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Dec 6, 2019


Powder soap being tested after testing the machine
Powder soap being tested after testing the machine

Hello Good People!

The year is coming to an end and Twende has been running several activities from hosting visitors to running workshops and continuously building strong partnerships. 

We had a great time with the Jamii Tech Program graduates (Youths from Universities and the communities) whose final presentation was done by early October, whereby nearby communities and Partner organizations graced us with their presence. This team has been so great since it comprised of hard-working, self-motivated students who cooperated well with us as well as the communities they worked with to achieve the goal of solving the problems faced by the specific community. The successful projects being made, tested and taken to the community include the Powder soap mixer, Dough maker, Dish Washer and the Automatic rice planter. Currently, the machines are being used by the community then follow-up is about to start to see how and where to help more for better functioning of the prototypes then develop them to the products.

What’s special about this year’s program is that, even after the program ended, one of the participants returned with interesting project ideas which he managed to make. The functioning prototypes include Automatic toilet hand washer and door opener, a manual simulation of car-driving games and a dough-kneading machine which is a supplement to the dough making machine. 

In terms of progress, there is fabrication done by some of our innovators including Manure spreader, multipurpose wheelchair and the avocado oil extracting machine. This was made possible by the support provided in terms of funds by the Commission of Science and Technology (COSTECH) in Tanzania which seeks to support them in their final prototype stage for them to get feedback from the community and finally hit the market.

Our technical team has been working with individual workshop users who come to seek for technical advice and the maker space to practice their project ideas. We received several students who had different ideas and some have done some projects before so they have presented their ideas to receive advice which enlightened them to do more. One of the youths who has been using the maker space and received advice was working on the Simple carrot harvester and washing device of which he managed to make the prototype and he is still working to develop the prototype further.

We managed to run a build-it workshop with some of the school kids who came for a school tour, where they got to learn more of what we do and got the opportunity to make simple build-it items that relate to their class topics and other technical stuff like soldering, measuring, cutting as well as other skills like recycling. The items made include flashlights, blackboard dusters, and rubber squeezers together with other fun projects like a fun toy gun made by one student which made him proud of the achievement that motivated other kids to try things too.

In other news, we had a prestigious visit from Deutsche Welle who featured our most recent activities including one of our successful inventors who is brining impact to his local community through local innovation.  

Twende is currently conducting holiday programs which will involve a lot of youths (Youth camps) and kids from different schools who will participate in Creative Capacity Building and Build-it workshops for the kids. We have registered several numbers of up to 40 youths for the programs officially kick off on the 10th of December, the team is setting up everything in place ready to start the program and end the year with a bang.

Twende loves bringing impact to the local community. We love that you continue to support us and keep track of what we are up to. Do sign up for our newsletter and follow us on our social accounts (FacebookTwitter and Instagram) or watch our GlobalGiving organization page.

Remember, we do this because you help us. Thank you very much for your continous support!

Manure spreader making process
Manure spreader making process
Build-it workshop  for a Maize Sheller Device
Build-it workshop for a Maize Sheller Device


Sep 10, 2019

JTP, CCBs,Programming. Yaay! We nailed it!

Nanenane Exhibitions
Nanenane Exhibitions

Hey Twende Folks!

Wow, the third quarter is almost over! And we have had numerous activities here at Twende. We had the pleasure to reach out to the community and host different guests who had different life-changing projects. We can’t thank you enough for the support to reach our goals.

This third quarter was filled with a wide range of activities like Creative Capacity Building (CCB) training, build-it workshops, the Annual Agriculture Show (nanenane) and the Jamii (community) Technology Program.

In our CCB and Build-it workshops, we have successfully worked with our 2 amazing interns who incorporated Arduino technology in our training where we reached out to 60 students of 3 different schools where both students and teachers took part in this incredible training program. The participants learned how to use electronic tools like resistors, breadboard, jumping wires, cables, Arduino and laptops just so they can learn how to program computers into doing what you want them to do and to see if they can get more interested in programming lessons.

In August we had the opportunity to reach out to many people through the Nanenane exhibitions. Nanenane day on Aug 8 every year celebrates the important contribution of farmers to the Tanzanian economy.

This year we managed to showcase our innovations just outside our premises where we had a tent and innovations outside to display. The aim of showcasing our products is to be able to build a larger network of potential clients and innovators who will keep working with us to create more technologies to solve community challenges.

It is also one of the opportunities we have to market Twende’s programs and activities to new people. Creating awareness on how technology could change more lives and make such a huge difference in it. We talked to students of various schools, community members and telling them how Twende could work with them while solving their problems in the society through local innovation.

The Jamii Tech Program brings local University students as well as international youth together with a specific community, and together they team up to identify a specific problem within that community that they can solve together using their innovative ideas and abilities. These innovative technologies are created from scratch in hope to go through many prototype phases and finally a finished product that can be used by the community it was created to help.

This year, the program started on the 12th of August and it includes 8 students from Tanzanian Universities who will be trained and work on projects for 8 weeks and 2 communities to work together with the students for one week. These communities include 2 Groups which make a total of 15 members. So far we are in the fifth week of the program where students are working on their prototypes and are getting guidance from our amazing team of trainers and staff before presenting them to the community members for feedback.

Twende loves bringing impact to the local community. In the next few months, we will have more creative capacity building programs and continue to follow up on how individual projects are doing as well as continue to work on our new project. We love that you continue to support us and keep track of what we are up to. Do sign up for our newsletter and follow us on our social accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) or watch our GlobalGiving organization page.

Remember, we do this because you help us. Thank you very much for your continuous support!

JTP students demonstrating their prototype
JTP students demonstrating their prototype
Our programming interns working with our trainer
Our programming interns working with our trainer


Jun 11, 2019

We Did It!!!

Creative Capacity Building program at our workshop
Creative Capacity Building program at our workshop

Hey Twende Community!

What a journey it has been! Even as we close up this wonderful project, we cannot fathom how great of help this whole community here has been in accomplishing our project with the youth of Arusha, Tanzania in the past months. It has truly touched our hearts at the workshop, but even more, it has had a great impact on all the people we managed to reach thanks to you! 

This project has managed to reach 493 youth in the north-eastern regions of Tanzania, where 275 were girls and 218 boys. We have also been lucky enough to conduct 26 programs both in our workshop and in different schools and communities neighbouring us. We are grateful to our team, particularly Epifanis, Bernard and Chris, who make up the Elimu (Education) Team, who continuously develop better ways to engage with our youth in the Outreach programs. 

We will continue providing our creative capacity building programs to the youth of Tanzania as we carry our vision to empower Tanzanians with innovative solutions to real community challenges that they can create through our programs, and we hope to reach further into the more rural areas of our region, with hopes that we can service more people with the opportunity to solve problems using innovation. 

This is definitely not goodbye; please do keep a look out for more of our projects. We are always grateful for every donation given to our cause, and we always look forward to giving you updates of how great of an impact your support is making. 

We could have not done this without you. Thank you so so much! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on our social accounts (Facebook and Instagram) or watch our GlobalGiving organization page.


With immense gratitude,

Ellie and the Twende team


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