Mar 30, 2020

Jifundishe has a New Partner!

In January 2020 Jifundishe got together with Teachers2Teachers Global volunteers who wanted to learn, share and explore possibilities for building a professional learning community between Teachers2Teachers Global and teachers in the Arusha Region. T2T global visiting team had an opportunity to explore the culture, wildlife and dynamics of the region in the first few days and then dive into learning more about the education set up and context of teachers in this region. While at Jifundishe the working week involved visiting schools, observing lessons, speaking with teachers and providing brief instances of feedback and sharing of ideas as to how teachers might add to their existing approaches to teaching. The remaining three days they delivered workshops, at the Jifundishe location, to a group of elementary private school teachers ranging from Grade 1 to 7 who are interested in gaining greater understanding and confidence in teaching techniques that can help students love math and ideas on to how to approach students with topics that are complicated such as geometry, algebra and fractions.

Jifundishe invited teachers from the neighboring schools. A total of nineteen (19) mathematics teachers from eight schools in Arumeru District attended the three days workshop thus it was a great privilege. The workshop target and aim were solving challenges like: 

  • How do teachers who don’t know the math/subject area support children to learn? 

  • How do you teach the child without the answer? 

  • A lot of teachers just teaching from text books

T2T and Jifundishe observations and comments saw the great need of the particular workshop since math subjects is a challenge to the majority of the students and the problem starts from the teacher’s mode of instruction in schools and other things like students are generally weak in math ,There is a shortage in math teachers, Government recruits the best teachers for permanent contracts for public schools, Generally, those teachers who are unable to get a government school contract will go to private schools since they couldn’t qualify or not competent enough to teach in the schools. The workshop covered the core mathematics topics and teaching technics such as Parameters vs. Areas, shapes with same parameter, surface area blocks, cube pattern, volume introduction, developing formulas and volume copy and lastly measurement discussions.

Thus, the workshop was a great success for Jifundishe and all the teachers that attended were happy to receive the unique teaching technics of math subject and general knowledge of dealing with math topics from the T2T Global volunteer teachers. The participants were each awarded with certificates of participation that will enable them to develop their careers in future.

Jifundishe believes that the workshop has been of great help to the teachers and their improvement in teaching mathematics is expected at 100% due to their full participation and feedback after every training session, their daily routine in schools and how they manage their challenges in math subject is going to be a great story to Jifundishe and Teachers2Teachers Global we are expecting more positive outcomes from the teachers and schools that participated in the workshops.

Generally, Jifundishe, an organization that supports the local community through technology and education, relies on support from volunteers to assist and develop our programs and spread a word about what we do best. 

Jan 6, 2020

Primary School Success story

Primary School Success story

The primary school program is run and organized by Jifundishe and it involves free English tuition for students who have completed standard seven in that particular year, as soon as they are done with their exams to December before the closure of the organization for the holiday seasons. They are taught different subjects such as English, Mathematics and General use of E-readers. Every year the program enrols 50 students and more, impacting the pupils with secondary knowledge of the subjects being taught in their next education level which is secondary school education.


Thus meet Shaban as one of our program beneficiaries; He was born on July 2005. He went to Dido Primary School in Same, Kilimanjaro. Shaban came all the way from Same, Kilimanjaro to join our free primary school English tuition program and learn how to use electronics such as computers and E-readers.

Shaban found out about Jifundishe from his sister who was also enrolled in one of our programs, so after completing the primary school-leaving examination, He was curious to join JFL as soon as he heard that it was free and there were many books and of every subject in each educational level in our country. He moved from Same to Arusha to join Jifundishe, And He is currently leaving with his grandmother who lives a few kilometres from JFL.

Before Shaban could not spell many English words neither understand their meaning but after joining JFL from October 2019 to December 2019, he has been able to understand English thus Shaban can read and speak English. "I did not understand many words from English language neither their meaning but now I do and I am happy that I joined Jifundishe, I am capable of translating English questions to Kiswahili which enables me to answer them correctly", said Shaban. Thus Shaban is now capable of also reading through E-readers and has mastered the whole process of using them.

Shaban highlighted a few unique things he came across while in JFL:

  • Availability of free books and services which is not available in his village or in his community.
  • The use of electronics educational materials such as computers and E-readers which was never used in his primary school.
  • Peaceful and quiet reading environment that is conducive to any student to enable concentration while studying.
  •  Freedom to come and read the library books for free during the weekends and other days when the teachers are not available.

Due to the above unique things that Shaban saw at JFL he also appreciated the support and inspiration facts that he saw from other program beneficiaries who are older than him, He has never seen anyone fight or arguing with anyone like the older students from Dido Primary School, They gave him assistance in his studies when he needed one thus Jifundishe facility is quiet, friendly and inspirational so he promised to study hard and accomplish his dreams of becoming a soldier in the government of Tanzania, so he will finish college and join JKT to a become a soldier.


Also, Shaban said that he compared JFL program with other Pre-form one tuition centers that student pay money to be taught but due to the lack of teaching and learning materials they will approach him to assist in doing their homework's and answer their questions. So Shaban was happy with all the knowledge he acquired from the Primary School Program and rendered it very unique and helpful to his education journey.


Therefore, your donation is very important to enable Jifundishe impact the life of many in Tanzania as people come all the way from outside Arusha just to benefit from the uniqueness of our educational services. Also reach the community members and the surrounding children's who cannot access books from their schools, reading materials and get traditional education to get it from us thus general community and national development in Education.

Oct 7, 2019

Meet Anande!


Each quarter we highlight someone who has received help from our programs and describe them and how their lives have changed because of the work that Jifundishe does. This time, we are introducing you to Anande, our Managing Director, who really makes it all happen.

Anande graduated from the African Visionary Fellowship program in New Jersey last month and then, went on to attend Perennial in Seattle, a leadership develpoment program that allows each candidate to "check-in" with the vision and mission of their organization as well as how to manage your own well-being and maintaining the integrity of the values of the organization.

Anande was born in the village of Maji ya Chai and was the seventh child of nine born to her Mom, who was the second wife of Anande's father. Her Mom never finished primary school and married at age 14 and now has 27 grandchildren. At age 40, Anande's family history is typical of other Tanzanian women her age. But things are changing. More and more girls are being educated, rather than married at a young age. They are finding employment, developing themselves as entrepreneurs and having fewer children and more stable homes. Thnaks in large part to efforts made by people like Anande.

Jifundishe is lucky to have Anande leading our organization. She is a role model, a mentor and an example to other young girls in the villages where we work that times are changing and lifestyles need to follow. She helps them take advantage of educational opportunities, reproductive health workshops and business and IT skills to prepare them for modern-day employment opportunities.

We applaud Anande on her recent graduation from the African Visionary Fellows program and thank her for her years of service to our organization now, and hopefully for years to come.

Graduation Day!
Graduation Day!
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