Feb 3, 2020

Great Teachers Make a Difference!

Small Classes at SCC
Small Classes at SCC

For children with attention deficit disorder, some with hyperactivity, trying to learn in overcrowded classrooms can seem like a set of rules that they can never follow. Sit still, don’t talk, stand in line, it’s time for math class-please focus, be quiet, where is your homework, stay on task….it can feel impossible.

At the Spafford Children’s Center, the teachers, social workers, and therapists understand and are ready to help. First there are small classes—two to four students with one dedicated teacher—in English, Arabic, and math that reduce the distractions and teach children to focus and experience success. SCC uses up-to-date teaching methods for children with learning disabilities, trauma reactions, and behavioral challenges. Children are assessed when they come to SCC so a plan can be created and then assessed again during and after the courses to document the progress and need for additional services. Children at SCC make amazing improvement and find the love of learning. Help maintain these services by giving through GlobalGiving at https://goto.gg/31839.

Then, there are physical activities to burn energy and build self-esteem and the ability to work with other kids. Gymnastics, for example, is new to SCC and the kids love doing back bends, mastering somersaults, and climbing on padded stairs and balls. Plus, they learn to do controlled movements as part of a line of kids all jumping and twirling in unison.

Please help the Spafford Children’s Center continue these services by donating through GlobalGiving at https://goto.gg/31839. You are just two clicks away from supporting Palestinian children and families who need educational, therapeutic, and recreational services.

Feeling Proud at SCC
Feeling Proud at SCC
Bending over Backwards at SCC
Bending over Backwards at SCC
Individual Help at SCC
Individual Help at SCC
Nov 25, 2019

Treating Truama

Palestinian children have often seen or experienced things that frighten them. Walking to school among police and heavily armed soldiers is part of everyday life. Children may have witnessed arrests and house demolitions.  More and more the Spafford Children’s Center is seeing children who have experienced trauma directly or indirectly. At SCC the children and their mothers are given the opportunity to talk about their fears, to gain support from others, and to rediscover the joy of childhood.

Through counseling, education, art, and music the children gain confidence and build self-esteem.  The mothers meet together to share strategies for supporting their children; they learn how to calm fears and help the children grow.

SCC recently started a new course for children and mothers using art to help children deal with trauma; 68 children and mothers participated. Not only do they spend time together creating beautiful works of art, they also explore self-expression and gain insight and new coping skills.

Please help the Spafford Children’s Center continue this innovative approach to trauma services by donating through GlobalGiving at https://goto.gg/31839. You are just two clicks away from supporting Palestinian children and families who need educational, therapeutic, and recreational services.

With thanks for your support.

Aug 26, 2019

SCC Summer Camp Gets Creative

The Spafford Children’s Center got really creative this summer. An African-Brazilian percussion group brought large balls to SCC for the children to drum in rhythmic beats—it was noisy and great fun plus it helped kids with ADHD focus and work in teams. Blue and red teams of 50 children each earned competitive points jumping, dancing, drumming, and concentrating on the leaders’ directions for 1.5 hours without a break!! 

Camp also included lessons on recycling and how to reuse items that are often discarded in the trash. Art projects were a part of every day at SCC camp—drawing, painting, pottery, and sculpture went home for parents to admire. The campers did community service projects like painting chairs for the SCC courtyard and picking up litter. The teen counselors had their own sessions to learn first aid so they could help a young camper with a skinned knee, as well as leadership classes and discussions about various professions that sparked their interest. Everyone loved the trip to the water park in Jericho. More than 150 children and youth had the time of their lives splashing and swimming thanks to your support through GlobalGiving at https://goto.gg/31839 . 

Camp is so important for Palestinian kids who live in difficult circumstances.  The Spafford Children’s Center is a safe place for children to learn, to play, and to just be a kid.  Within the walls of SCC children know they are valued and respected. Please help SCC continue services this fall by supporting small classes in English, Arabic, and math; speech and occupational therapy; recreational activities; and services for mothers. Give through GlobalGiving at https://goto.gg/31839 today.

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