Nov 6, 2020

Support Vulnerable Families During COVID-19 Crisis



Tijuana's small, but mighty network of civil society organizations have been welcoming migrants and deportees to ensure their basic needs are met. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has directly impacted millions of people's lives in Tijuana and the U.S.-Mexico border region. Since March 15, ICF has granted over $500,000 to local nonprofits to provide food, medicine, and legal services to vulnerable migrants and deportees in Tijuana. Please help us unite, inspire, and provide hope to our nearest neighbors. 


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to limit border activity and stall immigration proceedings, thousands of immigrants and refugees are stuck at the US-Mexico border waiting for legal status. Lack of access to healthcare, food and employment opportunities means they are more vulnerable than ever. Meanwhile, shelters struggle to maintain social distancing guidelines while providing for their basic needs. As Tijuana's COVID cases rise and the health system is overwhelmed, immigrant families are at highest risk!


ICF is accepting donations to support organizations in Tijuana that will help provide urgent medical supplies and PPE such as masks for hospitals and clinics; IT support and supplies for nonprofits providing critical services to immigrants such as legal counsel, psychological aid, and educational programs for kids and adults; emergency food and basic supplies for vulnerable families; & funds for salaries, rent, utilities and scholarships to help nonprofits survive funding cuts due to COVID-19.

Long-Term Impact

Since 2018, ICF has granted over $600,000 to local nonprofits supporting migrants and asylum seekers in the San Diego-Tijuana border region. Now, COVID-19 presents new challenges for this population. From our base in San Diego, ICF is committed to providing critical needs like food and medical supplies, and long-term support during the recovery which may include legal services to families, mental health support, job recovery, and ongoing basic needs like shelter, food, and medical treatment.


Oct 9, 2020

Disaster Relief in Mexico

It has been three years since Mexico suffered 8.2 earthquakes in different areas of the country - the destruction was devastating both physically and emotionally and in Oaxaca, the Istmo communities were greatly affected. During our first and second stages of providing disaster relief, the International Community Foundation (ICF) focused primarily on quick emergency relief. However, during this third stage, we switched focus to fund long-term projects that would make way for the sustainable recovery of the communities affected. ICF partnered with eleven local community organizations to assess longer-term community needs and provide the philanthropic support to serve those needs. The eleven organizations are located in Oaxaca, Morelos, and Mexico City: 

1. Friends of El Penon 
2. Fundacion Cantaro Azul A.C.
3. Fundacion Comunidad, A.C.
4. Fundacion Comunitaria Malinalco
5. Fondo Unido, IAP
6. Pro Ayuda a la Mujer Origen, A.C. 
7. Proyecto Impacto Consultores, A.C. 
8. Crecemos - Desarrollo Integral de la Juventude Oaxaca 
9. Fundacion Comunitaria Oaxaca, A.C. 
10. Centro de Apoyo Para la Educacion y Creatividad
11. Manos que Reconstruyen Oaxaca, A.C.

The projects funded range from developing vital emergency kits to providing therapeutic outlets to communities after surviving a traumatic experience. These projects are essential to provide key disaster relief responses to the most impacted communities. Our objectives are to promote the social reconstruction of communities through local community foundations and initiatives that promote the economic reactivation of the country through two ways:

1) Developing capacities in affected communities for economic reactivation and sustainable development such as disaster preparedness; 

2) Informing and advocating on behalf of the communities so that they are engaged in decision-making about reconstruction policies and efforts that impact them. 

We empower communities by providing local community foundations with the necessary resources to rebuild and strengthen their communities. By working with local organizations, we have been able to listen and put their needs first, to be able to truly provide the community with what they need. One example is by partnering with Pro Ayuda a la Mujer Origen, A.C. to provide a Oaxacan community with therapeutic resources. By collaborating with local organizations such as Pro Ayuda a la Mujer Origen, we were able to know that funding a psycho-emotional recovery program was necessary after trauma the community experienced due to these disasters. This program carried out in the Istmo Region in Oaxaca is a perfect example of the effective impact that comes from partnering with local organizations to be able to promote the social reconstruction of an impacted community. The overarching outcome during this time is being able to provide an inclusive and safe environment for the people impacted by the devastating earthquakes to be able to regrow and rebuild their communities. COVID-19 has impacted Mexican communities - depriving many families of income, food, and access to health services. During this challenging time, ICF will continue to work with these organizations to provide key disaster relief responses to the communities affected by the earthquakes in 2017. We encourage you to help us unite, inspire and provide hope during this time of great uncertainty.


Sep 3, 2020

Barbuda Update

In March 2020, the Barbuda Resilience Fund held at the International Community Foundation sent $5,000 grants to BarbudanGO, Be Foundation, and the Youth Media Apprenticeship Program to help Barbudans prepare for COVID19.

BarbudanGo and Be Foundation are two local nonprofits that emerged after Hurricane Irma in 2017.

The mission of the BarbudanGO is to:

  • Operate as an umbrella organization to give individuals andl groups access to apply for grants.
  • Provide alternative education programs.
  • Strengthen and preserve Barbuda’s history and culture.
  • Make Barbuda more prepared for disasters.

The 5k grant supported the BarbudanGo team in working directly with the Barbudan Council to increase public health and safety awareness on the island. Funding helped purchase supplies for the local hospital and also supported a public awareness campaign where youth and adults participated in a pandemic song writing contest.

BarbudanGo also serves as the fiscal sponsor for the Youth Media Apprenticeship Program who run the only local news station in Barbuda and who have been a critical local source for information and resources. The 5k grant was used to help the Youth Media team broadcast daily COVID 19 updates, trainings and other interviews that all helped to connect local community efforts in fighting the pandemic.

The mission of the Be Foundation is to:

  • Empower the voices of Barbudans to advocate for social change.
  • Identify global opportunities for community involvement.
  • Engage organizations, community leaders, citizens to ensure authentic participation and shared decision-making.
  • Fundraising and resource mobilization.

With the 5k grant, the Be Foundation team was able to continue advancing their local farming program. Most of the food on the island is imported, which leaves Barbudans particularly vulnerable during this critical time. This program is geared towards building the resiliency of Barbudans to grow their own food. During the International Community Foundation's visit in late February there were 10 new local farmers. 

As we are writing this update Barbuda continues to prepare for hurricane season. Tropical storm warnings called for a lockdown on August 21st. At the same time, Barbudans are pushing back against the destruction of Palmetto Point which is part of the Codrington National Lagoon Reserve and an internationally recognized Ramsar site.   

The International Community Foundation team is grateful to everyone who has supported the Barbudan Resilience Fund. Incoming donations will continue to support capacity building for these NGO's who are passionate and commited to Barbuda and it's people. 


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