Jul 14, 2021

Raise your voice for Tigray women and girls

Photo credit: Africa News
Photo credit: Africa News

This report is dedicated to mapping the voices of the women and girls of Ethiopia’s Tigray region. 

As has become commonplace in so many armed conflicts around the world, mass rape is being used as a weapon of war against Tigray women and girls.

Rape as a weapon of war leaves victims with devastating wounds that can last a lifetime…that is if they survive the attacks. The intent behind this horrific practice is to destroy a culture, to inflict global harm upon a people by poisoning them with mass trauma.

The international community, once again, is being called upon to take a stand as Ethiopian soldiers continue to perpetrate upon this population that is already beset by famine.

We encourage everyone to raise their voices in support of Tigray women and girls, by donating to humanitarian organizations supporting this population and calling your national elected officials to apply international pressure to bring an end to this violence.

Thank you for your continued involvement in our GlobalGiving campaign to Help support 1 million sexual violence survivors.


Jeni Ambrose, PhD


Photo credit: New York Times
Photo credit: New York Times


Mar 9, 2021

The importance of accessing "trauma informed" care

Dear Supporter,

As we reach the COVID-19 pandemic 1-year mark, I’ve decided to devote this quarterly donor report to supporting mental health. While everyone has been challenged this year, a history of sexual trauma can amplify the stressful impacts.

Here are a few reasons it’s so important to get trauma informed care for sexual abuse or assault. “Trauma informed” means a therapist who has specific training and experience treating sexual trauma.

Confiding in someone who can help.  So often survivors either stay silent or confide in someone who, though perhaps well intended, is not particularly helpful. Sharing with someone who is trained in treating sexual trauma can bring understanding to a complex and difficult experience.

Recognizing what is you and what is the trauma. The effects of sexual trauma can be so pervasive, it is easy for survivors to believe these effects originate from a flaw or defect within themselves. Learning to recognize adaptations to trauma can go a long way toward restoring a healthier self-perception.

Working through the trauma itself. There are lasting effects on the mind, body, emotions and nervous system. Getting help through these impacts is an important part of reclaiming one’s life from trauma.

It’s never too late to get help. Even if the trauma was years, or even decades ago, getting therapeutic support can make all the difference in the world. 

There are many nonprofits organizations and community clinics that cater to the needs of survivors. To begin the healing process and find support near you, create a free account on MapYourVoice.org.

Thank you for supporting our mission to bring needed help to survivors of sexual violence.

Nov 5, 2020

10 Ways to Support Survivors

10 Ways to Support Survivors
10 Ways to Support Survivors


We hope this finds you and yours safe and healthy during this period of global uncertainty with COVID-19.

In the midst of all of the challenges the world faces at the moment, sexual assault is still occurring and survivors still need to be supported.

Most people wouldn't know how to best support a loved one if they experienced sexual assault...what would be most helpful and supportive is not entirely obvious.

We are using this quarterly MapYourVoice update to disseminate our infographic, "10 Ways to Support Survivors." We hope this provides an easy guide to offering trauma-informed support. Feel free to share this infographic with friends, family, co-workers, and your social circles.

Wishing you the best this season has to offer!

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