Feb 2, 2021

CCDC flight with COVID-19 Crisis for children

At CWEFT, our mission is to empower children and families, equip through education, and end cycles of poverty. So we continue to seek & serve to help protect those children and their families.

2020 has been a year unlike any other—but in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, political unrest, and more challenges, we’ve been humbled to witness your unforgettable generosity. Honestly—we can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done to help countless communities through the year.

 What has CWEFT been able to achieve in this period?

 Concordia Day Care & Slum Community Center:

In the face of crisis with COVID-19 in March, 2020, and government policy to lock down Bangkok, it made CDCC not able to open Concordia Day care to serve children in need. But the Lord opened other doors to serve in a different way.  CDCC continued to be the hands and feet of Jesus, by providing food supplies and care packages to help families in need in Bang Na district. In July 17, we were able to re-open the center, and CDCC continued to serve at the daycare, and monthly visits to the community residents, sharing food supplies.

Between March 15 – December 24, CDCC helped to provide 16,850 meals and 2,135 food supplies and care packages such as masks, hand gel, towel, soap and water bottle etc., to children and their families within 11 communities surrounding Bang Na Center. Your gift, along with partners and individual donors. allowed CDCC to serve food to 9,360 people.


Maintained children and elderly home:

As many of parents of the children from CDCC lost their jobs, they had no income while Bangkok was in lock down. Some of the childrens’ families have so little income already, then they have to fight with the COVID – 19 crisis, in addition to seasonal rains (September – October). Heavy rain made a tough place to live even tougher, with structural damage to walls, roofs and flooring a common occurrence for many of the slum’s inhabitants. After surveying the challenging conditions, it was decided that CDCC would help provide construction support for 7 families with homes in really bad condition, especially grandparents with no income that look after their grandchildren. By providing safe living conditions, we protect the well-being of the children and their families in Bang Na’s slum. Thank you!

 CDCC celebrates Christmas with children, their families, and our partners.

We thank all donors that this year, we can still celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. The Christmas Outreach program is an annual event that serves by preparing Christmas packages for the children and families living at Bang Na site.

Many children isolated themselves at home, away from friends while we were in lock down. We thank God that the situation in December was still not that bad, which allowed CWEFT, Beginnings Foundation, KPIS International school, World Help, CWEFT-USA, plus CWEFT’s board members, staff, children and some of their families, to arrange and celebrate Christmas for 96 children and 73 parents in need. To rest their soul with the true meaning of Christmas. We also had a good time with games, gifts, and heard the story of Christmas by the Beginning residents. With this event, kids and family can enjoy extra foods as many people are struggling with an economic and COVID 19 crisis. Praise the Lord for all His good and our wonderful partners!


Volunteer  Services with CDCC

Concordian International School bring their teacher and students to serve the community with CDCC in December 2020. Their help allowed us to go out and share the gifts with others, and students can learn about people in need in big cities like Bangkok.

 Big thanks to KPIS students and staff for their hearts of service and love for others by participating in a Christmas Outreach program at CDCC. We would like to thank the KPIS students and staff for their kindness and generosity. Looking forward to working with you in 2021 as a service-learning team together.


Thank you note from CDCC kids and volunteer.


  • One CDCC student lives with her grandmother. Her father got involved in drug trafficking and was in prison. Her mother sold sausage at a Big C department store and cared for 5 family members. Income was unstable, so it was hard for her to save up to fix the restroom. Earth and Amy needed construction supplies to fix a dividing shower wall in the restroom. The floor needed 4 segmented pillars and some wood to make the floor. With your gift, CDCC helped to fix up the two rooms so they can both be used, without worrying about safety with someone watching. Thank you for sponsoring us.

“My name is Chetsada. I am in grade 7. And Amy is in grade 3. Thank you so much for your love and care for me. This Christmas is special to me and my family as the Concordia School helped to fix my restroom for me and my family. Thank you so much for helping me and my sister to be safe, with no hole in the restroom and house risk.”  

  • Mr. Sam Simcox taught English at the local daycare center and helped out wherever he could, while he lived in Bangkok with his parents. His affinity with the people he met through CWEFT has extended long past his departure from Thailand, as he continues to inquire about what he can do to help. 

“My time spent helping out with CWEFT made me appreciate what I have in my own life. Sometimes people who have nothing can also be the most welcoming and kind! Giving your time to those less fortunate can really help you see things from another perspective. We have the power to help and give back to these communities, and I think it is imperative to do so,” Sam insists.


Thank you to volunteers and students for their service learning activities, that help CWEFT to be able to help others!


 Please include us in your prayers and support, and you can also help us spread the word about our work and continue to grow our community of supporters like you. If you’re willing to share the story of our work with your network, we would be incredibly grateful!


CWEFT Thailand Website: www.cwefthailand.org, Email: cweftthailand@gmail.com

CWEFT- USA website: http://www.cweft-usa.org/, Email: David@cweft-usa.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cwefthailand


Sep 4, 2020

Surviving Lockdown and More

The CDCC’s purpose is to serve children, single mothers, widows, and families living in slum communities in Bangkok. The CDCC has served these at-risk groups for more than 30 years. This program assists the most vulnerable of all ages in the community to provide the education and training they need to break the cycle of poverty and achieve their full potential. Programming includes day care services, Saturday classes & tutoring, field trips, special events, care for the elderly, and much more.

With COVID-19 sweeping across the globe and threatening lives and livelihoods, many people found themselves struggling financially with unemployment, decreased income, and lack of food and shelter. Many children found themselves more isolated and less linked to their previous support networks.

In Thailand, the government implemented a nationwide State of Emergency early on. A direct result was that the CDCC was no longer able to provide daily child care and in-person support for children, as all schools and child care facilities were ordered to close. With Thailand in lockdown because of the virus, parents living in poverty simply had no way to feed their children. Many were left with no job, no income, and no savings. Their lives were completely changed and upended.

While the lockdown forced everyone to change how they did things, it did not, however, mean that the CDCC as a program came to a close. On the contrary- our  mission remained the same. We did need to adjust HOW we served the community, but we did continue to serve the community throughout the crisis. The large room normally used for programming and activities for the day care was quickly converted into a large store room for the in-kind donations of food and daily household supplies that we received from donors near and far. The CDCC kitchen became a canteen, with staff cooking and preparing thousands of boxed meals. 

Instead of providing daily care for children and families in need, we shifted to assembling thousands meals and care packages which were distributed on a daily basis. Meals were distributed on a daily basis and care packages were distributed weekly to families and children. Care packages included household essentials as well as basic educational supplies to help children keep up with schooling despite being home during the lockdown.

In addition, each of the children and their family members were given cloth face masks along with training in the proper health and hygiene practices to keep them healthy and safe.



During the COVID-19 crisis, the CDCC and CWEFT leadership team went above and beyond for days and weeks at a time. They kept the children and families a priority ensuring that the children remained safe and well fed. To accomplish this, staff conducted regular home visits to the children and their families in the slum community.

In total CWEFT was able to distribute 8,022 boxed lunches in just three months to at-risk children and families in 11 different slum communities where current and former children from the day care live. Just because children no longer attend the CDCC programming does not mean we stop caring and keeping touch. Thanks to this continued care and support for families we currently and have formerly served, we were able to quickly identify communities in need.

We also distributed 1,037 care packages to children, families, and their neighbors in the slums. These packages included items like rice, medicine, masks, soap, and basic education supplies. CDCC staff often delivered these packages directly to children’s homes as they were unable to safely come to pick them up. These home visits allowed staff to keep in regular contact and help as needed with any issues as they came up.

As lockdown measures have eased in the last couple months, we are pleased to share that the day care center is now open under “new normal” protocols. We have installed additional sinks for children and staff to easily wash their hands regularly, as well as redesigning the physical space to allow for required distancing.

As of today, it has been more than 100 days since Thailand has reported a locally transmitted case of COVID-19. Throughout the entire crisis, there was not a single case among any of the slum communities were serve. This is due in large part to the health & hygiene training and support we were able to provide, as well as regular meals and care packages. This ensured that children and families were able to safely stay at home and not suffer or need to leave the community to seek support.

None of this would have been possible without the amazing outpouring of support we received from donors like you. We simply could not have done any of this without you- thank you! Your prayers and generosity were the driving force behind all that we were able to accomplish in 3 long months of lockdown. 

Below are a few testimonies from just a few of the individuals served by this outreach:

“I usually take care of my grandson Putter because his mother and father are often out of work or looking for work. They took Putter and went to stay in another province. Because of the lockdown they are unable to come back, so I am on my own. I picked up a bag of rice and a boxed meal to eat and help me keep going. I had run out of food, and the little work I used to do I can’t do anymore because of Covid. Now I have food to last me a while longer- I thank the Lord in all circumstances.” -- elderly resident

“My son attends the CDCC. Today I received aid from the day care. I want to thank everyone who donated things to help sustain my life during this Covid crisis. I am struggling because I can no longer work. I was laid off because all of the malls closed. So I am at home taking care of my children. My husband is the only one work, and it just isn’t enough. So the CDCC stepped in to help us. Thank you so much.” -- parent of current CDCC student

“Thank you so much for the non-perishable food and essentials that you donated to help us in the slum community. We have been negatively affected by the Covid crisis because there is less work. Thank you so much to every person and every organization that has donated to help. It is so helpful for us.” -- grandmother of current family with two children in the CDCC program

“Thank you so much for the care package for my family. Right now because of Covid, I don’t know if I will have work or not from one day to another. I am making much less money, and it! just seems like everything has gone downhill. Thank you for your help!” -- community resident

“I am so happy and thankful! Because of your donation, I have food to eat. Thank you so much!” -- community resident

“I am the leader of the neighborhood association for the slum community. It is a very crowded community that is not officially recognized by the city district. We have been negatively affected in many ways, from PM 2.5 pollution to Covid-19. The community struggles financially as it is, and now with Covid and not being able to work or go out or leave the city because of lockdowns, it has gotten even worse. We don’t qualify for government assistance since we are not officially recognized, so it has only been the CDCC that has provided food, masks, and hand sanitizer gel to our children, elderly, and everyone else in the community. If we had to survive on our own I don’t know if we could make it. We are so thankful for the help and support from the CDCC.” -- leader, neighborhood association


Mar 9, 2020

Making a Big Impact through Small, Steady Steps

Jazz today- thriving and improving daily.
Jazz today- thriving and improving daily.

We believe in the mission and vision of the Concordia Daycare & Community Center (CDCC)- that access to education opens doors to future opportunities and breaks the cycle of poverty, one family at a time. We are able to bring help and hope to at-risk children to get them off the street and ensure they have access to education and basic medical care. We provide support for children and families at all ages and stages of development- from young toddlers who are not yet old enough to attend school to school aged children who need a safe place to stay after school and on weekends to young adults who benefit from vocational training to the elderly and infirm who need short- and long-term support to properly care for themselves and their families.

With your help, we can end these cycles of poverty and exploitation. Children who finish their formal education with CDCC support have a variety of opportunities at their fingertips. They are able to end the cycle of poverty and exploitation, which would otherwise often lead to a life of prostitution, exploitation, or continued unskilled labor and little hope.

Residents of these communities live in extreme poverty and economic hardship. Poverty reinforces cycles of exploitation, through adverse conditions such as disease, neglect, abuse, lack of education & lack of awareness. In slums such as the community served by the CDCC, children are left to fend for themselves all day, opening them up to dangerous conditions, and putting them at risk to exploitation through drugs, child labour, prostitution, and human trafficking.

Kids born here have very limited opportunities. Many are left alone while parents work in menial, unskilled jobs that require long hours for very little pay. They are often sick from poor hygiene practices and sub-standard living conditions, which are made worse by flooding and stray animals. The CDCC team of dedicated staff are changing lives every day and helping to prevent the next generation from becoming exploited- cheering them on and pouring love and kindness into the hearts and lives of these precious children.


Introducing “Jazz” and “Benz”

Jazz has been with us at the CDCC for four years now. His father suffers from drug addiction and was recently released from prison. Jazz lives with his grandfather, who has had cancer for the last two years. When he first came to the CDCC, Jazz was painfully shy and very quiet. But through the constant and continued love and support from the CDCC, he is now a leader among his peers. He loves to participate and tell stories. He enjoys sports and spending time outside. He also has a very good appetite and is getting healthy meals regularly. He has grown so much, physically, emotionally, and mentally, and we look forward to supporting Jazz and his family in the years to come. Recently, his grandfather has also improved physically and is now able to work as a night time security guard.

Jazz had this to say recently:

“My favourite food to eat is omelette. My favourite color is yellow. My favourite holiday is Songkran [Thai New Year}. The weather this year has been very hot. My favourite subject in school is drawing and painting. When I grow up, I want to be a police officer.”


Benz is another CDCC all-star. Her parents were very young when she was born and divorced when she was just two months old. Benz lives with her grandmother. Her mother works long hours and overtime at a nearby factory to help provide for her family, but often returns late at night and must leave early in the morning.

When Benz first came to the CDCC, she was small and underweight. She was also very quiet and did not socialize at all with the other children. After spending time at the CDCC, she is now improving by leaps and bounds. She is eating much better and more nutritious foods. She loves to talk and play with her friends. She is also one of the first children to welcome guests with a big smile. This May, she will begin kindergarten at the nearby public school.

When asked about her life right now, this is what Benz said:

“My favorite food to eat is grilled port. I like running and keeping colored balls in the basket. My favorite color is pink. My favorite holiday is Songkran [Thai New Year]. The weather this year is very hot. My favorite subject in school is dance. When I grow up, I want to be a teacher.”


Thank you for your generous and continued support for this project. Through your help, we are able to make a big impact in the lives of the children and families we serve through so many small, steady steps over months and years. 

Benz- much improved and ready for kindergarten!
Benz- much improved and ready for kindergarten!


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