Jul 3, 2019

A smile to melt your heart and a love of learning!

A smile to melt your heart
A smile to melt your heart

Meet Fahim, one of our pre-scholars at Kathy’s Kindergarten, who joined us in January 2019. He lives with both his parents in Mayuge district, five kilometres away from the school at Kathy’s Centre.

Fahim’s mother, Kevin, when consulted about her experience with our school, expressed total gratitude for the great role of modeling her child and laying a firm educational foundation at this early stage. “I am very comfortable with the hands handling my son, the school was opened at the right time when I was looking for the best school for him” she added.

Kevin believes in her son so much and just like it’s said, ‘behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first’. As teachers, we are equally proud to have such supportive parents.

Teacher, Madam Jennifer, is excited to express that he is such an active boy and willing to learn at any time. ‘I find it not hard at anytime to involve Fahim in any activity because he loves to learn new things and I am happy because teaching Fahim and his friends is an accomplishment and getting children like Fahim excited about learning is my greatest achievement.”

Madam Grace adds that “I love teaching Fahim because he is an interesting boy whose smiles can melt your heart, his love for music and dancing makes me confident that Fahim is going to be a passionate lover of whatever he sets his heart to, Fahim is an outstanding boy that learns with pleasure. When we learn with pleasure we never forget!”

Head Teacher, Mr. Amatre says “The boy is ready to learn whenever instructed to do something. He listens attentively when anyone is giving instructions, acts accordingly and reports anything which makes him uncomfortable to the teacher and loves sharing materials with other children.”

Fahim’s friends love being around him because he is so friendly.  Hashim who is Fahim’s best friend says, “I love playing with Fahim because he shares his juice with me”.  How lovely to know this about him!

At Kathy’s Kindergarten, we not only teach children how to count but also teach them what counts. We endeavour to provide the necessary environment in which they can learn.

Any monthly donation to our project will help us achieve our goal of bright minds and a brighter future for our children.

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Apr 9, 2019

Never laugh at small beginnings...

Women's group excitement upon receiving their goat
Women's group excitement upon receiving their goat

“Not long ago, the only activity that brought us together as women was to discuss our marital problems and challenges; we found solace from one another, given that we were all going through the same experiences and facing similar problems. We still benefit from this collective support, but we have attained so much more since engaging with Act4Africa. I am particularly grateful for the efforts that have been driven towards making us the people we are to today.” 

These were part of the opening remarks from Catherine, the chairperson of Sekadhikuwe women’s group in Mayuge during Act4Africa’s latest visit. The name of the group ‘Sekadhikuwe’ is derived from an adage in the local dialect to mean: ‘’You may laugh and mock at small beginnings, but I eventually succeed’’.

Indeed, since forming an Act4Africa Health, Empowerment and Livelihoods (HEAL) group, much has been achieved by the Sekadhikuwe women. Catherine says, “Before Act4Africa training, we had no idea about saving money. We were also very naïve about starting up enterprises. Today, we are proud owners of many small enterprises that are greatly transforming our economic status.”

On Act4Africa's last visit, in March, we were delighted to reward the women’s efforts with the gift of a hybrid goat, reared by Act4Africa Uganda on our own farm at Kathy’s Centre. The women received animal husbandry training and will have ongoing access to our goat breeding programme. 

“We hope that from this goat we will have more goats that we plan to sell to increase our group’s income.  This will allow us to venture into other income generating enterprises, like hire of tents chairs and tables for events. We are really grateful for this gift, the health education and knowledge, financial literacy skills, for through all these, we have emerged out to what we are.”

With a regular donation of £11 a month you can help us sustain our herd of goats at Kathy’s Centre, helping us provide goats to support HEAL groups throughout Mayuge district.

Act4Africa's Goats for Girls programme
Act4Africa's Goats for Girls programme
Kathy's Centre goat farm
Kathy's Centre goat farm


Apr 5, 2019

Meet Travis, age 5.


Meet Travis – he is 5 years old and is among the pioneer leaners here at Kathy’s Kindergarten.

Travis is a bright young learner and makes us feel proud of him as teachers, but another interesting factor is, he is the only boy in his age group.  The other 7 children in his group are female, a fact that we are delighted about as girl’s education is not normally a high priority for our community.

Travis is the first born, only child, living under the care of his mother in Mayuge town.  Travis’s father works away from home.

“I feel Kathy’s Kindergarten is playing a very great role in shaping my child’s personality at this early age of his childhood, as well as building his foundation towards a bright future through the education that he is acquiring.” said Travis’s mother, Prosy.

Not only does his mother feel grateful and excited about of what she sees in Travis, but she applauds the Kindergarten for being child-centred.  “This has greatly encouraged our son’s participation, creativity, self-esteem and general well-being.”

Prosy further notes that before Travis joined Kathy’s Kindergarten, he had very low self-esteem. She is thankful that the all-round curriculum being offered at Kathy’s Kindergarten, has shaped him to what he is now, “a confident, curious and enthusiastic learner”.

“We feel so overjoyed as parents to Travis for these great mile stones and excited that, later this year, Travis will be graduating to primary school. We shall greatly miss Kathy’s Kindergarten and Travis’s teachers and peers. Thank you for giving our son a brighter future through this unique early education."

Help us develop more bright minds and brighter futures for Mayuge's children by making a monthly donation to our project. £25 a month pays for one child's education at Kathy's Centre.   


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