ICA:UK's mission is to enable people to bring about change in pursuit of a just and sustainable world for all. Informed by our values (shared responsibility, wholeness, a global perspective, constant learning, and making a difference) we seek to develop a culture of participation amongst the individuals, groups and organisations we target.
Mariakani Town, on the main Nairobi- Mombasa road, about one hour from Mombasa
Mombasa Rd, Mariakani, Kenya
(-3.86258, 39.47293)
Mariakani, Mombasa, Kenya
Mombasa Rd, Kenya
From report: Reducing the stigma
(-3.70570, 38.97949)
Moungo Division, Littoral Region
N 5, Cameroon
(4.74410, 10.04150)
Supporting People with HIV/AIDS in Kenya
Kilifi, Kenya
(-3.51342, 39.37500)
The project is based in the market town of Mariakani, about one hour from the port of Mombasa
Mombasa Rd, Mariakani, Kenya
(-3.86358, 39.47387)