Animal-Kind International

To raise funds for AKI's partner animal welfare organizations in poor countries countries. Currently AKI has partner organizations in Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, South Sudan, Namibia, Ghana, Armenia, Bosnia, Jamaica, and Honduras. Our partner organizations can use AKI funds for their priority animal welfare needs. This fills a major gap--there are so few possibilities for fundraising for animals in these countries, and any grant funding that is available is very limited and narrow. AKI is guided by the principles that animal welfare has no boundaries; and that improving conditions for animals goes hand in hand with improving conditions for people. AKI does the due diligence on our partner orga...
Improve care of Ghana's abandoned & abused horses
(1.40611, -3.51562)
Support Uganda SPCA animal shelter ops & expansion
(2.10890, 33.04688)