Nov 4, 2020

Report - November 2020 - Cinderellas of Bukavu

REPORT – NOVEMBER 2020 – Cinderellas of Bukavu
The coronavirus has not disappeared in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but numbers seem to have reduced and in August lockdown measures were eased.
Schools opened on 12th October.
Children have been welcomed at Foyer Ek’Abana throughout the whole year despite the pandemic. The centre never closed and remained a safe place for them. In all these months they kept studying and listening to the lessons together over the radio and they never stopped developing their talents.
They learn crafts that might be useful for their future. In addition, the Foyer Ek’Abana teaches them how to raise chickens and guinea pigs. Becoming a breeder is another chance that children have for their future. Hence, if they success in completing primary school, they receive a reward: little animals to look after and raise! Farming animals will allow them to earn money and cover the expenses of secondary school.
The number of children in need never decreases. Please, donate to support the great job that the centre is doing for them!
Thank you for your help!

Sep 8, 2020


Education during COVID-19 pandemic

Unfortunately, COVID-19 pandemic has spread also in Iraq, where the population was already heavily affected by conflicts and ISIS domination.

The official numbers in the country are close to 260,370cases (data updated to 07.09.2020) and measures have been immediately taken to limit the spread of the virus as much as possible.

Schools have been closed since February 14th but, thanks to COOPI, children were able to study at home.

In fact, COOPI provided school materials to 4,000 children and abstracts to 261 children, in order to guarantee them to complete their exams safely.

Playful activities were also offered to 1,085 children, so that children could express emotions and face the stress caused by school closures.

Despite travel restrictions, in 2020 COOPI rehabilitated 5 new schools and trained 36 teachers.

Jul 8, 2020

Report July 2020 - Cinderellas of Bukavu

This year, the Foyer Ek’Abana welcomed 24 new children who were abandoned by their family or chased out after being accused of witchcraft.

In the same period, 22 children were reintegrated: most of them were welcomed into their family of origin and 4 were welcomed into foster families.

The Center sensitizes families and provides also concrete help. In fact, children going back home received some items they need: a bed, a blanket and clothes, as well as the payment of their school fees.

At the Foyer Ek’Abana, the mission has always been to allow children to develop their talents. They receive three meals a day and perform various activities.

Unfortunately, COVID19 spread also in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The official numbers in the country are close to 8,000 cases (data updated to 07.07.2020) and measures have been immediately taken to limit as much as possible the spread of the virus.

Schools have been closed since March 19th but the Foyer Ek'Abana has never totally closed: some children continue to be welcomed inside. During the day boys learn crafts to become tailors or bricklayers in the future. Girls learn to make beautiful colored bags that they will sell in the future.

In order not to completely stop studying, social workers bring to the neighborhoods radios with which children can follow the lessons that the school broadcasts and go on with their homework!

Thank you for your past support in favor of the girls of Bukavu! Please keep donating to help abandoned children, stay by their side during this new emergency!

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