija continues our mission of chronic disease care. We provide monthly supplies of medications for Hypertension and Diabetes. Sor far this year we have averaged 85 patients per month. 

We are confronted with some of the challenges of chronic disease care. Keeping participants engaged and compliant with taking their medications and following treatment instructions. Staff volunteers call participants twice monthly to remind them of clinic date. 

The other challenge is that of making a chronic disease in priority when someone is faced with other immediate survival needs like food and shelter. Life in the rural area we serve, have only gotten more difficult in the five years we have been providing services. Life there is about 'putting out fires' and chronic diseases often do not present a crisis until late complications develop. Consequently chronic disease treatment, even free, is often not a priority.

The good news is that with the support of our donors, in spite of these challenges, a fair number of participants have continued to receive lifesaving care. We hope you can continue to support this work. Recurrent donation means we can be sure our services will continue. Please consider becoming a recurrent donor to HFANaija today!

Thank you!



Nkeiruka Ugo. 

Dec 4, 2019

1,140 episodes of Chronic Disease Care in 2019

Health For All provides Chronic disease care to a population of people who need it the most. The population we serve needs chronic disease care because of the greater burden of disease complication in poor rural communities. We offer monthly clinics to participants with Hypertension, and or Diabetes. 

Chronic diseases like Hypertension and Diabetes often doesn't get attention and treated as might be the case with an infection. A person with an infection feels sick, which interferes with their daily activities, and which in turn causes the individual to promptly seek care. Chronic diseases on the other hand are just that, chronic. It is slow, and ongoing in it's progression, and very often would not interfere with daily activities until late in the disease. Chronic diseases are often not cured, but must be managed and maintained, which means ongoing medication therapy or health behavior change. 

Hypertension and Diabetes affect Cardiovascular health and if left untreated, Hypertension and Diabetes can lead to serious complications and death. Disease complications in a place without the resources to treat such complications is eventual untimely death.

Health For All provides chronic dieease management and maintenance care. Participants receive telephone and text message reminders for the monthly clinics. We screen blood pressure and blood sugar at each clinic. We provide individual counseling and coaching about both diseases. We provide monthly supplies of six different medications. About 50% of our participants each receive monthly supplies of two different medications. Slightly fewer receive one medication, and a small percentage receive three or more different medications. 

We have delivered these services in 1,140 episodes of care so far this year. This Chronic disease care will continue as long as participants continue to come. Health For All thanks you for your past support. Thanks to our donors who encourage us by leaving feedback. Special thanks to our recurring donors. Please consider being a recurring donor. Please include HFA on your Holiday gift list. 

                                                                      HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



Nkeiruka Ugo.

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