Jun 1, 2017

Finding Security in the Midst of Danger

Members of the Jafi Security Team
Members of the Jafi Security Team

Dear Amazing Leadership Initiatives and Respective Donors,

One exceptional partner of Leadership Initiatives is Jafi Security Guard Limited, a successful security company that provides protection in one of the most dangerous locations in the world. Their work has positively impacted not only their community, but the entire nation, as they have expanded across Nigeria over the past ten years of operation. The commitment and leadership of the business' team is vital in such a dangerous occupation, especially in the company's work environment. The workers' earnest dedication displays the overall mentality embraced by LI, and we hope to further cooperate with Jafi Security as each worker carries out their immense responsibilities.

In 2007, Jafi Security Guard Limited opened its doors with a total of 75 personnel devoted to providing physical protection for both individuals and properties with which they are partnered. The company's success has led them to grow their total work force to 500 employees assigned to various locations across the country. Jafi Security not only brings safety to a variety of areas, but provides many employment opportunities to youths that would otherwise remain out of work. The business also remains consistent in assuring staff welfare, even going so far as to provide necessary assistance for the dependents of the company's workers. The care and safety Jafi Security implements into the business and its surroundings gives LI the opportunity to safeguard a number of Nigerian communities.

Partnering with a business like Jafi Security Guard Limited is a great opportunity for Leadership Initiatives to continue making a positive impact within Nigerian communities. By providing business support to Jafi Security, LI is able to ensure that the organization will continue to grow, and by doing so further the protection placed across the nation. The commitment shared by Jafi Security and LI will continue to benefit the people of Nigeria as we remain ardent in our enthusiastic efforts to bolster the Nigerian business.

Jafi Security Prioritizes Customer Service
Jafi Security Prioritizes Customer Service
Jun 1, 2017

Orphan Care

Jamil works in the Adbullahadi
Jamil works in the Adbullahadi's Shoemaker Shop

One of the most impactful programs of Leadership Initiatives is the Orphan Independence and Skills Program. The undertaking was originally conceptualized by our grateful business partners that wished to give back to their community by caring for local orphans. In support of this initiative, LI began their orphan care program to ensure that the orphans are both well-treated and taught a set of skills to prepare them for work later on in their lives.

Leadership Initiatives gives initial training to all orphans, providing applicable knowledge to plant seeds of proficiency into every individual. As they progress in their learning, LI keeps an ongoing supervision over the children and makes routine visits to make sure they are properly fed, clothed, and provided for. As they begin their training, each orphan is able to pick a trade that interests them most. This personalized approach enables the trainees to find a career in which they can grow and thrive while maintaining a sense of enjoyment from their work. As they participate in training, all protégés are given apprentice wages to earn an income throughout the progression of their instruction. By encouraging the orphans to equip themselves with a set of practical skills, Leadership Initiatives not only cooperates with our business partners, but with their entire communities.

An example of the opportunities provided by the Orphan Independence and Skills Program is well represented in one of our participants, Jamil. Jamil is a sixteen-year-old orphan that lost his father years ago before starting an apprenticeship with Danliti, the owner of the Adbullahadi’s Shoemaker Shop. Jamil has been under Danliti’s care for about four years; Danliti took him in about a year after Jamil lost his parents. Jamil was hanging outside of Danliti’s cobbling shop looking to help out and earn some extra money to survive. Danliti began to inquire about his family, his future plans, and the challenges he faced. After Jamil had told him he had to stop attending school because he lost his father who had been paying for his tuition, Danliti opted to pay for his fees and give him some extra money for his welfare. In turn, Jamil brought a strong dedication and commitment to the shop, attributes he initially displayed when he tried to provide help in Danliti's shop, even without being asked to do so. Jamil has since graduated from the apprenticeship and helps as a full-time worker at the cobbling shop, learning more about the skill while attending school during the day and helping to pay for his brothers' and sisters' care. 

It is the care and compassion of LI's business partners that enables us to make such a strong, lasting impact on communities. The knowledge and support that the Orphan Independence and Skills Program provides is evident in the stories of the many children like Jamil. As we continue to oversee the growth and education of numerous children, Leadership Initiatives is grateful for each and every person that allows us to change lives for the better.

Jun 1, 2017

LI IBAP Summer Program

Dear Amazing Leadership Initiatives and Respective Donors,

Investing in others is a major objective in the LI campaign, and our International Business Alliance Program allows us to do just that. Through IBAP, Leadership Initiatives gives high-school students the opportunity to create life-changing ideas for our business partners in Nigeria. Our summer conferences also provide these young leaders the chance to acquire invaluable experience as they interact with business experts across a variety of professional fields to gain an abundance of knowledge. 

A large number of professionals will speak to the program's participants to provide personal insight and wisdom they have obtained by working in their specific fields. A few of the organizations represented by our speakers include NASA, the United States Department of Agriculture, the Pentagon, Peace Corps, and AdoptUSKids. Though every organization was not able to be named, Leadership Initiatives is both thrilled and deeply appreciative to have such a range of guest speakers. Their expertise provides a critical advantage for our students, and the program's benefits are greatly strengthened by their individual guidance and counsel.

During the conferences, students become a part of a team that partners with a specific business in Nigeria; each business is allied with multiple groups. These competing teams will work with their fellow group members to learn about their business partners' fiscal and organizational goals as well as their available resources. With this information, teams develop ideas and practical solutions to facilitate the growth and stability of the business. As the program continues, teams establish a more personal relationship with their partners and begin to better understand the impact of their work. 

After a week of collaboration, students present their ideas and plans to a panel of judges, including their business partner. The panel then picks a single team whose solutions best benefit their partners. The entire program gives students a week of immeasurable experience, helping young men and women to become a new generation of leaders. Doubly so, the business owners in Nigeria are helped by Leadership Initiatives to become not only genuine leaders within their business, but leaders in their community as well. By investing time, experience, and hard work into the futures of others, LI is able to take part in changing lives across the globe.

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