Nov 9, 2020

Life continues during the pandemic


Since September, our staff have started to visit the families in order to re-evaluate the children to make sure we are sending them via WhatsApp the most appropriate activity to be practiced.

Here I share the story of two boys from our program:

Hi, I am Angel and I'm 12 years old.  I have no brothers or sisters. My mum learned about the FCID program through the community worker Adalgisa. I entered the program when I was 8 years old. I didn't understand much of what they were teaching at school at that time, as they just past me on to the next course without having to get any good notes. This is policy of the Ministry of Education until getting to the third grade.

My mum died a year ago and I now live with my aunt Charo. This makes me sad sometimes. I miss my mum a lot, but my aunty is very nice and helps a lot with teaching me new skills.

Every week Adalgisa taught my mother, and now my aunt, how to teach me something interesting and during the past 4 years I have learned to distinguish and name colors and the letters of the alphabet, read and write just a little, I am better at just copying!   I also learned to draw, add and subtract and much more.  Even during the pandemic Adalgisa continued to send my aunt activities.

This year I finally passed to the fourth grade   


Hi, I'm Ismael and I'm 11 years old. I live with my mum in Santiago. I have 2 sisters back in Haiti. We are all three from different fathers. 

I entered in the program when I was 7 years old. The promoter Ada taught me at home because I did not learn at school. It was much better than in school, because Ada continuously encouraged me to learn in a fun way and helped my mum to do so also.

I was always waiting for her with a smile.

During her weekly visits she helped my mother to teach me daily and that way I finally learned the alphabet, reading and writing, my colors, even though it still is sometimes hard for me to remember well how to write the letters. I also learned to add and many other things like the days of the week, the Dominican holidays etc.

During the pandemic, my sister came from Haiti and she was helping me with my classes, because my mother works during the day. Also three months ago she had a baby and now i am an uncle!

During the last visit in the past week, I graduated from the home visiting program because I already learned everything from the Portage milestone list and Ada invited me to start attending a group of teens where I can learn even more!


I hope you enjoyed reading the stories of Angel and Ismael.  Thank you very much for your support for our programs!  We hope to be able to continue our programs in 2021.

Therefore I invite you to put the Givng Tuesday matching campaign on your agenda.It will be on Tuesday December 1st! 

Thank you again in name of the children and families we serve! 

first visit after 6 months pandemic
first visit after 6 months pandemic
Ismael 6 yrs old
Ismael 6 yrs old
Ismael and his sister during last visit
Ismael and his sister during last visit
Jul 15, 2020

Supervisor Delfina

Supervisor Delfina in 2015
Supervisor Delfina in 2015

The COVID19 situation in the DR does still not allow us to assume our regular home visiting regime.

Therefore I am going to take this opportunity to give you a bit of insight about the impact of our organization in the life of one of our supervisors and also mother of the program who have worked with the Fundación Cuidado Infantil Dominicano since 1994.

 My name is Delfina and this is my story

It all started in the year 1993 with the visit to my home in Cienfuegos in Santiago of two persons from the Fundación Cuidado Infantil Dominicano (FCID) asking me if I had a child with a developmental delay. In reality one of my 6 children Aneudy, did not talk very well, did not do well in school and was very unruly compared with my other children. So I was happy to have outside help with helping him to improve. At the time we were living a small wooden structure with one living room and only one room for us all to sleep in, with an outside kitchen and bathroom.

Aneudy was 8 years old when he enrolled in the program and I was trained by the FCIDin the Portage method in how to work with other families with children with developmental delays, being visual, auditory, mental of physical or a combination.

I first only started to work with 3 children, but after a year or so I visited 15 families. This provided me with income and helped improved the life of my family, because the humble income of my husband could not provide for all necessities. After 4 years I became an assistant supervisor, because I had decided to go back to school after having finished only 6 years of primary school. To become a supervisor I had to have a high school degree, and FCID helped me pay for my studies. I was somewhat scared because it had been 27 years since I had been in school and I was already 39 years old. But I looked to the future and thanks to God and the FCID I finished my high school. Because the program had helped Aneudy do better in school it just so happened we both graduated the same year in high school. Thus I became a supervisor with 8 community rehabilitation workers under me and supervising their visits to 65 children.

Because our income was now better, I started to take out loans to improve our living circumstances, I was able to build a house with blocks and pay for the studies of my children of whom two have now graduated from university and all six of them are working.

Thanks to the Lord and the FCID, I started to grow both spiritually, as a person and economically with the goal to improve our home, and today I know that faith can move mountains if we ask and trust our God with faith, humility and love.

I was a person who never went anywhere, I spent my days cleaning, washing and cooking for my family. I had no aspiration to improve myself. But God brought the FCID in my life to lift us out of the misery. After 18 years of working with the FCID I was let go, because of lack of funding, but with the severance pay I was able to finish the construction of my house, with an indoor kitchen and bathroom and three bedrooms.

I than lasted about two and a half year without working, and when I needed it most, FCID came to ask me to come back and I went back like a daughter going home with new goals.

The present goal I have is to help the FCID to continue to positively impact more lives of families with children with developmental delays and grow to break new records, God willing.


 Delfina is a great supervisor and an inspiration for her community rehabilitation workers and the families they visit. We are glad she was willing to come back in 2015, reinforcing our program team and help us train new community rehabilitation workers.

An update on her son Aneudy: He has left the watchman service we reported on in one of our earlier reports, but has since started work as a cook in a restaurant and seems to have found the work he likes and he is also being appreciated as he has been working there now for a couple of years!

 Thank you so much for all the support you have given us through this platform and I would like to invite you to join Delfina in her goal to help grow our work and impact many more families in wonderful and empowering ways.

 This coming Wednesday July 15 there will be a Bonus Day with matching funds for donations above USD 100. all you need to do to give is to go to our GlobalGiving page and donate!

 The families of the children and adolescents with disabilities will be very grateful!

Delfina as a Community Rehabilitation Worker
Delfina as a Community Rehabilitation Worker
Delfina teaching developmental screening
Delfina teaching developmental screening
Apr 21, 2020

Impact COVID19

Breiny and his mother
Breiny and his mother

This time our report is a bit different, because our community work has come to a halt and both our workers and our families are sitting at home riding out this period of world health crisis.

As we are working with the poorest families in the Santiago Province, many do not even have a smart phone, so working by using a camera is not an option for our work.  We just hope that the parents will continue to apply the principles of how to treat their children to bring out the best in them, also in this situation and to continue to challenge them gently in their development. 

We pray that their situation will not be affected too much by the situation and that they will be able to profit from the different actions from the Dominican government to supply special credit for essentials and food to the most vulnerable!

One more way our project has been affected is by the cancelling of the visits of end of term Physical Therapy students with a accompanying professional over the spring break.   They help us to get an annual evaluation of the children and adolescents and leave a written program that our workers follow, matching it up with milestones from the Portage method and other non-motor developmental areas to be stimulated, like language, social, self-help and cognitive development.

In this report I present you Breiny and Ruddy and their mothers . They live in an area about 3 hours travel away from the central office.  These two families came in for the annual evaluation of the annual visit of end of term Occupational Therapy students and professional in January leaving the same kind of help as mentioned for the PT students.

As they live so far away one of our workers visited them once every two weeks (until further notice right now) as it  takes her a whole day for these visits, leaving them a program for two weeks to follow.

The families are very grateful and both Breiny and Ruddy have shown quite a bit of improvement, not the least being more obedient, paying more attention and thus learning more skills that will help them hopefully to get into the local school.  We would have to go and investigate how this would be possible, but both boys have the potential, despite their Cerebral Palsy that mainly affect their movements.

We thank you for your support to our work and the families with the children and adolescents that live with disabilities.

We also hope that your own situation has not been adversely affected by this crisis and wish you and your family will continue to be safe and healthy!

May we all rely on our loving and gracious Lord and Father who is in control and does not want any of us to perish, but have eternal life!

Ruddy and his mother
Ruddy and his mother
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