Jul 22, 2019

July Report- We are not Limited

Our children at the Foundation are precious. And our goal is that they too have the oppertunities that all other children have. They are trained to go beyond the limitations that society, culture puts on them, and as a Foundation it is a privilege to see them enjoying life and having the understanding that they are not limited. We would like to report on the following

a. Computer Lessons through Volunteers

The children have not been limited to their daily schedule at the school. During the past few weeks they have had some exciting moments, especially learning Mathematics and English through the computer lessons that was conducted at the Foundation. They are overjoyed to do these lessons with the two young volunteers who visit the Foundation every Thursday to teach our dear friends on how they can  do  Mathematical problems easily through an application that  has been created.

b. Visit by GlobalGiving

Ms Uma Thiyagarajan, a representative of GlobalGiving  visited the E.A.S.E Foundation on July 16,2019. She was able to spend time with a few mothers and also the teachers of the school. During the meeting held for the parents she inquired from them on how the school has helped their children. Some parents with much emotion expressed how blessed they are to have a programe such as this conducted for their children who once were rejected, and treated as a burden to society and even the schools that they attended. However, through the acceptance and the love shown by the Management and the Teachers of E.A.S.E, now the children are much confident and they have improved in their interaction and have the ability to do things on their own. As parents they now have the confidence that their children are been equipped to face society with confidence and stability and they are thankful to all that the Foundation has rendered to their lives through the programme. Finally even though Ms Thiyagarajan was unable to understand the language that the parents spoke without interpretation, she concluded by saying “ I felt so overwhelmed seeing the parents and children, even though I did not speak/understand the language this indeed speaks about how great E.A.S.E is doing to help our children with better lives”.


Jun 14, 2019

Phase 3- Equipping the Equipped

Equipping the Equipped

Once the training was completed E.A.S.E gifted seven (7) Sewing machines to five (5) mothers and one(01) father to generate an income, these are parents of children who are attending E.A.S.E. Foundations educational program. Even though this project initiative was for moms, due to the interest and the skill that was shown by a father, he too was gifted with a machine. Additionally one Mom an experienced seamstress was gifted with two (2) machines to expand her current home based business.

Business opportunities

At first E.A.S.E will intervene and support the participants in finding buyers for the items that will be produced, and latterly these parents will take the ownership and improve their business to the next level.

However due to the interest shown by the “green conscious buyers”, we have been able to promote the Shopping bag in addition to the other items amongst our well-wishers and followers of our Face Book page. We have also been able to obtain a few orders for our caregivers to generate an income.

Apr 22, 2019

Meet Thesath


Meet Thesath

When he came to us at age 3 (2016 June), Thesath had about 10 words mostly nouns, ‘mother’, ‘father’, etc. He was
not functioning at an age-appropriate level. Working with his teacher one-on-one Thesath learns self-help skills, arts and crafts and does movement therapy. But most importantly at E.A.E. we believe in presuming competence and the vital importance of communication. This is why our primary goal is to give Thesath the knowledge and skills to attain age-appropriate communication and education. 

We are so proud to say that in January 2019, he entered a mainstream classroom (Grade 1) speaking at an age-appropriate level and well able to do the work his peers will do. His mother shared that he aced the intake interview at his new school.

Your contribution is vital to allow us to complete this life-changing work. 

We provide the following services free of charge: 

  • Age appropriate academics
  • Self-help skills
  • Vocational training
  • Trips, concerts and fun events
  • Fostering creativity with arts and crafts projects
  • Movement therapy through dance

In addition, we provide the following services to our families:

  • Building strong, knowledgeable parents
  • Promoting sibling bonding
  • Counselling for parents and students
  • Medical camps
  • Emergency relief
  • Sponsorship for travel and siblings education
  • Employment for mothers

Services to society

  • Workshops on ‘creating a world where we all belong’
  • Books on disability, autism and writings from our students to educate parents and professionals providing a unique insider view of disability
  • Trainings for teachers/community groups/ professionals and parents
  • Advocacy – poster campaigns, media engagement
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