Jun 30, 2021

Report_July2021_Cinderellas of Bukavu

REPORT – JULY 2021 – Cinderellas of Bukavu


In Bukavu, the Ek’Abana Center run by Sister Natalina welcomes children accused of witchcraft and children in need.

Goma, the city overwhelmed in recent days by the lava flows of the Nyiragongo volcano, is located 150km from Bukavu. During the night of 22nd May the volcano started a dangerous eruption on the slope towards the city.


People from the most at-risk neighbourhoods received evacuation orders to the nearby mountains. Nearly 40,000 people decided to go to Bukavu and there, most of the displaced people have received hospitality from friends or family. Ek’Abana also took care of them right from the start!

After the eruption and the subsequent evacuation of part of the city, about 200 minors are missing, they lost their family in the general chaos. In this situation, international organizations have been involved in the family reunification, which is complex, especially for small children who cannot explain anything.

These minors need food, shelter and clothes while the center looks for their families.

To continue giving support, further aid is needed.

Stay by our side and support Ek’Abana Center in welcoming children displaced from Goma. Thank you!

Jun 7, 2021

Report - June 2021 - Back to school in Iraq

COOPI in Iraq guarantees education, child protection, livelihoods, water and sanitation. Foundation COOPI – International Cooperation, operates with an integrated approach, based on the inclusion of multiple sectors such as food security, nutritional security, water and sanitation, protection and education. 

With offices in Erbil, Baghdad, Shirqat, and Balad COOPI has been intervening in Iraq since 2016, targeting areas out of camps in Ninewa and Salah Al Din. In 2020, COOPI was active in Mosul district with an Education and Child Protection intervention and in Al-Hadar, Shirqat and Baiji.

COOPI Intervention Sectors: Education.

COOPI education activities are primarily directed at sustaining the government’s efforts to achieve “quality” education standards, intended as safe and appropriate learning environment, competent and context-aware teachers, adequate materials for teaching and learning, participatory methods of instruction that allow for equal learning opportunities for every student, including students with disabilities, psychosocial vulnerabilities and students facing discrimination. Equal and simultaneous attention is given to the protective environment that schools must provide for their students in terms of physical and psychological wellbeing. Hence, COOPI Education interventions comprise a broad range of activities which include, but are not limited to: infrastructural interventions, distribution of schools and individual kits, capacity building for teachers, extra-curricular activities and Non-Formal Education activities for out-of-school children and Support to Parent-Teacher Associations.


Read more in attached

Mar 3, 2021

Report - March 2021 - Cinderellas of Bukavu

In 2020 the Congolese authorities had closed schools for six months (March-September). Reopened in October, they were closed again on 18th December to stem the second wave of the pandemic, as it was accelerating sharply.

The closure of schools is a threat to the education, protection and well-being of children. The most marginalised children - who are most at risk of dropping out of education - pay the heaviest price for school closures.

Deprived of daily exchanges with their peers and opportunities to exercise, they see their physical and mental condition deteriorate. Deprived of the safety net often provided by school, they are more vulnerable to abuse, as well as to marriage and child labour.

Foyer Ek’Abana has never closed and has kept welcoming children in need, offering the opportunity to study together and to receive food and protection in a healthy environment.


Fortunately, schools reopened on 22nd February. Foyer Ek’Abana will never stop supporting children and being at their side. Also thanks for your help!

Continue to stay by their side! Thank you so much.

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