Dec 1, 2017

Expressions of Gratitude

Dear GlobalGiver,

Last week, I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family in the U.S. As we gathered, everyone took a moment to express gratitude – to show what we were thankful for over the past year, and to share our hopes for the year to come.

For my part, I am grateful for the continued incredible support I see from the GlobalGiving community. With your help, GoodWeave has been able to change lives for so many vulnerable children and families in Nepal.

As mentioned in the previous report, the first community-selected beneficiary for a rebuilt, earthquake-resistant home was a man named Arjun, a carpet weaver who lost his home in the 2015 earthquake. Arjun is now safe and well in his new home, and the project is moving ahead with three more model houses in progress. These three homes will soon be transferred to beneficiaries, bringing security to three more community-selected families in need. Ultimately, that means safer families and fewer children exploited for work.

It also means a healthier Nepal, because these housing reconstructions help the entire community. As homes are built, community members learn skills and gain additional income. As a result, we see sustainable change – higher wages across the community ensure a profitable future for workers, who can then focus on their families and children without constant financial worries.

On behalf of the whole GoodWeave team, thank you. This project would not be possible without your support. Communities across five villages in Sindhupalchowk, Nepal have benefited from your generosity. As we move into the holiday season and look forward to 2018, these families are facing a new year that looks entirely different from the last two: one that has stability, and a chance to focus on the future.

All my best,

Nina Smith

Oct 13, 2017


Dear GlobalGiver,

Mid-September marked the beginning of the festival season in Nepal. GoodWeave had the opportunity to distribute gifts for the children at Hamro Ghar and the LAB school in honor of Dashain and Tihar. Children received new clothing, bags and shoes, and then joined the Nepal GoodWeave staff for a celebratory lunch. I hope it warms your heart, as it does mine, to see smiling faces and matching plaid on a group of safe and healthy children.

As we celebrate the Nepali festivals and move toward the holiday season in the United States, I have been reflecting on past causes for celebration. Though this work in Nepal has proven difficult, with a devastating earthquake and a months-long border blockade, I have been awed and inspired by the consistent support shown by the GlobalGiving community. Your donations to this project provided a range of support to weaving communities through tumultuous times. You helped us provide not just immediate relief to weavers and their families but long-term support, which allows us to unravel the system that leads to child slavery and exploitation in the first place.

On behalf of the whole GoodWeave team, thank you. Over the course of this project, your support has helped us rescue 1,184 children from exploitation in the carpet factories of Nepal. Your generous donations have allowed us to educate 4,619 Nepali children – 672 of them in 2017 alone, including the children you see in these photos receiving gifts for Dashain. I am deeply grateful for all you have done to support the GoodWeave community through our years of work in Nepal.

We have decided to close this project, but – while this project is ending – our work in Nepal will continue. GoodWeave will work toward reaching even more children in more sectors across Nepal, and we would love you to keep in touch. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on GoodWeave’s work to end child labor, from the producer’s hands to the consumer’s. I also encourage you to visit at our other project on GlobalGiving, which helps families still vulnerable from the earthquake – even a full two years later – rebuild their livelihoods. It is a difficult road, but we are working to navigate a path to help former child laborers come back to life and write new stories. Once again, thank you.



Nina Smith


Sep 1, 2017

A Success Story

Dear Global Giver,

For the past several weeks in Washington, DC, we have been hit with large thunderstorms. As thunder claps and rain pounds the concrete, I find myself deeply grateful for the solid roof over my head.

For so many families in Nepal, a torrential downpour still means hours of trying to stay dry in a corrugated tin structure. It means leaks onto floors made of tarpaulin, because two years after the earthquake many families still do not have the means to build their own homes. But today, I write with a success story: one family who no longer has to worry about monsoon season, and an entire community that benefited from the rebuilding work.

Arjun, the first community-selected beneficiary of GoodWeave’s project to rebuild homes in Nepal, was a carpet weaver by trade when he lost his home in the 2015 earthquake. Now, thanks to the trainings provided by GoodWeave and Build up Nepal, Arjun and his family officially have a house to call their own. The last Compressed Stabilized Earth Bricks locked into place, and they are now protected from the weather and danger that comes with living in a temporary structure. Moreover, this new home is earthquake-resistant; if disaster ever strikes again, Arjun and his family have a much better chance of not having to rebuild from the ground up.

But Arjun’s story is just the beginning. In the process of building his home, another 25 members of the community received training in CSEB production. Eight of them were employed daily. This job, in combination with other household earnings, helped these workers earn over 800 rupees each day (for reference, the minimum wage in Nepal is approximately 265 rupees per day).

As GoodWeave grows to reach more communities in Nepal, we want to be sure that we stay true to the very heart of our organization: ending child labor by unraveling the system that makes it seem necessary in the first place. By helping these workers find stability and a profitable job, we ensure that they will never feel the need to send their children to work.  Children can then focus on their studies and, by extension, their futures.

The next time it rains in DC, I will be thinking of Arjun and his family, now safe and warm because of your support. Thank you for your continued commitment to this project, and I look forward to sharing the stories of more families that find safety and stability through this work.

With gratitude,

Nina Smith

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