Apr 21, 2017

Maya's Story

Dear GlobalGiver,

I would like to introduce you to Maya. Maya was rescued by GoodWeave in 2012 from a carpet factory, where she used to tie thousands of knots while weaving carpets. She was brought to Hamro Ghar, GoodWeave’s transit home for children, to receive important services, education and a safe place to live. Unfortunately, we were not able to reunite Maya with her family. Maya spent two years at Hamro Ghar, where she was a very disciplined and hardworking student.

Today, with GoodWeave’s support, Maya has transferred to a prestigious secondary school. She is now a successful and devoted seventh grade student, as well as a talented singer. She also enjoys learning Karate. Those who know her describe her as a kind and caring girl who has become a mentor and an inspiration to other children. She shares both time and advice with them, and offers encouragement and guidance. Maya has a positive outlook on her life now. GoodWeave has been with Maya every step of the way on this journey, and it has been a pleasure to watch her grow into a successful young woman with a bright future.

For over 20 years, GoodWeave has worked to reach children like Maya who toil in the carpet sector. Based on our success and the reduction of child labor in the carpet sector, we are now expanding our work to reach the children laboring in other sectors as well, including the brick kilns of Nepal. GoodWeave envisions a world where no child is forced to work, and where they can reach their full potential through education. Your support makes it possible for GoodWeave to provide children like Maya the care and opportunities that they deserve. 

The support that GoodWeave receives from the Global Giving community makes a tangible difference in the lives of so many children. I am grateful for your continued dedication to ending child labor, and your generous assistance in providing the care and education that the children of Hamro Ghar deserve.

With Gratitude,


Maya and friends in the traditional dress of Nepal
Maya and friends in the traditional dress of Nepal


Mar 16, 2017

Reintroducing the Recovery Process

Dear GlobalGiver,

Almost two years ago, we all watched with heavy hearts as a magnitude 7.8 earthquake devastated Nepal. It hit with a fury, flattening entire villages and rendering hundreds of thousands of people homeless. Families working in Kathmandu were forced to abandon their jobs and return to their village homes to check on extended family, assess damages and begin the rebuilding process. And, through the devastation, their children sat in limbo, more vulnerable to exploitation and forced labor as their families struggled to get back on their feet.

It has been nearly two years since the earthquake in April, 2015, and I am constantly inspired by the support I see for a country fighting to rebuild. Your dedication to this project has enabled GoodWeave to be there every step of the way, working with weaving communities to make them feel safe and supported throughout the hardships of change.

Our team in Nepal has been working tirelessly to manage unexpected challenges over the past two years, including an extended fuel blockade, internal bureaucratic constraints placed on reconstruction projects, and a lack of manpower and transportation across the country. Despite these challenges, GoodWeave has adapted its approach, forged new partnerships, and continued developing new ways to bring security and stability to weaving families and their children.

GoodWeave is proud to be partnering with Build up Nepal, a non-profit company that helps local communities create and build with quake-resistant, earth-reinforced bricks made from predominantly local materials. Build up Nepal provides the brick-making machines and training, and local community members provide the drive and hard work to build their own homes safely, sustainably, and affordably.

As I write this update, families living in the Lisankhu village are making their own bricks with the support of GoodWeave and Build up Nepal. Soon, they will build their first model home: an example for the houses to come. In the coming months, we plan to train local groups on brick-making and house construction in five different communities across the Sindhupalchowk District. Altogether, our partnership will allow 85 weaving families to reconstruct their houses.

This new partnership means that GoodWeave can provide new homes – safe, reinforced, community-built homes – to families still living in temporary corrugated tin structures nearly a full two years later. Parents can get back to work and focus on weaving and earning more income, instead of trying to make a life in temporary housing. When their home life is stabilized, their children face a much lower risk of exploitation. They can focus on learning and playing. They can focus on being children.

Long-term rebuilding after a crisis is always difficult, and we certainly have a long road ahead. I am so grateful for your support, generosity, and understanding through the changes and the challenges. I look forward to sharing more stories and progress as we continue our journey.



Nina Smith

Meeting with locals and community representatives
Meeting with locals and community representatives
Jan 24, 2017

Celebrations of 2016

Dear Global Giver,

Every year on January 1st, we host an “UNcommon” birthday party to honor the rescued children who don’t know their birthdays, or would not usually celebrate them. It’s a day full of laughter, smiles and cake, as the residents of Hamro Ghar have a chance to put on their party hats and focus on the simple joys of being a child. This year, the atmosphere was just as festive as ever. We kicked off 2017 with celebration, and seeing the bright smiles in our children’s home prompted me to reflect on 2016 and the celebrations that brought us to where we are today. 

GoodWeave Nepal had a lot to celebrate this year. We saw a group of former “carpet kids” come in second place in a national dance competition, and get a chance to meet the president of Nepal. We saw the Weaving Opportunities training program grow, providing another 166 women with technical weaving skills that will allow them to support their families and ensure their children can attend school. We delivered winter clothing and school supplies to children who have gone without for far too long. And, most importantly, we saw 62 children rescued from labor who are now making a home at Hamro Ghar. That’s 62 more soccer games, 62 more crayon drawings, and 62 more chances at a better life. It’s 62 more birthday parties, and we have you – and your generous donations – to thank.

Hamro Ghar is an incredible community of resilience and joy. Creating a safe space for children has been and always will be at the heart of what GoodWeave does. We started our work in the carpet industry, and have made incredible progress there. Now, we are expanding our reach to the brick kilns and other sectors, where we are putting our model and our expertise to work to end child labor. We are excited about a future where more children will be able to celebrate their birthdays, and feel the childhood joy that day should bring.

I am consistently amazed and inspired by the support GoodWeave has received from the Global Giving community. Your continued dedication to ending child labor allows us to find the children who are waiting for us in Nepal and make sure that their stories become full of hope and happiness. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you – and I look forward to continuing this essential work with you in 2017.


Nina Smith

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