More Than Me

The More Than Me Academy is on a mission to make sure education and opportunity, not exploitation and poverty, define the lives of the most vulnerable girls from the West Point Slum of Liberia. When she graduates, she will decide what comes next for her life.
May 3, 2013

Crochet Love & News from the More Than Me Academy!

Hello! Hello! Please enjoy the most recent updates from Liberia:

MTM Academy

We are going to give the girls the California State placement test in the next few weeks. Last week Marleen wrapped up her last day (sniffle sniffle) at the school with a Zumba class! It was worth getting completely drenched in sweat :) The girls loved it! Otherwise, the computer class is still going on. We are in negotiations with iLab to run a computer class at their facility on a regular basis for our top ladies.  


Before she left Liberia, Marleen taught the girls how to crochet! She taught them both the basics and different patterns for hats and headbands. You can't deny that the girls are really into it from the photos below! We are so thankful for Marleen's devoted service to the girls in the past year and a half. The girls will always have the skill of crocheting and so many other memories to remember her by. We'll miss you Marleen!

Guest House

We're working on getting the guest house up and running for visitors and our staff. We are working on getting power from LEC. In the meantime, our staff is negotiating a deal with Anglers to get 15 amps from their generator per month. Inside white paint is done! Looks beautiful. We bought the paint from a wholesaler at a crazy cheap rate and we have about 13 buckets left over which is enough to paint the outside as well. Our brand colors in Benjamin Moore paint will be arriving on the container. We'll use those to create splashes of MTM branded color throughout the house. It's gonna look great!! 

Solar Panels

We are getting an estimate for solar panels to power the school. It's a bit expensive to setup, but will save us LOTS of money in the long run. We're excited about this project!

Fellowship Launch

Our 2013 Teaching Fellowship applications are due on May 10th! We are so excited about the enthusiasm we've received so far and can't wait to choose 8 incredible candidates to spend a year in Liberia with us. Learn more here.

Thank You

THANK YOU for your continued support. Through all of these little projects comes the end goal: getting more girls in school and off of the streets. We couldn't do our work without you, and we are so, so grateful for your generosity. We look forward to updating you again soon!

Apr 23, 2013

Updates on the More Than Me Academy

The girls have been taking computer, crocheting, and art classes after school. It’s because of you that they are able to have these extracurricular activities and a place to go after the school day ends.

We're happy to report that construction on the More Than Me Academy is almost complete! We are excited to open the doors to the MTM Academy in September.

We also just released our application for our 2013 Fellowship Program. In the next couple months, we will be recruiting eight passionate, entrepreneurial fellows to help run the MTM Academy for the 2013-2014 school year. In addition to teaching at the Academy alongside a Liberian teacher, each fellow will take on a supplementary role to ensure that the Academy and MTM’s projects on the ground run smoothly. Those positions include:

  1. Grant Partners Fellow
  2. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Fellow
  3. Communications/ Digital Media Fellow
  4. Business Development Fellow
  5. IT/Technology Fellow
  6. Pedagogical Fellow
  7. Creative Development Fellow
  8. Finance/Procurement Fellow

This is an exciting time for More Than Me. Fellows will play a crucial role in guiding the vision of MTM and giving the girls the best education possible. We plan to double the number of girls we support by the end of 2013! Thank you for your continued support, we couldn't do our work without you. Here are some recent photos of the Academy’s construction progress and what our girls have been up to.

Feb 5, 2013

The school is almost done!


Things are moving forward fast at More Than Me and it's because of you. We now have 6 Liberian staff, a full day of school with meals for 108 children and after school programs where the girls are learning awesome things like sewing, how to use a computer, and jewelry making. Our More Than Me academy is due to open this month and will serve around 200 girls by the end of next year. A volunteer nurse is coming from the US at the end of the month to de-worm the girls and do basic check ups!

This is Angel. Her mom was 30 years old. She died last month. Angels future will be different. Girls who go to school live longer healthier lives. This is what all of us are doing together. Empowering these girls to have a choice and not just accept a life as a slave to survival.

Angel has a future and we are not stopping. There are hundreds of 1,000's of girls forced to the streets and now it's time to flip the script.

We are excited for this year. Couldn't do this without you!