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May 28, 2020


Greetings to you, here is a quick update from Kathy’s Kindergarten amidst the ongoing pandemic.

As directed by the government, all schools have been closed since 20th of March because of the ongoing situation.

The lockdown has posed several challenges to both the children and their parents. Not so many of the children’s parents are in position to read and write, which makes it a really hard task for some of the children to learn while at home. Some parents get so caught up with household chores and growing food in their gardens, hence giving less or no attention to the child’s learning whilst at home.

Some of the homes are not conducive to enhance a child’s learning because they are too close to the roadside and hence there is a lot of disruption to children’s concentration.

Since the schools were closed unexpectedly, we decided as a school to provide the children with the first set of home learning materials that would keep them busy and we are glad to hear that parents are trying their best to help our children learn while they are home.

After consulting the parents on the progress of their children with the home learning materials provided, they gave us a positive response that the children were picking up, later on, we gave them the second set of home learning materials when the lock down was extended to cover the period that they were to be at school before holidays.

In this month of May, they are supposed to be in holidays already and so we did not give them any learning package for this period because we expect them to be resting from schoolwork for a while. Instead we gave all our kindergarten families a tray of eggs to help during this difficult period. The lockdown and the floods destroying crops has resulted in some families having nothing to eat. This gesture was appreciated by all our kindergarten families.

Meanwhile, in case the lockdown is still extended even after the holiday period we hope to continue providing them with the home learning materials to help them not to fall back in their education, and I believe one day with a great teacher is better than a thousand days of diligent independent study. The children were with us for a month plus before lockdown and therefore we are so hopeful that, if we keep providing them with the home learning materials, even while they are away from us, they will not fall back in their education.

Thank you to all our kindergarten teachers for their hard work in keeping our children educated during this difficult period and a special thank you to all our donors for making it possible for us to help the children and their families.


May 28, 2020

Viola's Drive to Move forward during Lockdown!

Viola making a cooking stove to sell
Viola making a cooking stove to sell

Voila is among the young girls who have, through the course of time, benefited from Act4Africa weekly Health, Education and Livelihood sessions.

In her words Viola says: “I cannot be more thankful to Act4Africa, for the industrious/entrepreneurial skills that are helping me navigate life through these tough and turbulent times.

“It is almost equated to a taboo in my community, being at my age with a child and I happen not be married as yet. It is my decision however, to aspire for a better and good future.”

These were some of the statements made by Viola, during our short visit to her home to get to know of how she has been managing to cope with life, ever since government announced the lock down.   

“With the many challenges notwithstanding, this season has kept my mind so focused and innovative in creating and finding opportunities that can earn me and my relatives a livelihood, owing to the entrepreneurial skills that I attained from Act4Africa.

“On top of selling the vegetables from my backyard garden and tailoring, I have also learnt how make clay stoves that I plan to sell during and after this lock-down season.”

Such is the story of Viola a young and determined girl on the quest to achieve her aspirations.

Thanks to your support, we are delighted that our Ugandan Girls Thrive project has gained a prized place on the GlobalGiving 2020 Girl Fund. With this regular funding from GlobalGiving throughout 2020, we will be able to continue supporting girls like Viola. With your support, they will not only survive this challenging time, they will reach for their goals as well!  

A completed stove being used in Viola's home
A completed stove being used in Viola's home


Mar 13, 2020

Changing lives and helping dreams come true.

Yolesi with the liquid soap she produces.
Yolesi with the liquid soap she produces.

Yolesi (25) from Kasese District, Western Uganda, is one of our many young women who have been positively transformed both socially and economically through trainings under our project 'Ugandan Girls Thrive'. She tells us how she now enjoys an independent lifestyle without looking to men as a source of income.

“I dropped out of school due to lack of fees after the death of my father who was solely responsible for paying my school dues from a small business of shop keeping in our village.”

Yolese, a once miserable young girl, started seeing light for an improved lifestyle after attending Act4Africa workshops and life skills programs.

“I was empowered and equipped with skills of beading and later liquid soap making in my group which has transformed my life as a young woman.”

Yolesi told us, “After stopping schooling, I sat at home and would do farm and domestic work with my mother. As a young girl I lacked several things to make me look like other able girls in the village. My mother could not manage to provide for me or my other young siblings at home.

Being home all the time exposed me to many men whom I looked at as an alternative way of getting small money to buy myself basic needs as a girl. This was the only way out for my situation. I did all this in ‘total darkness’ because I never thought of the consequences of having multiple men, I never thought of HIV/AIDS, pregnancy and other STDs because I was not aware. I was so exposed, every day I placed my life to risk of being infected with HIV or becoming pregnant and facing isolation and rejection.”

“The trainings on HIV/AIDS knowledge and other sexual reproductive health information greatly opened my mind as a young girl. The enterprise and financial literacy knowledge encouraged me and others to form a small village savings group. With some of the savings, we hired a local entrepreneur to train us on how to make liquid soap. This later became the turning point in my economic status.”

“I saved my little profit share from the group business and later requested a loan from the same group, which I used to start up my own liquid soap making business with my mother. It is now the base of our financial status at home and my young siblings school fees are paid from the income we earn.”

“My big dream is to produce liquid soap in large quantities and supply schools and markets around my sub-county and beyond. All this would not be possible if Act4Africa had not come, with this life-changing program, to my village. I would be having many children and married by now because of being desperate and having nothing productive to do.”

Yolesi ended her story with heartfelt appreciations: “Thank you to Act4Africa and all those who support them. I wish you come back again to train many more girls such that we can live an empowered and independent life as young girls and not be trapped in poverty by men.”

Thank you for your donations to the 'Ugandan Girls Thrive' project. Please share Yolesi’s story with others.

Act4Africa is competing for a place on the GlobalGiving Girl Fund. Help us make our way up the leader board by donating to this project on or before 13th March. If successful the funds received will allow us to put up to 45 adolescent girls through our comprehensive training programme, empowering and enabling them to take control of their future just like Yolesi.


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