Dec 12, 2017

Mandela Catering

Dear committed Leadership Initiatives donor,

Students that attended the International Business Summit this year at Georgetown University, worked with a series of professionals and mentors to solve problems facing small, developing businesses in Nigeria. One team, made up of 5 students, worked collaboratively throughout the week to help a catering business owned by a young woman named Rabi. Rabi is 20 years old and graduated from secondary school just three years ago. She works at her catering business six days a week to provide for her four siblings and both her parents.

The team of students decided to focus on 3 main problems: Financial management, new recipes, and advertising. Their first focus was creating a way for Rabi to keep track of her income, expenses, and profits. The team created 3 spreadsheets to keep track of her financials, where each spreadsheet would target a specific financial category. For example, there was one spreadsheet for all the money Rabi spends, another for all the money she makes from selling pastries and the last spreadsheet was for profits. All these sheets would be printed out and put in a binder for organization. The next problem that the team addressed was finding new recipes for Rabi to add to her menu. The group of students created both digital copies and hard copies of the recipes and techniques , therefore Rabi would have easy access to them. The team even found video tutorials to ensure Rabi understood each step of the recipes. The last problem the team solved was they needed a method to attract new customers as all Rabi’s current customers only knew of her business by “word of mouth”. The team decided to design business cards and a banner to catch the eye of customers as they walk by. One of the team's most creative idea was to create a customer feedback survey, where people who buy pastries from Rabi would volunteer to fill out a form asking about the service and in return they would acquire a free pastry.

Rabi works hard everyday in order to support her large family. Rabi learned how to cook from her older sisters when she was younger and as a result, Rabi would like to help train young women in her community to cook in the future. Like all of Leadership Initiatives’ business owners, Rabi is incredibly grateful for this experience and is excited for the changes that will be implemented in her business. Thank you for your charitable donations as they have contributed to the progress the LI Team and business partners have made so far. If you would like to read more stories like Rabi’s, check them out at


The Leadership Initiative Team

Oct 30, 2017

Muhammad's irrigation farm

Dear committed Leadership Initiatives donor,

My name is Ashley and throughout the last year and a half I have worked with the International Business Internship Program and Business Summit to improve communities in Nigeria. I attended the Business Summit this summer in Washington, D.C where my team worked with Muhammad, the owner of an irrigation farm, to solve the business’s major challenges. With the help of my team and many mentors like Simon Limage, Former-Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nonproliferation Programs at State Department and Sarah C. Stiles, a professor at Georgetown University, my team and I were able to solve 3 problems facing our partners farm. At the end of the Business Summit, we presented our solutions to a panel of judges which included professionals like Ahmed S. Mohammed, the Director of Talent Acquisition, Dartmouth College and Stella Onuoha, a United States Ambassador.

As a result of your generous donations, the LI team is able to continue helping Nigerian business partners similar to Muhammad and his farm. The farm has been in his family for generations and was recently inherited by Muhammad. With the help of his children, Muhammad is able to run his 1 hectare land focusing on 3 major crops: onions, peppers and casava.

Muhammad’s farm supplies fresh produce to regular customers and additional members of his communities through both a market in Bauchi State and his farm in Wuro Goggo, Nigeria. Muhammad regularly bikes to the popular market in order to sell his produce and to promote his farm. Through these profits he makes each month, he returns the majority back into seeds and other supplies for the farm. Muhammad also uses the revenue to support his multiple children and extended family. This summer, my team and I proposed solutions to address Muhammad’s major problems in order to increase seasonal profits and productivity. As mentioned by our team member Rachel, “this program means more to us than just coming up with solutions, it's about helping Muhammad better support his family”. Nearly 30 people in Wuro Goggo already depend on his farm for food and many more once our approved solutions are implemented.

On behalf of the LI Change family and Muhammad, I would like to thank you for your charitable donations and for giving us the opportunity to assist a growing business. Through your contributions LI will be able to benefit many other businesses similar to Muhammad’s farm and continue to have a positive impact on the surrounding communities. To read about more stories like Muhammad’s, you can access other teams and projects through the new Leadership Initiatives website at


The Leadership Initiative Team


Oct 3, 2017

International Leadership & Business Summit 2017




Dear Amazing Leadership Initiatives and Respective Donors,

Because of your generous donation, we have been able to unite hundreds of students worldwide for a great cause; to help many business owners all across Bauchi have business training to improve their innovative businesses like never before. These businesses are a statement of independence, for it is about the people of Nigeria saying they can control their own destinies, that they can provide for their families and loved ones, and no longer have to worry about providing educational resources and opportunities for their children and immediate family.

Furthermore, our students create novel solutions firmly grounded in principles of social entrepreneurship. We have previously helped businesses in Bauchi, Nigeria in; Counter Insurgency and Business Relations, technology and Innovation, Orphan Care, and Empowering Women. This project will help train new community university campus security, engineers and empowered women who will open up new shops, and new businesses which will initiate community improvement.

Many students created fantastic solutions, including one team which created a free and highly effective solution for the Maiduguri University of Nigeria’s Security Force. Rather than using costly CCTV cameras to fight petty theft at the campus, students proposed to enact an anonymous tip line. With the use of WhatsApp or any other cellular communication system, students and faculty can seamlessly be connected to security personnel. With Apps like WhatsApp, information that is sent is encrypted, making it a secure line. Security Guards on patrol at the University also have access to smart phones, allowing them to receive the tip from the Intelligence Officers. As a byproduct of using a cellular communication system, this can substitute the need for Walkie Talkies.

Because of you and your generosity, we have been able to continue our efforts and develop independent profit-generating businesses that serve as models for growth in surrounding communities. Project beneficiaries fill voids in the local economy while improving their families' health, education and financial stability. Previous leaders have sent their brothers, sisters and children to school, helped invest in new businesses within the community, offered new services to community members such as the disabled, establishing infrastructure for the future growth of Nigeria.

Leadership Initiatives will be regularly providing updates and insight into these projects as the month's progress through GlobalGiving reporting program. Of course, at anytime you can request a project update to learn up to date info on how this project is progressing.

As a supporter of the "International Leadership and Business Summit 2017", Leadership Initiatives would love having you involved. If you ever want to help grow our programs, learn ways you can participate, or have new ideas on how to develop our programs please contact me at Your hard work and intelligence is the greatest gift we could receive as we try to create a better world.

Thank you once again from the bottom of everyone's heart here at Leadership Initiatives. If you would ever like to speak to our staff on the ground, a project leader, one of our International Leadership and Business Summit student participants, we would love to set up a Skype chat for you, so you can personally see the change you are creating.

Wishing you, your family and your friends the absolute best!!!!



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