Apr 5, 2019

Falilat's Soap Business

Dear outstanding donor, 

Your support has allowed us to continue to foster the creation of small businesses in Nigeria that have impacted communities in ways unimaginable. We would like to share Falilat's inspiring story with you. 

Passionate about her work, Falilat strives to provide the best service to her clients with quality-
controlled products and prompt delivery. Although many members of the community rely on her
services on a day-to-day basis, Falilat never disappoints. In addition to providing much-needed soaps,
Falilat seeks to improve the lives of others; she currently has 1 employ who is a member of her local
community and seeks to help even more.

Falilat is a hardworking mother of four. She studied chemistry at her local university, where she
placed special focus on the chemistry of soaps. Driven by her newfound knowledge, she decided to open
up her own soap production business in 2015. Falilat heard about LI through a friend and decided that LI
was the missing piece to her business. For the last three years of business, Falilat has been widely
successful, allowing her to provide her children with a strong education.

Falilat makes liquid soap that can be used to wash plates, cars, clothes and any dirty surface; her
products are designed for use in households, hospitals, and even offices. Falilat has established
partnerships with many local hospitals and offices, supplying them with soap and detergent on a regular
basis. Rising demand among communities has also helped Falilat expand her distribution to individuals
seeking quality liquid soaps. LI has helped Falilat by providing her with funds when she first opened her
business, as well as, stickers and flyers. Those funds enabled her to expand her business and hire an
employee. Aside from physical objects, LI gives Falilat motivation to set new goals and to achieve them.

Once again, thank you for your continued support. Together we are all making a positive impact that is sure to last for generations.

Best Wishes,

Your friends at LI

Mar 11, 2019

Happy International Women's Day!

Dear Tremendous Leadership Initiatives and Respective Donors, 

Happy International Women’s Day! Today, we celebrate all women around the world who strive to combat stereotypes, find solutions for their communities’ biggest ailments, and transform the lives of those around them. Here at Leadership Initiatives, there is no shortage of women entrepreneurs who promote significant change through their work, regardless of what it may be. We’d like to take this opportunity to highlight the work of one businesswomen in particular who exemplifies what we stand for at Leadership Initiatives.

Rabi, a twenty-year-old entrepreneur in Bauchi State, Nigeria, has achieved much despite her young age. At Leadership Initiatives, hopeful individuals with drive and ambition are welcome at any age -- age has never been a bulwark for those who truly have power to benefit their entire communities. Rabi operates her catering company in a community heavily critical of female ingenuity, but that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her business goals. Rabi manages to simultaneously balance school and work, using her profits from her catering towards her tuition. Through her collaboration with students from the International Business Internship Program, Rabi has drastically expanded her business. This expansion has enabled her to both bring her delicious cooking to more customers and hire more female employees to spur this growth, allowing Rabi to slowly undermine her community’s stigma against working women.

Rabi perfectly encapsulates the ways in which your donations can help the expansion of businesses and women’s rights across the planet. Without your generosity, Rabi’s dreams for business expansion and gender equality would never have been fulfilled. Your donations allow Rabi and other like-minded individuals cause impactful change in their communities, lifting those around them at the same time. No matter how large, magnanimous donations like yours provide the necessary foundation for this social, economic, and cultural growth. At Leadership Initiatives, we’d like to thank you again for your belief in our values and mission. After all, history shows that a single person can bring an avalanche of change, impacting others for generations to come.


Happy International Women’s Day from Leadership Initiatives!

Thank you again,

Leadership Initiatives

Mar 11, 2019

Highlighting Women's Empowerment

Dear wonderful donor, 

We would like to start off by wishing you a happy International Women's Day. We thought it would only be appropriate to highlight the wonderful work that our female business partners have accomplished. Through our programs, women in Nigeria have been able to use their skills and use them to their full potential with the help of our resources. None of this would have been possible without your tremendous support. 

We would like to share the story of a student IBIP team and their connection with powerful Nigerian women.  

The team of Roosevelt students started off working with Falilat who runs a small soap making business in Bauchi State, Nigeria. The girls helped Falilat with various business problems such as marketing techniques and developing new scents for her products. Halfway through the team’s first year of hard work Leadership Initiatives’ Executive Director, Marshall Bailly told them about yet another amazing program during that upcoming summer. Leadership Initiatives was hosting the International Business Leadership Summit, which would be similar to that which Maya attended the previous summer.

This program, however, would take place at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Two members of the Roosevelt group, Maya and Lauren, attended the summer program and develop even more skills to use in the IBIP. The girls ended up being paired with Rabi to help her work on her catering business during their week at the program. Little did they know that the charming young woman they were working with would ultimately become their official business partner. This program not only allowed the girls to form a more personal connection with Sani but also taught them leadership skills, public speaking skills and hands-on experience in entrepreneurship.   

When Lauren and Maya returned from the summer program they were bursting with stories and skills that they were eager to share with the other members of their group, and so was their business partner, Rabi. She announced the wonderful news to the group that she was pregnant! It was a very exciting turn of events but meant that she was going to be taking a break from working with the Roosevelt IBIP team.

Wonderful stories like these wouldn't be able to happen without your continuous and unwavering support.

Thank you from your friends at Leadership Initiatives 

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