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Jan 8, 2014

New Year 2014 Update

Dear Donors,

All of Leadership Initiatives (LI) cannot thank you enough for your kind and generous support. Your donation went directly towards helping community leaders gain the skills they need to launch new business initiatives in the fields of; mechanics, carpentry, electronic repair, tailoring, farming, transportation and more.

In practice this means we will be able to help more men and women like 2013 graduate Umar Inuwa create jobs and transform lives. Umar, who at 23 came to Leadership Initiatives with the idea of opening up his own photo studio was able to train with LI learning how to own and operate a business. LI then was able to give him advanced training in digital photography, photo editing software and printing while helping him find local investors to get his business off the ground.

Today Umar is community leader, his business employee’s three people, all of which now can afford to send their children to school, he is assisting his father in taking care of his siblings and has taken in 8 orphans. Three of which have entered LI’s Orphan Independence and Skills program (our greatest accomplishment to date).

This program was implemented by our business leaders in Birshi, Nigeria, where the city has historically lacked the infrastructure necessary to create and maintain such a project. Under the Orphan Care Initiative, each business may accept one to three children in need for whom they will provide resources and exposure to Leadership Initiatives core values. When the children become age-appropriate they begin an apprenticeship from another business in the project, leading to gainful employment and education. This program is giving new hope and creating infrastructure that, only decade ago, would have been beyond imagination.

Umar like many LI graduates plans to reinvest in Leadership Initiatives programs. In 2013 alone, 26 previous LI graduates fully funded new business initiatives and used their savings to expand their businesses into new areas and villages. Creating jobs, transforming lives and building a greater community for everyone involved.

This growth was also made possible by donors like Microsoft. Microsoft's Youthspark program allowed us to supercharge our donors with matching opportunities which lead to dramatic growth for LI in 2013. 

This increased community development has attracted attention and praise from GlobalGiving, the State Department and USAID; all of whom visited the program sites. Our accomplishments within Nigeria have inspired even greater support from their organizations to ours. 

Other LI highlights include our International Business Alliance Program (IBAP); now IBAP students in the U.S. receive SAT/ACT training, guidance during the college application process, and scholarship assistance while raising funding for business training in Nigeria. Each school is responsible for working with one business to help identify and solve one major infrastructure problem. These exchanges have already led to improved fish farming techniques (in turn raising capital and feeding more people then ever before), and better skill sets for welding and tailoring shops. Several U.S. students received scholarships for their efforts.

Since 2004 LI projects have resulted in the gainful employment of hundreds of people. We continue to change lives and transform every area we work within. 2014 promises to be an even greater.

Orphan Care Program Students
Orphan Care Program Students
Dec 19, 2013

2014 LI will start soon because of you!!!!

Dear Amazing Leadership Initiatives and Respective Donors,

Because of your generous donation, young leaders throughout Bauchi State have been able to develop independent profit-generating businesses that serve as models for growth in surrounding communities. Donor contributions made it possible to for the Regional Business Education Program Center to offer business training which gives businesses the resources needed to expand, employee more people and solve local problems with development. Young women and men who have pushed the boundaries of their community to solve local problems through business initiatives will now receive the training to expand their ideas across their region to build a brighter Nigeria. Lastly, project beneficiaries fill voids in the local economy while improving their families' health, education and financial stability, which will eventually aid in making Nigeria a stronger and more democratic nation.

Our students create novel solutions firmly grounded in principles of social entrepreneurship. We have previously created in Bauchi, Nigeria businesses in: fish farming, welding, tailoring, motorcycle repair & computer education with job placement. Currently, this Regional Business Education Program Center in Bauchi offers classes to teach leaders financial, personal and business management. It also serves as a resource for problems and questions that arise. In essence this program will provide a 2nd year of regional business training allowing businesses that are currently successful to open up new shops in the surrounding region changes hundreds of lives.

Because of you and your generosity, we have been able to continue our efforts and develop independent profit-generating businesses that serve as models for growth in surrounding communities. Project beneficiaries fill voids in the local economy while improving their families' health, education and financial stability. Previous leaders have sent their brothers, sisters and children to school, helped invest in new businesses within the community, offered new services to community members such as the disabled, establishing infrastructure for the future growth of Nigeria.

Leadership Initiatives will be regularly providing updates and insight into these projects as the month's progress through GlobalGiving's reporting program. Of course, at any time you can request a project update to learn up to date info on how this project is progressing.

As a supporter of “Regional Business Education Project”, Leadership Initiatives would love to have you involved if you ever want to help grow our programs, learn of ways you can participate or have new ideas on how to develop our programs please contact me at Your hard work and intelligence is the greatest gift we could receive as we attempt to create a better world.

Thank you once again from the bottom of everyone's heart here at Leadership Initiatives. If you would ever like to speak to our staff on the ground, a project leader, one of our Business Alliance student participants, we would love to set up a Skype chat for you, so you can personally see the change you are creating.

Wishing you, your family and your friends the absolute best!



Oct 24, 2013

Classes Start In Three Weeks!!!!

Dear Phenomenal Leadership Initiatives Supporters, 

2013 has been a transformational year for Leadership Initiatives. We now have created 46 businesses and counting in Nigeria. Leaders are springing up not just in Bauchi but throughout the entire nation who wish to take part in our programs. 

In 2014 we will launch our new website where you as a supporter can see each business you helped make possible. You will be able see the business mission statement, the bio of the owners and through one of our greatest champions Omnilearn, you will be able to see the statistics of each our businesses. 

With our new system you will see the average salary employees, how many children are going to school now because their parents or family members have gainful employment and how many orphans each business now supports. 

Each report will also detail how much each business is earning, if they have paid off their loans, how much they are reinvesting in the community and how much they are reinvesting within themselves. 

In essence you will see not only through pictures, videos but now statistically how you are building a better world. 

New fall classes will be starting in a month and we will have much more to report then but for now feel free to email me at If you would like to speak to a business owner, an employee, an orphan whose life you have changed or if you have an idea on how to make Leadership Initiatives a stronger organization. 

I am looking forward to all of us growing together as a family of people who believe in change and one another.

Wishing you all a great week and honored by your support,



Marshall Bailly II
Executive Director
Leadership Initiatives
4410 Massachusetts Ave., NW #236
Washington, DC  20016
(p) 202-465-4796  (f) 202-280-1221
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